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When In Nigeria - Chapter 9

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As soon Patricia heard the first cock crow, her eyes opened almost instantly. Patricia hadn’t been sleeping. Throughout the night, she felt miserable as her head did several re-runs of Ade lashing out on her. After Ade’s warning, Patricia neither felt welcome in Nigeria nor his home any longer. Patricia got up and began stuffing her clothes into the only luggage bag that came with her to Nigeria. 

To begin to explain to Ade about how she got to come to Nigeria was something Patricia simply couldn’t do. She wouldn’t place herself in that position so it was best she left. She changed into a pair of jeans and T-shirt. After tying her shoe lace, she was prepared for the journey ahead.

She carefully and quieting tipped toed towards the bed where Yemi and her children laid. They were still fast asleep. Patricia couldn’t help but smile at the new born baby squinting his nose as if he was preparing to cry. Patricia took that as her cue to get out before the baby exposes her. With her luggage bag in her right hand, she left the sleeping family.

Upon heading out, Patricia stumbled on Yemi’s husband. When they bumped into each other, he reeked of alcohol. Neither of them exchanged any word. He pushed Patricia aside and barged into his home. It was still fairly dark outside when Patricia made it out, but she could see where she was heading. And with nowhere in particular to go to, she headed towards a faint light shining from a distance.

Patricia found herself in a junction where people waited to catch a bus. She entered the first bus that stopped in front of her. The bus was tight considering that the space which was meant for a maximum of eight passengers was now occupied by a hand full more.

“Madam you go shift o, I still get one more passenger to carry, Abi you wan pay for two seats?” The conductor asked. Patricia nodded her head naively without fully understanding what the conductor asked of her. One after the other, the passengers came down. Patricia sat hands tight on her luggage bag. Unconsciously, she was waiting on Ade to come rescue her. She searched around the bus for a face like Ade’s to lead her through. For the third time, the conductor asked Patricia where she wanted to get off. A youngster who was fully dressed got off the bus and Patricia immediately joined behind him.

“Excuse me?” she called out. He didn’t hear her at first. Rushing to catch up with him, Patricia tapped his right shoulder. He turned around abruptly. Patricia recognized him. He was the same boy who’d helped her find Ade the day she missed her way back to his place.

“Ah, aunty Good morning…” He smiled. “Bros Ade isn’t with you?” He asked, looking around to see if Ade was anywhere close.

“No, it’s just me today, but can you do me a favor?” He nodded, giving Patricia his full attention.

“I need to find a hotel; do you know any that’s close by?”

He frowned.

“Hotel? I thought you were living with bros Ade? Hmm,”

Patricia waited quietly for him to finish up with whatever thoughts he had cooking up in his young head.

“Okay, I know one close to my school.” He led the way.  ”My friends always go to that one… you know… for stuff.” He took a quick glance at Patricia and quickly said, “Not that I join them o…” A nervous laugh escaped from him. “My ma will just kill me.”

“Oh, is that so?” Patricia asked playfully. Patricia later found out that Wale was a talkative. He made jokes that made her almost laugh her worries away. He was a first year university student who had big dreams that his mother who was the owner of the Akara joint Patricia had walked passed the same day she met him couldn’t help him accomplish.

“We’re almost there sha, but don’t you think Bros Ade will be looking for you?”

“I’m not running Wale. Ade told me to go and yes, you won’t say a thing to him, do we have a deal?”

Patricia asked them for the best room they had, and they directed her to a room where the wall paints were already coming off. She thanked the butler as he prepared to leave.

After showering for the night, Patricia turned on the TV that was in the room. She thought the hotel needed to invest more on a better mattress and not on a TV. With nothing familiar to watch, she turned off the TV.

Rapid knocks on the door hijacked her from the faint drowsiness that boredom allowed to take over. It must be the room service people; she thought as she got up to answer the door.

Upon opening the door, Ade’s tall figure appeared in front of Patricia. Ade rushed Patricia impulsively into his arms, knocking air out of her lungs. Patricia struggled with him to let go, but Ade’s hard grip said otherwise and that made her nervous.

“Ade, stop it!” she said. “How did you find me?” Patricia asked, moving away from Ade’s arms.

“The question is what you were thinking!” Ade yelled back.

“Are you seriously asking me that? The last time I checked Ade, you were the one who was yelling your head off, kicking me out of your sister’s home in the middle of the night, and now you’re here to play my knight and shining armor?” Patricia scoffed in disgust.

“Okay, look, I’m sorry. This was all a big misunderstanding. Grab your things; I’m getting you out of here.” Ade hunched forward, expecting Patricia to let him inside the room.

“Oh, I’m sorry; I already paid for this room. I’m not going anywhere with you.” Patricia stood glued to the door entrance. Frustrated at Patricia’s resistance, Ade cleared his throat and continued, “I don’t think you understand what I’m saying, so let me rephrase it. I said I’m taking you back home. You don’t belong here, let me quietly go in there, and grab your things so we can go.”

“And I said I’m not leaving here so you can throw me out again? Come on Ade, you acted like a child last night. Do you think I’m enjoying myself here? Do you think I want to be in this situation? I tried to trust you but…”

“But what are you still doing here?” Ade’s sudden question threw Patricia off. Ade was finally ready to let it all out. He was tired of keeping quiet. “I took in a complete stranger who is supposedly supposed to be from France. How am I sure you’re not lying about that? What’re you doing in Nigeria Patricia?”

Patricia stared down at him dumb-founded.

“But you can’t tell me the reason why your mother has been blowing up my cell phone since last night can you? Or the reason why you were crying while holding Patrick?” Unable to form words with her mouth, Patricia sighed in defeat and slowly moved away from the door.


She sat on a bus next to Ade. Patricia couldn’t count the number of times she caught him staring at her. There were so many unanswered questions and secrets between them that both thought it was best to keep to themselves. When the bus came to a stop, it all began all over again. They walked passed the same dark alley as they did the first day Ade brought Patricia home.

Patricia could see the bright lights beaming from his street now, Nepa had decided to give her a welcome home present that night. As they walked closer to his place, Ade began to feel this jittery feeling rush through him as his thoughts and feelings towards Patricia changed drastically. There was no denying that he liked her. There was just something fishy about her and that uncertainty was what kept pulling him to her. Ade knew he needed to stop himself. Ade and Patricia were of two different worlds and it was a mere mistake that they’d met and Ade had not the slightly interest to poke at his growing feelings.

“Patricia,” he called, halting his movement. Ade had no idea why they were stopping. He kept a big grin on his face like that of a teenage boy who was about to confess to his crush.

“The thing is that when my sister said she couldn’t find you this morning, something happened to me. I almost lost it. I… I couldn’t…”

Saving him the trouble, Patricia helped him finished, “So it was because of your sister that you came looking for me?”

As if her statement had struck him in the face, he came to stand in front of her. And as Patricia drew backwards, he came forward.

“Ade, what the hell are you doing?”  Ade didn’t know what the hell he was doing. He knew he should be running away from her but all he wanted to do was---

Ade kissed her. He pulled her close and kissed her gently. Patricia was too stunned to react so she allowed him kiss her. She knew she shouldn’t be giving this man any hopes but Patricia couldn’t resist Ade either, she began to kiss him back. Right there in the dark, these two worlds collided and the only light surrounding them was the one beaming from far away like the future they sort after. When the kiss ended, Ade then rested his forehead on hers and whispered, “Stay with me, Patricia.”

“But I can’t,” she said softly.


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