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Adventures to Love - Chapter 14

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The pastor finished his sermon and asked everyone to bow their head and pray for the soul that was lost. Adesuwa’s graduation picture from medical school was placed on a table beside a casket with flowers surrounding it. Her mother wept throughout the sermon and her tears didn’t cease even as everyone bowed their heads in prayers. Gabriel sat in between the last two women in his life. He grabbed his mother’s trembling hands and then his elder sister’s. He’d been the man of the house since he lost his father five years ago and now another sadness had washed over his family.
Gabriel had gone to the police station the instant he arrived in Nigeria. The police had concluded that the incident was due to negligence. They’d also told him that they suspected that the incidence might have also been due to a gas leak on the stove or she might have slept off while cooking, but Gabriel wasn’t buying any of that. He knew his sister well enough and negligence was the last word anyone would use when describing her. Adesuwa barely cooked and when she did she was also too scared about burning her home down that she often stayed close to the stove until her meal is cooked. And when she was tired, she doesn’t even come close to the kitchen. Gabriel knew all that about his sister because they’d lived together while she was still in the States.
“We didn’t even get to bury her body. We buried an empty casket.” Adeola cried.
“Shhh… we don’t want mom to come back out here and start crying all over again, I’ll take care of this.” He assured his elder sister while patting her back.
“Take care of what? Are you suspecting that there could be more to this?”
“Don’t…” she shifted away from her brother. “ Don’t okay? This isn’t like one of your cases that you’re used to in America…This is your own family. Think about what this could do to mom.” Adeola who was too scared to think otherwise that someone might have purposely harmed her sister shook her head in denial. She believed that her sister had been too good to people for them to be the one to cause her harm.
“No… you’re right. This isn’t like the other cases, this is my sister’s and I tend to get to the bottom of it. I suggest you join in… and we can’t tell mom either. God knows she’s suffered enough already.” Gabriel stated with a saddened gaze fixed on the portrait of his mother on the wall of their living room. When he heard the vibrating sound from his cellphone in his pocket, he was jerked back to reality. Bringing out his phone, he saw that the caller ID read, “Dr. Uche,” his sister’s former boss and close family friend. Gabriel gestured to his sister that he was leaving as he hit the answer key on this phone.
“Hello Dr., I’m sorry I haven’t had time to come see you and thank you for your support throughout my sister’s funeral… it’s just that things have been pretty crazy here,”
“I understand Adeolu, I also wanted to come see the family. Adesuwa was one of my best doctors while she still worked with me before the incident. I watched that girl grow up into the doctor that she became. I can’t help but feel like I did her a disservice that day… I should, I just shouldn’t have dismissed her home that day.”
“Dismissed her? W-what did Adesuwa do that made you do that? Was she ill before she left?” Gabriel requested worriedly.
Dr. Uche paused before answering. He’d been carrying this guilt on his already weary shoulders ever since he’d heard news about Adesuwa’s passing. He’d felt that everything that’d happened was his fault. If he hadn’t sent Adesuwa home maybe by chance she could have escaped the incident that led to her death.
“One of my staff members reported that she saw your sister stealing from our drug storage room. That day… the day of the incident I had followed hospital rules and dismissed your sister home four hours earlier.”
Gabriel didn't believe a word that was coming out from his late father’s best friend’s mouth through the speaker of his phone. He knew his sister wasn’t a thief and neither would she have stooped so low to steal from the hospital she loved.
“And who was the staff member that reported her? Can I get a name and I’ll come down to the hospital to perform a proper investigation in a few after I finish up here.”
“Tammy, Tammy Roberts. She’s a student nurse here who was under Adesuwa’s watch. I’m really sorry for the loss in the family,"
“Thank you Doc…” Gabriel hit the end button on his phone.

It was almost mid-day when Gabriel strolled into St. Vincent hospital. He frowned instantaneously when he stepped foot into the hospital because hospitals weren’t his thing. He’d never liked the place and the only thing comforting him was the fact that he felt Adesuwa’s presence with him as he approached the reception area.

“Hello ladies, I’m looking for Dr. Uche… the head,”
“Dr. Uche? I’ll take you.” Tammy voiced from behind. She dumped her folder on the reception desk as she face Gabriel.
“You said Dr. Uche right?”
“Yes, Dr. Uche.” Gabriel answered.
“Then I’ll take you to him. I know just where he’ll be at this time.” Tammy smiled. The ladies at the reception desk didn't hid the disgust on their own faces. They knew Tammy to be the one who went for every handsome young man that walked through their hospital. One of the ladies hissed as she sat down.
Tammy had been watching this unknown man as he strolled into the hospital. Her heart had cut in her throat when his handsome face appeared. She could hardly breathe then.
His two days unshaved beards made him look a bit rough and Tammy wanted nothing more than to run her fingers into his untrimmed jaw. She’d been on her way to deliver some patient document to one of the head nurses but after seeing Gabriel, Tammy was determined to know more about this man who she was sure she’d never seen around the hospital before and even in Nigeria. Men like this don’t exist in Naija, she concluded as she’d approached the reception desk but in her heart she was gunning for the handsome man instead.
Tammy took a chance and now she was walking along side Gabriel to find Dr. Uche as promised. Gabriel smiled at the girl’s willingness to help him. She was very beautiful he admitted but he also knew that she’d been too quick to jump to his aid and that gave off a warning alert in his head.
“So is this your first time at this hospital?” Tammy asked, wanting to make small talks with this man who she was sure wasn’t married because she’d seen no ring on his finger.
“No.” Gabriel answered truthfully. This hospital was were him and all his siblings had been birthed. His jaw tightened when he thought of his sister. They’d both been brought to the world right in this very hospital on the same day. He shook his head to fight off the saddening feeling that’d crept in.
“Are you ill, or is there something I can help you with before we see Dr. Uche?” Tammy asked when she sensed the uneasiness on Gabriel’s face.
“No.” He answered yet again.
“Okay…” Tammy became impatient. Pretending to check her wrist watch, she smirked. When she looked back up, she said, “I’m sorry…” she stared at him, hoping he would tell her his name.
Gabriel fell for it. He told her his name.
“I’m sorry Gabriel, but I don’t think you’ll be able to see Dr. Uche at the moment. He’s scheduled for a surgical procedure in five minutes. I’m afraid we might have missed him. I can join you and wait for him. It’s a minor procedure so it shouldn’t take much time...”
“Oh... look who we have here.” Dr. Uche called out when he sighted someone who looked exactly like Gabriel. He'd been conversing with the family of the young man that he was about to operate on. He approached the pair. Tammy locked her teeth together. Why did he have to show up now? She thought, feigning a smile as Dr. Uche slipped in.
“Gabriel,” Dr. Uche extended his hands over for a handshake. “It’s really good to see you again young man. Gabriel nodded as he shook the man’s wrinkled hand. “Nurse Tammy, you can leave now, there’s someone I need you to check up on before I come in.”
“Wait, did you just say Nurse Tammy? Tammy Roberts?” Gabriel asked, releasing his right hand from the handshake. He turned to face a smiling Tammy who hoped that the fact that the stranger she’d been drooling on knew her name held hope for her.
“Matter of fact Dr. Uche, I think my day just keeps getting better.” Gabriel stated sarcastically as he smiled down at Tammy. “You and I both…” she muttered.


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