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Adventures to Love - Chapter 15

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“So how long have you been in Nigeria and how long do you plan on staying?” Tammy asked, wanting to know if pursing Gabriel was a lost cause. They were seated at the hospital’s cafeteria. Gabriel had invited her to join him for lunch and by invitation, she’d expected something away from the hospital but Gabriel had other plans in mind. He’d wanted to soften up to her so he could get the information he wanted. So him smiling and commenting on all of Tammy’s questions were all to best his interest.

“Four months,” Tammy mutter under her breath when Gabriel told her he’d be staying for four months. Nodding slowly, she bit on the bread in her hand. “Four months is enough time,” she said to him, gaining a puzzled stare from Gabriel.

“Do your parents live in Nigeria?”

“Yes. They do.” He answered.

“And I’m guessing you’re not married, got any kids?” she asked teasingly.

“Check this out, I’m not here in search of a wife,” Gabriel indicated blankly, causing her face to flush from embarrassment. Tammy didn’t understand what had set him off. “I’m here to investigate a case of missing drugs that I think you might know something about.” Tammy swallowed tensely. What’s he talking about and how did he know about the missing drug? She asked herself.

“One of the doctors here… What’s her name again?”

“Adesuwa.” Adesuwa’s name thoughtlessly left her mouth.

“Yes, Adesuwa, she was accused of stealing some drugs from the hospital and I was told you’d be the one to assist me, am I right?”

Tammy laughed nervously.  She was dissatisfied when she understood the real reason behind Gabriel’s offer for lunch. It wasn't that he’d felt some sort of spark between them but it was to hassle some information out of her. “Depends on what you want me to help you with.” She stated bitterly. “I knew Adesuwa, she was such a nice doctor. We all loved her.” Her tone changed drastically. She was going to have to play Gabriel at his own game. She continued, “It’s so—” her words cut in her throat. “It’s so sad how she passed away so suddenly. She was so good to me,” Tammy spoke as if she gave a damn about Adesuwa and that surprised Gabriel. From what Dr. Uche had told him, Tammy had been the one who ratted Adesuwa out.

“It’ okay, here you go,” he pushed his bottle of water to her.

“On the day… on the day I heard she passed away, I couldn’t eat for a whole day,” She lied. “And Dr. Bode also left without any notice making everything worse for the hospital.”

“Dr. Who?” Gabriel asked, nosily.

“Bode;  he was rather close to Adesuwa,” Tammy said quietly even as she felt her hatred for Adesuwa spill out from her mouth. “I mean the two had their bad days together but for the most part, they were an item.” She frowned, thinking back to the countless number of times she’d called Bode’s phone but with no reply.

Gabriel absorbed all what Tammy told him. He didn’t miss the part where it almost sounded as if Tammy had an unresolved thing for Bode.

“When last did you see him?”

“The day Adesuwa was accused of stealing…”

“Which brings me back to that… did you?” He paused.

“Did I what?” Tammy nudged, looking innocently back at him.

“Did you see her take the drugs?”

“Of course and it wasn’t the first time. I was worried about her and I knew that she was maybe using the drugs so I had to tell someone.” A week after Bode came to the hospital, Tammy had caught him taking un-prescribed drugs from their storage room. She’d kept quiet because Bode was her man and she felt the need to protect him even when Bode’s frequent visit to the storage room became disturbing. She knew that if another nurse found out, he would defiantly get in trouble. So to save the man she loved, she used her enemy as her scapegoat. Tammy frowned as she thought about her actions. Even Bode hasn’t come to thank her for it. He left and went to God knows where without her.

“See, I’ve been keeping this from everyone.” She stated, looking around her surrounding guiltily as she brought her face close to Gabriel’s. “I suspect that Adesuwa used those drugs the day she passed away. Maybe that’s how she lost track of time and allowed her house burn to the ground.” Gabriel drew his head away and swallowed. Tammy’s words were creating doubts in his head. He knew his sister wasn’t a drug addict but Tammy’s words were almost not far away from what the truth might be. Did he really trust Adesuwa?

He shook his head and stood up, ready to leave.

“Is that all?” she asked. “I mean I can tell you more if you want me to. I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can.”

“Thanks, you’ve said a lot.” He turned to leave but stopped half way. “One more thing,” he said to her and Tammy smiled wholeheartedly. “The Doctor, Bode,” she nodded, giving him her full attention. “What was his surname?”

“Wilson. Yeah, Dr. Bode Wilson.” She answered and Gabriel’s stomach did a double flip. “Hey,” he drew closer to her impatiently. “Are you sure of what you’re saying?” Tammy shrugged her shoulders and nodded in a matter of fact matter.

“I see,” Gabriel nodded slowly, absorbing this new daunting information in. “Alright, thanks again, Tammy. I’ll be sure to keep in contact with you.”  As Gabriel spoke, Tammy tore off a piece of paper from her handbook. She wrote down her number and slipped it into Gabriel’s palm and swished away.

Upon coming out of the hospital, Gabriel pulled out his cellphone and Dialed Detective Oliver’s number.

“Hey Olive, do you have a minute?”

“Yes, yeah of course. Any leads?” he whispered as he moved away from his wife in their living room. Once he got to a place where he knew no one could hear him, he said, “What’s up?”

“I got him. Oliver, I got him! That bastard might have something to do with my sister’s death!” Gabriel stated impatiently.

“Whoa, whoa, sister?” Oliver asked confused. Gabriel hadn’t told him he had a sister or a dead one. “Slow down Gabriel. Our guy is a drug dealer, he has no connection with your sister and you didn’t tell me you had one.” He asked calmly but still disappointed that after five years of working with Gabriel he was just now finding out about his other family members.

“Wait till I find that connect; I’ll call you back Olive.”

“Gabriel, don’t do anything stupid.” He warned even though he knew who his friend was.

“Right.” Gabriel hung up. He took out the piece of paper Tammy gave him and dialed her number. On the third ring, she answered.


“What are you doing tonight at eight?” he asked without thinking.

“Nothing.” Tammy answered with a smile.

“Text your address to this number and I’ll come pick you up.”

“Up to where?” she asked, hiding the excitement she felt away from her voice.

“You’ll see.” Gabriel answered.


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  3. Y did she say 4 mnths when he told her six months? I guess that was a typographical error...Do your parents 'leave' in Nigeria. Correct the leave... There are some other minor errors. Check them out

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