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Adventures to Love - Chapter 16

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Tammy looked at her beautiful figure in her tall standing mirror while she pinned her silver dangling earing to her left ear. She smoothed her white lace dress to her body and smiled at her reflection in the mirror before stepping away to apply her makeup. She wanted to look her best tonight for him. Although she’d been startled by his sudden request, Tammy couldn’t have been happier to take this first unexpected step towards getting to know Gabriel more. As she applied her MAC Ruby Woo lip-stick color on her lips, she practiced the various smiles she would be using tonight in order to get under Gabriel’s skin. 

After she finished with her makeup, Tammy pulled her hair net away and vibrant auburn colored curls fell elegantly on her back. She got out her hair clip and pulled her curls into a messy bun. In less than thirty minutes she was ready. Tammy walked over to her closet and pulled out her new nude pumps. She slipped them on and took one more look at herself in the mirror. A smirk of satisfaction graced her well painted face. All that was left was for her cellphone to ring.

Gabriel rushed the rice his sister had brought over for him into his stomach in five minutes. He knew he was running late and that wasn’t a good way to start off the night. Adeola had come over and during this grieving time; there had been no way for him to send her home earlier so he’d sat through another painful conversation with her that made him bitter. The guys he knew would be at the place he was taking Tammy were on a scheduled time. 

One minute could be too late and Gabriel couldn’t afford to lose this lead. He’d been doing some major work since coming to Nigeria and the first place his investigation led him to was Gold Club. He needed to take a lady with him to not call attention to himself and luckily for him, Tammy had been there. Gabriel was going to Gold Club tonight in disguise. He was simply going as a guy who was taking his girl out for a drink on a Saturday night.

He hurriedly took his dishes to the sink and went to his room to retrieve his gun. Jumping into the driver’s seat of his car, he knew he wasn’t only running out of time but he’d also succeeded in pissing off Tammy.

“Five more minutes, that’s it. If he doesn’t show up then Tammy you gotta forget about that loser.” She muttered to herself as she paced back and forth in her living room. Gabriel had told her 7:00 but it was forty-five minutes passed that time and he still hadn’t come. Her make up was wearing off and her legs were beginning to hurt form her pacing around in her high heels. Just when she was about to pull off her six inches heels, she heard a knock. Her eyes popped open in surprise but also in excitement. Tammy grabbed her purse that she’d flung on a couch and raced to the door. She took two deep breaths before opening, promising herself to stay calm, she opened the door slowly.

Gabriel took a deep breath when he heard the door squeaking sound as it opened. When he saw her, he grinned down at her. He was disappointed with himself but not as disappointed as Tammy would be when she realizes where he was taking her. She looked beautiful he said to himself. Gabriel was all for it, if this mission tonight did work out he wouldn’t mind taking Tammy out on a real treat. He shook his head when he noticed he’d been staring all these while.

“I’m sorry I took so long… somethings came up.”

“It’s okay, I only just finished a few minutes ago,” she lied, playing off the fact that she was about to lose her mind and pride before he came. “Are we ready?” she asked with a smile and Gabriel nodded. Tammy locked her door and followed beside him as they walked to his car.

Tammy sat quietly in his comfortable car. Maybe after five years of serious working, she decided she’d be able to buy this car or she could go with her other plan; marry a rich guy and then she’d have everything she needed. She paid close attention to Gabriel as he drove. His muscular shoulders were almost visible from the white long sleeves he wore. He never one looked her way. His eyes always gazing pensively ahead and she was growing uncomfortable when he drove passed most of the famous restaurants she knew. Where exactly was he taking her, she asked just in time for Gabriel to pull up in front of Gold Club.

“We’re here,” he announced, shutting off the car engine. Tammy stared at him in total disbelieve as she asked, “What are we doing here?” No, she wasn’t surprised at the venue; she’d just expected something cozier.

“Look I know this is sudden but if you’d just play along with whatever I tell you, I’ll really appreciate it.” He said as he got out of the car to open her door. Tammy cursed herself. How could she be so stupid? She’d dressed her best for him to take her to this club where it seemed like no one responsible visited. If that was the image she’d pained in his head, Tammy was ready to make amends.

“Whatever it is you’d better get it done in ten minutes because I don’t plan to stay any longer.” When Gabriel reached for her right hand, she found some comfort when his warms palms fitted hers like a glove. They walked in hands in hands into the large hall. Tammy found herself bumping her head to the song that was playing immediately when she entered. Wizkid’s – Expensive Shit blasted through the speakers around the hall and that song just so happen to be Tammy’s favorite song by him. As much as she didn’t want to act out of the character she’d thrown at Gabriel, Tammy was the kind of girl who didn’t miss a party and crowded club houses like this one weren’t unfamiliar to her.

“Can I get a drink?” she asked him. Gabriel’s attention had shifted from her and was now one of the private rooms where he saw a bouncer escorting a well-dressed woman to enter.

“I said, can I at least get a drink?” she asked her voice louder than before and Gabriel said to her inattentively, “Yeah, yeah,” as he fought through the crowd to get to the private room. Feeling free and in her comfort zone, Tammy asked the bar man for a drink. In no time, she forgot that she came with someone and she allowed the sweaty crowd, blaring music and dance take her away.

Gabriel approached the bouncer who was about to light a cigar.  The man eyed him intimidated as he saw Gabriel coming his way.

“I want to see who’s in charge.” Gbriel requested boldly.

“You want to what? Where do you this is?” The bouncer asked in an offensive tone. “This is no play for pretty boys like you. You need to leave.” he warned, backing Gabriel out into the crowd of dancers.

“I came to deal,” Gabriel announced quietly enough for the bouncer’s ears only. It was no secret to him that most of the people in the club knew nothing about what went on in that private room.

“You wanna what?” The bouncer replied, suspiciously looking around to see if anyone else had heard Gabriel.

“I came to deal, now take me to who’s in charge.”

When he analyzed that Gabriel was forreal, he said to him, “Gimme a second,” and he went into the private room. A minute later, he ushered Gabriel into the room. Gabriel walked into a room filled with cigarette smoke and alcohol. Money bags were all opened on the floor as he approached the woman sitting in the higher chair in front. On his left were two body guards who the woman signaled to search him. After their search proved that Gabriel was clean, the woman gestured for them to leave. To his right was another body guard who Gabriel concluded must be the woman’s right hands man.

“He’s the pretty kind,” Veronica said to Sylvester with an amusing smile.

“The prettiest ones are the worst.” Sylvester said with a bitter meaning to his words.

“Come, come have a seat.” She gestured for him to sit next to Sylvester. “What brings you here today? I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.”

“I heard you were the best around here so I came to check it out.”

“Ah!” she laughed lightly. “From who if I might ask? We have thousands of buyers.”

Gabriel remained quiet for a second as he felt Sylvester’s scrutinizing gaze on him. After some time, he answered saying, “Bode.” At the mention of Bode’s name, Sylvester stood up snappishly in a distrustful manner and his fis balled up in anger.

“Sylvester sit down, there’s no need to be alarmed. Yet.” She said to Sylvester whose chest was rising and falling at an unusual pace. Her attenton back on Gabriel, she asked, “And you who Bode sent, what’s your name?”

“Anthony, Anthony Ford. Bode and I attended med school together.” He announced and everyone in the room sighed in relief. 


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