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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 1

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Jide Ajari came in happily into his elegantly decorated living room with two shopping bags. He sat one down next to where he stood in front of his wife and rose up the other bag.

“Guess what honey?” He said eagerly. “I bought you those Louboutin shoes we saw at that store the other day.” He announced and Pelumi carefully sat the new Lynsay Sands novel she was reading down on the couch and stared at him in pure disbelieve, wounding his pride just by the mare I-don’t-care look in her eyes.

“Are you seriously not going to ask me to show it to you?” Jide asked, a little bit disappointed at his wife’s low-spirited reaction to his gift.

“Debby came over with some potatoes, would you like some?” she replied solemnly. Sensing that something terribly wrong was up with his wife, Jide dropped the shopping bag to the floor and sat on the table in front of her.

“Babe, I’m talking about thousands of Naira worth of shoes and you’re talking about two hundred naira potatoes?” A faint chuckled left him as he decided to brush off Pelumi’s reaction to his show of affection.

She said to him as she got up, “One hundred naira if you price well.” She patted his right shoulder lightly and walked away leaving Jide’s pride battered right there in their living room. What hadn’t he tried doing for Pelumi to show that he still cared about her? He’d promised her on the alter where they took their wedding vows that he would climb the highest mountains to bring her whatever will give her joy and he thought he’d been doing fairly well until she changed about a year ago. Nothing he did for her mattered to her anymore. Jide was growing tired of it and it was time to let her know.

“You know what, this your behavior is getting too much in this house. I can’t deal with it; I won’t deal with it and I won’t take it from you.”

“Then go!” Pelumi shouted. She hadn’t meant to raise her voice at him but it’d just slipped out before she could take it back.

“You said what? Come again?” He got up abruptly. Pelumi turned to face her so called husband of four years.

“Jide, the last time I checked we haven’t been able to produce a child in four years since we got married, we have nothing and you buy me red bottom heels? Do you think I’m that vain? Why don’t you buy them for another girl maybe she would give you a child!” She hissed, almost biting her tongue because her anger was too much for her to bear alone. She needed to let some of it off on Jide. It would help make her feel better.

“And you think I’m the cause of your problems?” Jide snapped. No, he wasn’t having it today. He’d decided to do something nice for her because he’d noticed she’d been acting weird lately always reading all those damn novels she’d bought years ago but never once opened until two months ago, so on his way back from work, he’d gone into the shop they’d visited last week to get the shoes he’d saw her stare wishfully at. He’d wanted to surprise her by buying the shoes for her so she knows that he’s always alert to her wants and needs. But what Jide hadn’t known was that the last thing his wife needed was another gift.

“Our problem honey,” she corrected, reminding him that they were in this together. Pelumi continued on her way to the stairs, no strength to argue with him but Jide followed behind.

“Don’t you dare follow me.” She said angrily when she felt his presence behind her. “Jide I’m serious… don’t you dare!” she turned around sharply and her palms almost landed on his face. He caught them in his hands and said genuinely,

“Go ahead, slap me, but there’s no way in hell I’m letting you hurt yourself again.” He knew she was going for the knife Pelumi hid in their bathroom. Self-abuse had become her way of healing. It reminded her that she could feel again. But although the pain of not being able to bear a child was much stronger that the sensation she felt whenever she slashed the sharp knife so close to her wrist, it was what had kept her sane for the past two years when she took in that something more was wrong with her new family.

“Jide at the store…” she began calmly although her eyes were now clouded with tears. “The shoes weren’t what that I was staring at; it was the baby a customer carried in her arms t-that made me almost cry. He was so little...” she curved her two hands into a ball, describing the size of the child. “He slept so peacefully, and since then I haven’t been able to shut my eyes.”

Jide pulled his wife into his arms and hugged her firmly, resting her head on his shoulders as she cried; if there were any tears remaining.

“Which herb drink haven’t I tried Jide? Don’t you see how fragile and weary I look?” She squeezed herself out of his arms. “Those nasty liquids are sucking the life out of me!” Pelumi screamed. A sound that came from deep within her stomach where there was no sign of life, it almost tore her vocal cords open.

“What do you want me to do baby?” He asked her urgently as she slowly sat on the stair case. “Anything, just tell me.”

“I want you to go. Get as far away from me as possible; it’s for your own good.” Pelumi said wearily, wiping her tears away.

“I am tired. God, I am so tired. Everywhere burns, everywhere hurts. The pride of my woman hood is my ability to give my husband a child and I can’t do that. Why should you stay with me; this woman who… who,” she shook her head pathetically and swallowed her remaining words.

“Tonight honey,” Jide raised her chin up and his voice held some determination.
“What happens tonight?” Pelumi asked, raising her head up to find a naughty look on her husband’s face.

“Tonight, we are going to make a baby.” he said to her quietly, kissing her forehead. It wasn’t the first time he’d said that but Pelumi allowed hope creep in once again. As she followed her husband upstairs to their bedroom, she prayed for an angel to give Jide some extra strength because she was tired of fighting a lost battle.

Four Months Later…

“Babe we can always try again.” That was what Jide said to her after the doctor confirmed that they’d lost yet another pregnancy.

“Jide what is wrong with me? What is wrong with us?” He stared at the checkup letter the doctor gave him and he honestly had nothing else but nothing to say to her.

“I don’t know what it is but I know this isn’t the end.”

Dinner that night was awful. Both of them spoke no words to each other.  The only sign of life that evening was the constant clinging of their spoons on their plates. The meal didn’t taste the same. It was as if Pelumi boiled the rice with all the tears she’d been saving up. But Jide ate it just fine. “Pass me the sauce,” he said as he cut a big piece of chicken into his mouth. He began chewing as if his life line depended on how fast he could finish his meal.

“I was thinking about going to see my mother for a few days, maybe she...”

“You’re not going anywhere.” He stabbed his fork on the table so unexpectedly. “If anyone should be leaving this house, it should be me! I’m the one whose so called wife can’t give a child.” Jide allowed his words fall out so carelessly from his mouth. It was about time he let out his own frustrations.

“Well maybe you should have married Linda!” She blurted out, feeling unconcerned at Jide’s familiar outburst.

“Oh don’t you dare patronize me, don’t bring her name up. Don’t even try to remind me of my mistake.”

Pelumi snapped. She stared at her husband with wrath in her eyes. “How dare you! Jide, I, Pelumi is your mistake?” she asked, slowly rising up from her chair.

“Look, sit down and let’s finish our meal. Don’t bring out the worst in me tonight or you’ll be sorry.” He warned staring tensely at her. Pelumi was the first; she picked up his wine glass and threw it against the wall. She picked up the bottle of wine and turned it face down; spilling the wine all over Jide’s meal. He paid her no attention. Jide always knew just how to bring out the worst in his wife. Pelumi wasn’t this crazy until they got married. They were just fine until... well she didn’t quite know when or how it all started but one thing was for sure, Jide as no longer the man she married.

“Looks to me like you’re going to have a whole lot of cleaning up to do tonight honey.” He bit on an apple and walked off, leaving his crazy and breathless wife behind.


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