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Masked Truth - Part 16

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Oluchi approached his gateman who luckily for her was outside buying his lunch.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, yes, how can I help you?” he asked in between biting off a portion of his meat pie.

“Is Mr. Nnamdi, you’re Oga, is he home?”

“Why you wan see am?”

“Please, can you just tell him that I’m outside? Tell him Oluchi is outside.”

“Na you get the pikin too?” The man asked staring at the fussing child with Oluchi. She nodded and the gateman went on his way.

A few minutes later, Oluchi was directed into Nnamdi’s home by his gateman. When Nnamdi saw her enter he immediately wanted to rush to her but when he saw her balance what seemed to be a child on her left shoulder, his feet remained glued to where he stood.

“I’m sorry I had to come like this but…” Oluchi stop. The look in Nnamdi’s eyes wasn’t comforting. She knew he would be shocked but she’d thought him as a reasonable man would understand but just a slight look into his eyes made her think otherwise.

“You didn’t call me after you go home the other night, what happened?” Nnamdi was more curious about the bruises on Oluchi’s eyes. He hoped she had a better explanation for them that was far off from his first instinct. He would never forgive Daniel if he was the one who’d inflicted this much pain on Oluchi.

“We have to talk, okay?” She stated softly.

“Yes, yes,” he said, creating chance for her to pass. “But whose child is that?”

His question made her heart stop, her movement halted and fear clouded her eyes. What would she say to him and how? But it was now or never, she concluded.

“Yours,” she told him. “She’s yours.” She finished with her head tilted down in shame.
Nnamdi chuckled as if Oluchi had mentioned something funny.  “Mine,” he said to himself. “Oluchi that child wasn’t born yesterday so how is she mine?”

“That’s all part of what I want us to talk about; so please, can we go inside?”

“No!” he shouted in anger. “Oluchi you want to pin another man’s child on me? I-I thought you were better than this. I didn’t even know you were pregnant or that you had a child! What silly joke is this?” And suddenly, Nnamdi changed. He only wanted what wasn’t his and that was how his lustful eyes had been pinned on Oluchi in the first place but the thought of something actually being his scared the day lights out of him. “Does your husband know about this?” he asked. A baffled Oluchi looked at him wondering what had happened to the love he said he had for her. Husband, Nnamdi had never one referred to Daniel as her husband so why now?

“Nnamdi we can talk about this more quietly, this child is yours and she needs her father. I thought… I thought you wanted me.” She stated, somewhat unsure of her own words as she began to grasp what exactly was happening. 

“I thought I did. I wanted you… I still want you but I don’t want a baby. Go back to your husband and fix this mess then you can come back to me.” He came close to her and held her hands, going for her soft spot and giving her false comfort. Oluchi smiled, a painful smile that made her eyes twitch. She wanted more. She couldn’t be someone he calls upon when he wants to have sex; she understood that that was all she was to him. Her plan of getting pregnant and keeping her family in order had all backfired. All she had left was a heart that was filled with regrets and little hope. “But you said you…” she reminded him of his promise of love to her.

“But what Oluchi? We used protection all those nights so how come this child is mine?” 

Oluchi felt as if she was going to lose her mind. What had she expected from him; to accept a child he didn’t even know he had? While she was pregnant again, she hadn’t told him. He’d gone back to South Africa to join Daniel after three months and she couldn’t have been more happier. Her tiny body shape had done a successful job at hiding her pregnant stomach. For the first three months no one noticed she was pregnant. The only one who knew was her husband who was away. Oluchi no longer knew where life would take her now. She couldn’t go back to Daniel who she was sure didn’t love her nor her child.

Watching Nnamdi deny her and her child, Oluchi was bitter.  I’m going to have to teach them all a lesson, she concluded. All those who had hurt her, she were going to do what she did to Peter to them all. She tucked her fussing baby comfortably on her shoulders and turned away from Nnamdi.

“I really hope we can work this out Oluchi… I still want you.” He called out behind her.

Oluchi boarded a taxi to take her to a hotel for the rest of the day. Once inside the car, she rested her back on the seat, her child slept on the seat next to her. The burning sun felt good on her skin. She didn’t know where she would go from there. She hated life and she hated the men God had sent her way. They’d all somehow found a way to hurt her and drive her into this dark side she’d been hiding from and now there was no longer any need for her to hide. She was done playing the good girl.

“Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up!” She yelled at her crying baby. Daniella hadn’t stopped crying since Oluchi got them a room at the hotel. She didn’t know what to do with the child.

“What else do you want me to do?” she asked, shoving the baby bottle into the child’s closed mouth. “Daddy doesn’t want you; he doesn’t want me because of you! Look at us!” she shouted forcefully removing the feeding bottle from the child’s mouth.

Daniella opened her mouth and cried even louder. Her screaming spiked Oluchi’s temper. She was done. “That’s it!” she said one last time to her. “That’s just it. I’m done.” She stood up snappishly and faced her daughter who laid on the bed. “I’m not the first person to have a child and neither am I the first person to leave one.” She picked up her cellphone and her wallet and walked out on her child.

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