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When In Nigeria - Chapter 17

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At noon the next day, Patricia placed her key into her parents door lock. Without having notified them, her parents weren’t prepared for who they saw walked through their door. When Patricia stepped foot into her home she immediately wanted to run out. But when she heard the fussing of a baby and giggling sounds from her mother, she stood her grounds.
“Philip, go check who’s at the door.” Mrs. Sade called out from the kitchen to her husband who was climbing down the stairs. When he got to their living room, Patricia was still standing by the door, unsure of what to say or do.
“Honey, I think you need to come see this.” Mr. Philip called out to his wife as he steadily approached his daughter.  Mrs. Sade picked up her granddaughter from her swing chair. Rushing to the door, she said, “W-who did you say was at the…” Her voice softly tailed off when she saw her daughter. Patricia slowly walked to her mother, stretching her hands forward for the baby in her mother’s arms.
“Patricia,” her mother breathed. “You didn’t... you didn’t notify us that you were coming.” She said, handing Hope over to her.
“I’m sorry,” Patricia whispered into her daughter’s ears once she had her in her arms. “I’m so so sorry baby girl,” Patricia moved further into the living room. Her parents took her luggage bag in with her.
“I’ve missed you so much.” she said in between kissing her daughters chubby cheeks. The baby stretched her tiny hands out for her grandmother. When her grandmother didn’t come for her, Hope began to cry.
“Why is she acting this way? Doesn’t she recognize me?” Patricia panicked. “I’m her mother. I’m your mother Hope.” She tried reassuring the still fussing baby.
“You should have thought about that before running off.” Her mother stated. Sighing, she said, “Patricia, honey, a lot has happened. You left the child when she was two months old. You don’t expect her to recognize you.”
Patricia nodded, understanding that the reason why her daughter denied her touch was all her fault. “We need to talk when I get back.” She said, leaving her parents with an anxious look on their faces as she went upstairs to lay her baby to rest.
Both parents were sitting on a couch waiting for her when she reappeared. “Two months Patricia, two full months!” her father said to her. “You left that child for two months and for one month we didn’t hear from you except once when you called your mother. Who sent you to Nigeria?” Her father attempted to stand up but her mother quickly calmed him down.
“Philip I’m sure she has a good explanation for her actions. Now dear, what did you say you wanted to talk to us about?” her mother asked peacefully.
Patricia took a sit opposite from her parents. “I’m sorry I didn’t call or send messages of my whereabouts. I needed to get away and mom you knew why I had to do it.” Her mother looked at her with deep concerns and understanding in her gaze.
“Dad I’m sorry I left without notifying you.” her father hissed. Patricia wanted them calm before she gets to the real reason she was still sitting in front of them.
“It’s alright, make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he said to his daughter with a warning in his voice.
Patricia swallowed. Here we go.
“Humph?” her mother answered, giving her daughter her undivided attention
“I met a lady while I was in Nigeria…” she began carefully. “Her name is Mrs. Bummie,” Mrs. Sade grew cold when she heard the name of her childhood friend. She folded her hands in her laps quietly and sat forward. “...And somehow she knew you. She knew dad also. Your names and all. She told me a bizarre story,” her father cleared his throat. “Now, I’m not saying I believe her,” Patricia reassured them when she noticed the tension her story had caused between her parents. “I don’t believe her one bit, but I just want to confirm something… Are you,” she paused. “… Are you both my real parents?”
Silence filled the room as Patricia waited for an answer from the only parents she’d ever known.
“How can you say such a thing, Patricia?” her mother finally broke the silence. She came to sit next to her daughter. “I raised you, I’m your mother. Who has been feeding you with lies? I-I can’t, I can’t believe you’d…”
“That’s enough Sade.” Her father commanded. His voice silencing his wife’s attempts of not wanting to lose her only child to the truth of her paternity.
“Patricia… we’ve been willing to tell you this,” her father stated nervously.
“Tell her what?” her mother asked.
“But the time… the timing hasn’t been right and we didn’t want to…”
“Philip just stop it, okay? Don’t you see what this is doing to her? We are her parents and that’s final!”
“But she needs to know. Patricia you need to know this.”
“What are you doing, Philip,” her mother began to cry. “Please stop?” she pleaded with her husband.
“Mom… stop what?” their daughter asked. Patricia already knew the truth but she’d wanted to confirm it. She looked nothing like the woman or the man standing in front of her and it'd taken twenty-six hears for her to finally come to terms with it. Her mother had beautiful brown eyes and a fair complexion; same as her dad. She on the other hand was blessed with a dark chocolate complexion. Her mother would explain to her that her grandmother and the one before her were all dark in complexion and that was where Patricia got hers from. They’d first told her that she was Nigerian when she was sixteen years old. Her parents had kept that secret from her also. When she would ask when they could go back, they always told her that there was nothing waiting for her in Nigeria. They told her that France was home.
“We’re sorry, Patricia. We didn’t know how to tell you. You’re my child…”
“Mom, I don’t think you understand what you did, you stole someone else’s child. You stole me!”
“She wouldn’t have been able to take care of you like I did! I feed you, loved you, and did everything for you. Your real father was a drunk!” her mother who was pissed blurted out a piece of the truth that Patricia already knew.
“And I thank you for that. I sincerely do.” Patricia stated and slipped away quietly. When Patricia joined her daughter in her room. She picked up the child and began to cry. There really wasn’t much she could do.
“I’m going to take you home baby girl. I will.” She said quietly to her daughter.

Later that evening after Patricia had packed all her belonging in four luggages, she preceded into doing the same for her daughter when she heard the doorbell. A minute later, someone knocked on her daughter’s bedroom door. Patricia left her task to answer the door. When she opened, a familiar face greeted her.
“I’m glad you found your way home, Wife.” Michael said to her. He shoved her away from the door and busted into the room.
“How did you… you stay away from her!” Patricia shouted when her husband approached the sleeping child on the bed.
“Looks very much to me like you’re packing. Good. Now get your stuff, I’m taking you and my daughter home.” Michael said audaciously, leaving Patricia spooked.
She chuckled faintly. “We’re not going anywhere with you Michael. You’re not taking us anywhere.”
“You’re my wife Patricia and you’re coming home with me.”
“I am not your wife. I was never your wife. I will never be a wife to someone who raped me! I’ll send you the divorce papers and we’ll be through.”
“Divorce?” Michael chuckled lightly. “Baby, you’re mine and no goddamn divorce papers is going to change that fact. Now get your shit and let’s go!” he screamed at her. Patricia was scared to death. She didn’t know what to do, her parents weren’t coming. Her mother had been the one who’d called Michael. It was her last chance at keeping her daughter in France.
Patricia moved to one of her already packed bags and began unpacking.
“What are you doing?”
“Watch me,” she said to him as she went ahead throwing her clothes out. When her hands bumped the metal from the gun she’d hid in her bag, Patricia pulled it out and stood up.
“Drop… that… baby…” she ordered him, pointing the gun directly at him.  He steadily approached her. “Michael don’t make a mistake of underestimating me. I won’t… I’m not,” she shook her head as she spoke. “I’m not the same girl you used to beat on… now drop that baby or I’ll make you.” she looked him dead in the eyes and Michael was convinced that the woman standing in front of him wasn’t the one he’d married.


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