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When In Nigeria - Chapter 19

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The weather was beginning to change and this Monday morning was even colder than last. Yemi stood outside waiting on her daughter to finish up with her breakfast before school. She grinned down at the child on her shoulders and her son smiled innocently back at her. Yemi couldn’t help but thank God for how far he’d brought her. She had a healthy son who wouldn’t stop growing each day and a daughter and husband who adored her. Tears bubbles began to cloud her eyes as she thought about the way life was a few months ago. 

She hadn’t told anyone this but when she’d first found out that she was pregnant with her second child, she’d seek out for a way to get rid of the child. She'd actually gone into their local pharmacy and bought those pills but she couldn’t sum up the courage to take them. She remembered crying herself to sleep for her inability to do it after she’d threw the pills away. And on those nights when Patrick came home drunk and ready to bounce on her, Yemi had felt even more foolish for not making that bold decision. Now at two months old, Yemi knew she’d made the right decision. She had a beautiful son who would one day grow up to love and adore her just like his father.

“Mummy, I’m ready.” Yemi was nudged back to reality when she heard her daughter’s tiny voice from behind.

“O-okay. I don’t want you to be late so let’s start going, you’ve already spent the whole day eat that small rice.” She said as she hastily untied one of her wrappers and flung her son gently on her back. After she’d secured the child on her back, she began to tie a knot around her waist to keep her baby firmly in place just time for Patrick who was flatteringly dressed for work to join them.

“Is she set?” He asked the two ladies.

“Yes, yes, and I’m on my way to drop her off.”

“Yemi, you go inside and rest some more. I’ll take Ola to school.”

“But you’re going to work and your work place is not in the direction as Ola’s school.”

Patrick moved away from the door to squat in front of his daughter. “Ola, you’ll like to go to school with daddy, right?” he asked the now smiling child. Ola nodded bit by bit.

“You see? Case settled.” Patrick rose up and collected his daughter’s school bag from her shoulders. “Wave to mummy,” he said to his daughter as they went away.

Yemi watched as father and daughter walked away handed in hand. Patrick turned around just before fading wholly from her sight. His heart caught in his chest when he glanced back at her. This was the woman he loved, he proudly wrote it in his racing heart. Even as he watched her from a distance waving at him, he wanted to do nothing else but run back to her.

“Wait right here Ola, lemme go get something from mom, okay?”

Yemi wasn’t sure why he was coming back, his strides a bit faster as he drawer nearer to her. Her confused face was met with Patrick’s excited one as he stood in front of her.

“D-did you forget something?” she asked him, a bit startled at the way Patrick looked at her.

“Yes… this,” he carefully placed his arms around her waist and pulled her so close, Yemi breathing became rapid.

“P-Patrick, w-what are you doing, shouldn’t you be…?” He cut her off, pressing his lips on hers. Yemi quickly recovered and allowed herself melt in his arms. Their kiss gambled with time to stand still. Neither was cautious of the passion they allowed take over for what seemed to be for eternity. In between their kisses, there were many unspoken promises and much needed forgiveness. They continued on and neither wanted to let go. Life was just beginning, Patrick thought to himself as he took Yemi’s lips into his mouth. He was here to stay and nothing was going to change that. He crossed his heart.

Even when Ade approached the pair, they didn’t hear his footsteps. He hadn’t meant to disturb their heated moment but he was reasonably hungry. Ade cleared his throat for the second time. None of them was responding. He was standing behind them with his hands on his waist, waiting for their spell to break off. On his third coughing, Yemi heard him. She gently pushed Patrick to the side when she saw her brother’s overpowering figure behind the man she loved. Yemi who still suspected that Ade still held some grudges against Patrick knew that even the littlest thing they both did could upset him.

“Your daughter is waiting for you,” he said casually as he shook his head. He could care less what his sister did now because he’d somehow trusted her in the arms of Patrick. He went inside the house to wait for his sister.

When Yemi joined her brother their living room, she felt a bit nervous as she untied her wrapper to release the now sleeping child on her back.

“Did you cook anything?” he asked her when he sensed how nervous she was. He stretched his hands forward, gesturing for her to bring the baby to him.

“Rice, do you want some?” she said nervously.

“Since when do you start to address me as if I’m a police?” he asked when she handed the baby over to him. Yemi had also noticed that every time her brother looked at her, he was always sad. Ade hadn’t gone a day without thinking of the stranger who had come into their lives and disappeared like a flicker and every time he saw his sister, he was reminded of that guest.

Yemi sat the hot plate of white rice and stew in front of her brother. She went back to fetch him drinking water. Coming back into the room, Yemi decided it was time she and her brother had that long await talk he’d been putting off.

“Do you think she’ll come back?” she asked, treading prudently not to upset him.

“Who?” Ade asked, pretending to be clueless or that the mention of Patricia hadn’t sent a million jolt of sadness in the pit of his stomach. Even the rice he was chewing on began to taste different. The stew no longer mixed well with the rice, he concluded irritatingly.

“Ade, you know who I’m talking about. Do you think she’ll come back?” she pushed.

“And what do I care if she does or doesn’t come back? Am I her father, husband, brother?” he swallowed forcefully.

“I know… just that you’ve been acting funny lately and I know that it’s because of Patricia…”

Ade snapped. He didn’t want to hear or think about Patricia and that name and that face had been hunting his dreams ever since she left. “Don’t you… don’t you ever say her name again in this house, okay? We owe her nothing. In fact, we were the one who was helping her. She was just someone who was lost and we helped and that’s that. I don’t want to hear it again.” He said harshly, his unpleasant tone hinting to his sister that Ade was just as bitter as she’d thought he was.

“Okay ooo… just that Mrs. Bummie came over yesterday asking if we’d heard anything from her.”

“Next time Mrs. Bummie comes, tell her to buy a plane ticket and go to France to look for her long lost daughter herself; she isn’t here.”

“Haba!” Yemi exclaimed. She’d heard enough of her brother’s spitefulness. “Are you the first person to be heartbroken?” she hissed and left him to his meal. Ade tried to take another spoon full of rice into his mouth but he found himself no longer hungry. He gulped down a full cup of water and pushed his plate aside.


  1. There's a part you wrote 'knock' instead of 'knot'. Love your stories! This chapter was too short☺

    1. Hey Winifred... its nice to have you stop by with a comment again. I saw the error and I've fixed it. About the chapter being too short, I think I just ran out of what else to type... next one will be longer considering that it might be the final one.


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