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When In Nigeria - Epilogue 1

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A journey is never whole until it comes to an end. And for Patricia, the end was just the beginning. She sat in a taxi, her baby on her shoulders and her eyes fixed anxiously ahead of time. Through the windshield of the taxi, she saw life- a whole new world was opened to her.

“Baby steps Patricia, baby steps.” She said calmly to herself.

“Madam, where did you say you want me to drop you again?” The taxi driver asked, removing his eyes from the road for a quick second. Patricia recited the address she’d stored in her head for the past two years. The taxi driver nodded and focused his eyes back on the road. Patricia closed her eyes and allowed the soothing whistling sound from the driver calm her nerves. Her baby had been sleeping since they boarded the taxi and she was more than grateful to her daughter for understanding that mummy had come back to this foreign country in peace. Leaving France behind hadn’t been easy for her. She’d grown up in that country. Her friends and all she’d ever known were there. All based on lies.

After leaving Michael behind, Patricia called for the paramedics. She didn’t want anything to do with Michael but she never wanted to be found guilty of whatever happened to him after he took that fall. She’d thrown her phone into the lake she’d taken her daughter to. It’d signified a fresh new start for both of them. After France, Patricia then set sail for Romania; the country where her escape plans started from. She’d carefully traced all her steps, going to all the places that had led to her final destiny.

“Madam, we are here.” The taxi driver announced, waking Patricia from her day dream.

“Mami… Mami,” her daughter repeated as she played with her mother’s falling curls.

“Number Fifty-five Timothy Street, that’s it. That house.” The driver pointed at the old house Patricia knew too well. She stepped out and set her daughter’s feet on the sandy ground. Her overly excited daughter who was more than happy to escape from her mother’s arms picked to her tiny feet and began running towards the house.

“So make I wait?” the driver asked and Patricia nodded, thanking the man for his patience.


Patricia gently banged her knuckles on the front door to Yemi’s home. While in the Taxi, she’d rehearsed what to say to Yemi and the family she left behind. She’d practiced on countless night how she would look Ade in the eyes and ask for his forgiveness. But when it came down to that final moment when the door creaked open, Patricia lost all her braveness. She didn’t hide the disappointment on her face when the person who appeared in front of her looked nothing like Yemi, Ade nor Patrick.

“Excuse me, how can I help you?” A young lady asked as she stepped outside. Patricia picked up her daughter and balanced her on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I- I think I came to the wrong house.” She stuttered already turning to leave.

“I don’t think so madam. Some other tenants used to stay in this house. Maybe it’s them you’re looking for.” Her movement halted almost instantly.

“Yes, please, two years ago there was a family who once lived in this house.”

“They parked out last year, that’s when me and my mom rented this place.” Patricia frowned. Upset that she’d taken too long to come back to them, she asked, “Do you… do you know where they might have moved to?”

“No oo… I don’t know ma.” Patricia thanked the girl and left saddened. All hope was not lost, she concluded. She would go to her mother. She believed if there was any other person who knew where Ade had moved to, it’d be Mrs. Bummi. She told the driver to turn the car around.

Mrs. Bummi blew some air into the set fire she used for frying Akara. Customers lined up in a queue for her one of a kind, delicious Akara. Her eyes were red and face blackened from the smoke the fire generated. When she raised her head up to answer her next customer, she screamed,


Patricia’s eyes immediately became teary when she saw Mrs. Bummi. She couldn’t even recognize the woman. She’d gown older and darker since the last time she saw her. The woman stared at her in shock just like the first day they met. Mrs. Bummi slowly rose up, ignoring the many impatient customers behind Patricia.

“Omo mi!” she called as she approached Patricia. “It is you, it is really you.” She cried happily as she flung herself into Patricia’s arms. Patricia hugged her mother tightly, squeezing her daughter into their embrace. “How did you find us again? We- we thought you would never come back,” her tears cascaded down her cheeks. Patricia patted her mother’s back, allowing the woman to cry on her other shoulder.

“Madam, you’re akara dey burn o.” One of her customers announced.

“Abegi! Make e burn!” Mrs. Bummi said. “My daughter is home, what could be better? But who is this?” she asked staring at the bright eyed child with Patricia.

“She’d my daughter, this is your granddaughter, and her name is Hope.”

“Hope,” Mrs. Bummi whispered her eyes becoming watery again as she collected the baby from Patricia.

“I have so much to tell you my daughter, come with me.” She held her hand.

“But what about your customers and Akara?”

“The Akara can wait, customers can wait too. Everything can wait.” She stated happily as she led her daughter inside her home.


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