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When In Nigeria - Epilogue Final

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“The Akara can wait, customers can wait too. Everything can wait.” She stated happily as she led her daughter inside her home.

Once inside, Mrs. Bummi dusted the finest chair in her small living room and gestured for her daughter to sit. She sat in front of her and positioned Hope on her laps. And as if Mrs. Bummi knew the other reason why Patricia was home, she said, “Have you gone to their place?”

Patricia sighed deeply and nodded. “The girl I met there said they’ve moved.”
“That’s correct. They left about a year ago. You see, Ade got a better job and so they had to move. They came to visit me last month, they have really changed. The last baby is now a big boy.” Mrs. Bummi said as she smiled down at her new granddaughter.

“They came to see you?” Patricia asked with a bit of luck in her voice.

“Yes.” Her mother answered.

“Then you must know where they live. I need to find them Mrs. Bummi; I need them to forgive me. I hope you understand.”

Throughout the rest of the day, Patricia explained to her mother everything that’d happened in France. She even began to make plans. She was going to move her mother and her step-brother out of the home they lived in now because they deserved better. Her mother also gave her Ade’s new address and as Patricia closed her eyes to rest for the night, anxiety was her only companion. She needed to see him, to hear all he had to say to her and for him to also hear her out.

The next day, Mrs. Bummi bided her daughter goodbye as Patricia boarded a taxi to the address her mother gave to her.

When she stepped out of the taxi, she couldn’t help but smile. Ade had done very well for himself. His new street was neat and one could easily tell that you had to be well off to own a house in this side of the city.

With shaky hands, she knocked on his door and after several knocks; a half dressed Ade staggered to the door. When he saw her, there was no hint of shock on his face. It was almost as if he knew she would come back someday.

“How’d you find me?” Ade asked causally. He had to hide it all; his racing heart.

“You were never lost to me.” she replied quietly. “And if I’m interrupting something, I’ll take my leave and let you finish up…” But before she could finish with her ramblings, Ade drew her into his arms.

“Ade, I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry. I shouldn’t have left like that…”

“Shhhh… you’re here now, that’s all that matters.” Patricia stiffened in his arms.

“I brought Hope,”

“Oh wow." Ade released her from his arms. " How does she like it here so far?”

“She can’t complain… yet.” Patricia tried to laugh but she found herself crying instead. “Do you think I did the right thing bringing her?”

“Of course! She has you and her real grandmother. She’ll be fine Patricia.” She nodded, trusting Ade’s words as he led her into his new home.

Patricia stared in awe at his new place. It was beautifully and richly furniture.

“Wait till you see Yemi’s place. You now she always had eyes for beautiful things.” Ade stated and Patricia felt like crying all over again. Of course she knew Yemi, the girl who dreamed many nights for something bigger than herself. Patricia only hoped for Yemi to get even half of all what she’d dreamed off while she was in France.

“How’s she, Patrick, Ola and the baby?”

“They are great. But wow!” he took a deep breath, staring at her. “Why’d you come back?”

“I don’t know… yet.” She challenged his question with her unwithering gaze.

“What about Michael and…”

“Ade, haven’t you noticed you haven’t asked me to sit… yet?”

“Oh,” he cooed embarrassed. He gestured for her to sit. He’d thought of this very moment for many months and when it came down to it, he couldn’t believe he was the one who was lost for words. All the things he’d wanted to say to her, hateful words, he’d lost them all the moment he opened the door and was graced with her lovely face.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked and Patricia shook her head.

“How long do you plan to stay for?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“What do you know then? Did you come here to hunt me by your presence so you leave again?”

“No… no… I came here to thank you… for everything.” As she spoke, Ade shook his head in denial. It sounded as if she was telling him goodbye.

“If it weren’t for you and Yemi, I would have still been stuck in France with people who don’t love me so I thank you, Ade. You helped me find my way home and there’s no way I can repay you than to say thank you.” He hissed and stood up, moving far away from her.

“I waited for you Patricia. I’ve been waiting. If you…” he rushed to her saying, “If you want me, if you want me to, I’ll wait some more.” He picked up her hands and laid it on his. “Say something.”

Patricia smiled down at him. It took everything she had to keep her from giving herself to this man in front of her who was willing to take her in. But she wasn’t ready. “I don’t want to rush me.” She stated. “I just want time with myself, my daughter and my mother… at least for now.” She knew she was being selfish for cutting Ade off but Patricia knew that for her to give herself freely to anyone once more, she must first figure out who she was.

“I’ll come and see you often Ade. I came today wanting to know how you’ve been and I’m so proud of you. You overcame everything and all I want for you is for you to be happy.”

“I'll let you go for now, again, but this isn’t over.” He declared as Patricia stood up to leave.

“No one said it was.” She said sincerely to him.

She left Ade later that day not knowing what her future held with him, but whoever knows what the future holds? One thing she was sure about was that she knew who she belonged to.

She boarded a taxi that took her back home to the struggles she already knew. Where she knew someone waited for her, where she’d found unexpected love, protection, happiness and above all, herself.


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    Just one tiny thing...don't worry its OCD:: Mrs. Bummi bided her daughter goodbye...*bid or bade*

    1. Microsoft isn't as smart then or I just over looked it. Thanks a lot Nnamdi for shining your light on When In Nigeria. It'll be great to have you around.

  5. Talented writer, lovely stories. Am actually new here bt can't get enough of ur stories, So intriguing,full of suspense,etc tnx Peace.


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