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Adventures to Love - Chapter 18

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Tammy looked at her watch anxiously waiting on Dr. Imabong to let her off her duty. It was thirsty minutes pasted her lunch break and she was still saddled here with a patient and an overzealous doctor. Tammy didn’t get itwhy do doctors think they can achieve the inevitable? It was clear to her that their patient who could barely speak or walk was close to his doom day so why did she have to stay with the old man and skip her lunch?

“Tammy you can leave now,” Dr. Imabong said to her and Tammy hesitated for a second not wanting to show how excited she was to finally be let off the hook. She turned to leave but Dr. Imabong held her back. “Could you also get Dr. Uche on the phone for me?” she requested as she checked her patient’s pulse. Tammy nodded obediently and whisked off.

Once outside the patient’s room, Tammy let out a deep buff of air of relieve. She’d been with Dr. Imabong since she came in this morning. For a minutes, she thought of Dr. Adesuwa. When she’d been under Adesuwa’s watch, she never had to skip lunch.
Tammy pulled out her cellphone and paused for a momenta moment to think things through. This is my future I’m fighting for, go for it Tammy, she encouraged herself and dialed Sylvester’s number.

On the third ring, Tammy frowned, he wasn’t going to pick up, she supposed. Maybe she’d been too quick in calling back but it’d been three days since they first met at the club. Disappointed and about ending the call, she heard his voice and her heart was still but only for a moment; she had to live to carry out this conversation.

“Hello, who’s this?” Sylvester asked, pushing the white envelope on his bed away from him.

“How rude, I thought you’d know who I am? The girl—”

“The girl from the club.” Sylvester finished, nodding his head. He’d actually forgotten about her until he heard her voice again.

“So what’s up?”

“Nothing much, just calling like you asked me to. How have you been?”

“Like always,” he answered.

“And what’s always?” she asked nosily.


“I see. Well I just wanted to call so you wouldn’t say I didn’t, I’ll let you go back to whatever you were doing.”

“But I wasn’t done yet.” His said, his gaze on the white powdery substance on the envelope he’d pushed aside. His statement had made Tammy smile. Oh yeah, I got him, she told herself.

“Check this out, I’ll like to see you again, maybe today if that’s possible.” Sylvester said sincerely. It was about time he moved passed Veronica who couldn’t even see him even if every stadium lights on earth were turned on. He liked the girl he met three nights ago, he didn’t even know her name so he asked.

Tammy answered. And later Sylvester gave her his house address and Tammy promised to come see him after work. Both hung up and went on their businesses for the rest of the day.

Adesuwa watched the young pregnant woman set the container of food on the kitchen counter. For the past weeks, she’d come over every afternoon with meals that usually lasted till the next morning. She was curiouswho was she. She contemplated asking but then again, it was none of her business. Any of Bode’s businesses weren’t hers. Oh what the hell,

“Madam, please excuse me?” she said to the woman and she stopped what she was doing. “I’m just curious because every afternoon you usually bring Bode and I our meal. Are you his cook?”

The woman laughed lightly and answered, “No. He’s my husband’s friend. My husband works for him as his security guard in Calabar. When Bode is in Enugu, I usually help him with his meals.”

When she finished her explanation, Adesuwa’s eyes came clouded with tears. This had to be the lady whose husband was shot the night they’d ran to Enugu. She got up and approached the woman.

“Please, please, forgive me. I’m a doctor but I couldn’t stop the bleeding in time. If I’d had more time with him, I could have been able to save him. Please forgive me.” She pleaded and the woman stared at Adesuwa with a confused expression on her face.

“Save who?” she asked just in time for Bode to walk in.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

When she saw him, Adesuwa became angry. How could he let the wife of the person he’d killed make him his daily meals? She went to him and let all her resentments out.

“You’re a despicable human being Bode. After everything you’ve done to her family you still

Bode immediately placed his right hand over her mouth, preventing Adesuwa from finishing her statement.

“How could you!” she muffled, struggling to let her words out. Meanwhile, the lady watched, an unsure and an unsettling feeling of loss washed over her. Her instincts told her to ask, but she didn’t want to be wrongno, she didn’t want her instincts to be true.

“W-what happened to my husband?” she asked quietly but enough for Bode to hear. She approached him steadily. Bode swallowed and let go of Adesuwa.

“I said, what happened to my husband!” she shouted this time as fear of her instincts being right kicked in. Adesuwa went to her, she was just as confused as the lady so she asked foolishly,

“Madam, you don’t know what happened to your husband?”

The lady shook her head as her tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Adesuwa turned and stared into Bode’s guilty eye balls. “She doesn’t know?” she asked, shaking her head in denial. No, Bode couldn't be this horrible!

“If you would just shut up maybe I can clear this up!” Bode said in frustration. This situation was out of his control and his mess. He hadn’t known how to break the news to Timi’s wife, he’d been looking for the right time to tell her. He was afraid she would mark him as a murderer.

“You didn’t think it was in your place to tell her that her husband is gone?!” Adesuwa announced too fast. Mrs. Adeniyi broke into a loud and shivering cry. She gripped her stomach tightly and slowly squatted on the floor and wept. Adesuwa wanted to join her and cry, she couldn’t imagine losing a husband.

“How-how did he die?” she asked and Adesuwa began to explain but she stopped her. “No, not you, I think you’ve said enough. I want the person who my husband worked for to answer!” she screamed. “Mr. Bode, what happened to my husband?”

“Timi was a good man,” Bode found himself begin foolishly.

“A good man? Is that all you have to say? A good man? Is being a good man going to bring him back? I’m five months pregnant Mr. Bode, what... what,” she shook her head and sniffled. “What do you expect me to do? How do I explain this to his people and his children? I should have known! Ah! I should have known! Timi would never go weeks without calling me. I thought he must have been really busy since you’re back in town not knowing that you’ve had my husband killed! You made it back to Enugu, why didn’t you bring him along? And all these while I was cooking for you while you lied to me that he was okay. You even told me that he’d be coming back tomorrow.”

Bode left the room. Once outside, he punched the wall several times in anger.

“Arggh! Arggh! Arggh!”

He’d told her that her husband would be coming back tomorrow because that had been the day he’d thought he’d would break the news to her. He’d been too slow and Adesuwa had been too fast and together they’d both created an even bigger mess. It was time to end it all; he thought to himself and went back into the room.

“Adesuwa pack your things, we’re leaving.” 

Adesuwa who was kneeling down before Mrs. Adeniyi in an effort to console her looked up at him and asked, “We’re leaving to where?”

“Lagos,” he answered. Adesuwa stared at him as if he’d gone mad. It’s time we faced our demons, Bode finished.

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