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Adventures to Love - Chapter 17

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“I came here through Bode. We were partners in crime back in med school if you know what I mean.” He announced shooting a deceptive grin at Veronica.

“Well you came to the right place.” She said. Sylvester on the other hand raised a stern highbrow at his boss. And when Veronica asked him to leave the room, she stared at him, daring him to challenge her. Sylvester got up and walked out without any more words. He understood that Veronica would always put a pretty boy before him. 

Sylvester has been working for Veronica for ten years now. They’d started off as teens who knew nothing about the drug world but after many years of hardship, both had to find a way to feed their families and they’d succeeded when they first came in contact with Mr. Derick Hansen on the streets of Brooklyn New- York.

Both had eagerly jumped to his offer to help him transport his goods to the buyers in New- York. And every Friday he gave each of them five hundred dollars which had been enough to sustain them and their families for the week. Veronica was the smart one. She went the extra mile to bring Mr. Hansen’s goods to his buyers and by the time she was twenty-one, Mr. Hansen began to favor her more than Sylvester and a year later, he crowned her his princess, giving her all access to his fifty million dollars drug franchise.

Sylvester originally known as Bamidele first came to the US at the age of twelve. His family was struggling to make ends meet and they’d unknowingly thrown their seventeen years old son into the streets when they couldn’t provide food for his every night hungry stomach.

Their path first crossed in high school. Veronica had been that feisty American girl who wouldn’t let anyone run her over and nothing had changed fifteen years later. Sylvester who was in love with Veronica couldn’t stand seeing her fall cheaply for many of the men who worked for her. Just like the way she was staring at Gabriel the minute he walked in. He was going to leave just like he always did before he did something he would regret.

Sylvester crashed into the dance floor. The blaring music filled his spirt and he began to move to the beat of the music. He was dancing with one of his girls when he sighted her. Tammy was putting on a show, throwing all her best moves on the dance floor. Sylvester watched for a while, a cheerful smile came across his face every time he saw her glance at him.

Tammy noticed that the tall guy in the black colored blazers was staring too hard. She continued. Her hip movement quickened as she danced. She wanted to put on a show for him. Many other people cheered her on as she danced. When Sylvester couldn’t take it any longer, he approached her.  Tammy looked away. A satisfying smiled on her face; mission accomplished.

“I see you’ve got some steps.” Sylvester announced, standing behind a still dancing Tammy. She pretended as if she hadn’t heard him. Sylvester shook his head in amusement, understanding the usual routine of girls who wanted him but clearly wanted him to work for it.

“We can take this someone else, somewhere quiet.” He said to her just enough to spike Tammy’s temper.

“Excuse me? What do you take me for?” she turned to face his smiling face. “I’m not a whore like that girl you were dancing with.” She added.

“I see you can hear,”

“And I can talk too,”

“And dance. Yes you can dance.” Sylvester finished staring deviously at the little white lace dress Tammy had on.

“When you’re done looking lemme know.” Tammy stated annoyingly but of course she enjoyed the attention.

“Alright, alright I don’t mean any harm. Are you here with someone? You look too gorgeous to be single and by yourself.”

“Humph.” Tammy looked at him in disinterest as he dug into his pocket and brought out a business card.

“And what am I supposed to do with that?” Tammy asked skeptically as Sylvester stretched out his business card to her.

“I don’t know, call me when you get a chance or throw it away.” he answered, realizing he’d already spent too much time blabbing with her while Veronica was in the room with a man he wasn’t sure about.

Tammy collected his card and Sylvester headed back into the private room. Tammy raised the card to her face and her eyes popped open in shock as she read the card. As she looked at it, a new plan began to formulate in her head. She couldn’t let this man go. She most definitely will give him a call. She dropped the card into her purse and resumed her dancing, this time more live than ever.

Sylvester barged into the room to find Veronica having a drink with Gabriel.

“We were just finishing up.” She said when she saw him burst in. Sylvester nodded and Gabriel took that as his cue to leave. He’d gotten more information from Veronica than he’d bargained for and the last thing he wanted was to further piss off Sylvester. He nodded slightly at Sylvester as he walked passed him, both sharing a death look.
Once out, Sylvester sat on the spot Gabriel was before. He lit up a cigar and rested his back comfortable on the couch. He took a puff from his cigar and stared coldly at Veronica.
“Oh don’t give me that look.” Veronica looked away and took a sip from her drink.

“What look? What fucking look?!” Sylvester snapped. “I do all your fucking dirty job and someone one out of nowhere comes into our home and you ask me to fuck off?!”

“This! You call this our home? Let me remind you because you seem to have forgotten but this is not a home. This is not our home! This mess is a mess we’re in and we can never get out so while we’re at it I’ve decided to enjoy every minute of it please don’t stand in my way. Now look for who Anthony really is and if he’s worth dealing with. I’m out.” Veronica walked out.

“Hey Tammy I’m really sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I hope you’ve been having fun?” Gabriel said apologetically.

“Oh take all the time you need. I’ve been goooood. So gooood.” Tammy replied sluggishly, a little bit drunk.

“We can go now if you don’t mind.”

“My place or your place?” she asked, falling on Gabriel. She rested her head on his shoulders.

“Your place.” He said to her.

1) What's your view on Veronica and Syvester's relationship?

2) How or where do you think Tammy's thirst will take her from here?

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  1. Uhmmmm
    1. I don't really know what to say about their relationship. It seems Sylvester is sincerely in love with Veronica and they could have made a good couple but the dirty deal they are into is a BUT. So, as Veronica said they should simply enjoy every minute of it while it last.
    2. As for Tammy, there are two things involved. Her thirst will either lead her to death or jail.


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