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Adventures to love - Chapter 19

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Mrs. Adeniyi woke up one Tuesday morning to find an envelope addressed to her in front of her door when she stepped out to take her five year old twin girls to school. She picked up the envelope and immediately scanned to see what might be inside before she opened it. Her jaw and lips began to tremble when she pulled out a check from the envelope. Another slip of paper dropped to the floor. One of her daughters picked it up and handed it back to her. She’d already known who the check was from. His name was written on it. She didn’t need his little note of apology neither was she in need of his money.

Bode had written a fifty thousand naira check to the wife of his late security guard and friend. Inside the envelope, he’d added a note of request for forgiveness for the grief he’d brought upon the family. He also promised to send them monthly allowances of fifty thousand naira for as long as he lived. But that hadn’t been enough. Even Bode knew there was nothing his money could do in bringing back the late husband and father. He’d only hoped he could assist them with their financial needs since Timi who was their breadwinner was gone.

Mrs. Adeniyi tore the check into many pieces and threw them in a waste bin and grabbed her children’s hands.
“When do you get off work tonight? I want to see you.” Sylvester asked Tammy on the phone. It’d been two weeks since meeting her at the club that faithful night and since then, he’d been unable to keep his hands off her. She always came to him like a box of chocolate, he had to take tiny bites because he feared he would get tired of her within the next week or next day. 

Sylvester was starting to rethink things. He’d never fallen in love beforewhat he actually meant was, he’s never been in a relationship before. He was thirty and single. He’d had many women who always left by morning but he’d been unable to keep one to last for another night because of his love for Veronica. But now after two weeks of having Tammy constantly around him, he actually allowed himself to think of a possibility of keeping her by his side forever.
To him, Tammy was a good girl. He liked women who were independent and beautiful and Tammy came with the full package and an extra side topping—feistiness. Even in the bedroom, she had all her moves cleaned down to perfection. He sometimes saw a hint of Veronica in her and some days, it made him apprehensive to give his all to his new found happiness. He knew what veronica would do for money. She’d done it to him—forgotten the love they shared while they were still young once a few change began to come in from Mr. Hansen. But Tammy was a nurse not a drug dealer, he reminded himself and smiled.

“I’ll come pick you up, just lemme know when you get through alright?”

“Okay babe. I’ll take to you later.” Tammy removed her phone from her ear and tapped the end button and a loud but suppressed squeal escaped from her mouth. This had to be heaven, she concluded. Two weeks and her life had drastically changed in a snap of a finger—her finger. Who would have thought that she would land herself a good man? A business man for that matter! Ever since that day she’d taken the first step of calling him—promoting herself, everything began to click.

Two days ago, he’d wanted to take her to Dubai for shopping but she’d opted out because Dr. Imabong refused to give her another day off work even with her excuse of having a family crisis. She’d been making too much of those excuses ever since she started dating Sylvester and Tammy could care less. She wanted to make sure that she held him down enough for him to pop the question within the next months and she would say goodbye to this smelly hospital. He’d even gotten her a new phone, an IPhone 6 plus. Her heart danced for joy as she went back into the hospital. What more could she ask for?

Two hours later, Tammy was hugging Gabriel when Sylvester pulled up in front to the hospital. His first thought had been to storm into the scene but he kept his cool. He instantly recognized Gabriel, but how the hell did Tammy and Gabriel, the man who came to the club the other night know each other? He scoffed. His eyes bitter and on fire as he watched the scene play on.

They were having a good talk outside the hospital. Tammy was smiling and playfully pulling at her curls as she listened to Gabriel who’d come to check up on her. They hadn’t seen each other since he dropped her off at her place where she’d tried seducing him to come inside. Gabriel had kept his distance away from her because he wasn’t on a mission to Nigeria to get pinned down by a woman.

Sylvester could no longer take it, the anger in his stare could set the whole hospital on fire. He honked at the pair and Tammy eyes immediately drifted to where the sound came from. When she saw him, she smiled nervously and bided Gabriel goodbye. As she made her way towards Sylvester’s car and saw how intensely he looked at her, she knew she’d fucked up. She began to formulate an explanation for what Sylvester had saw. She hadn’t known how long he’d been watching her. She hadn’t even known he was at the hospital.

“Baby, I’m so soooo sorry. I didn’t know you were already outside, we had a plan for 5p.m, but its,” she checked her phone and continued, “It’s only 4:45.”

“Oh we had a plan Tammy, you had a plan alright,” he replied in a matter of fact manner tone that elevated Tammy’s nervousness. “What’s wrong with this one?” She said to herself and a silent hiss followed.

Gabriel smiled at a pregnant woman coming out of the hospital. He was about to go in to say hello to Dr. Uche when his instincts told him to turn around. He stared hard into the car he’d seen Tammy go into and through the tinted window of the car, he could almost make out the figure on the driver’s end of the car. It was dark that night when he went into Gold club but he wasn’t blind to not recognize that that man in the car with Tammy was definitely the man he was after—Sylvester!

As soon as he took a step towards the car, Sylvester’s tires screeched off.  

“Damn it!” he grunted in defeat as he pulled out his phone to dial Tammy’s number. 

In the car, Tammy heard her ring tone blaring inside her purse. She unzipped her bag to get the phone when she heard Sylvester’s cold voice sound in her ears.

“Bring it out and turn it off.” He said.

Excuse me?” she turned and asked, her eyebrows up in annoyance. 

I said, take that phone out and turn it off! he shouted and Tammy jumped back in fear. 


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