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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 4

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The next morning, Pelumi made breakfast. Everything was normal. Jide woke up, got ready for work and came downstairs. He sat waiting on his eggs. Pelumi fried him two eggs, just enough to fill his alcohol filled stomach. She watched him eat. The eggs weren’t too salty this time, just perfect like never before. He would dip his bread into his tea and look at Pelumi before putting it inside his mouth. He was curious as to why she wasn’t eating her breakfast. Every now and then, Pelumi would fake a reassuring smile on her face.

“It taste different today.” He said, while rushing the eggs into his mouth.

“That’s because I made it with a lot of love.” She answered with a sincere smile and once Jide saw her face gracefully curve into a smile, his stomach tightened.

“Pelumi, I’m really sorry.” he dropped his spoon on his plate. He was embarrassed to look at her.

“About what?” She asked, pretending that she knew nothing about what he could possibly be apologizing for.

“Last night, I was drunk; I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Oh, that,” Pelumi said disappointedly. She’d hope he would say something relating to the lip stick stain she’d found on his shirt. Although she was upset, she wasn’t going to push this into something bigger. All she wanted was for her home to be at peace again. So what if he’d kissed some girl last night? She was going to let it go this once.

“After breakfast let’s go out like before. I’ll call my office and get my secretary to finish things up for me. I don’t have much work left; we can even go on vacation for the weekend.” He suggested.

“Yes honey, we should really do that.” Pelumi got up excitedly when her husband steered her to come over. She carefully sat on his laps and as he continued with his meal, he fed her also.

“Did you know that she would be there?!” Pelumi was shouting at her husband. The little vacation he’d planned had started off well until the very last day.

“Baby I swear it, I didn’t know!” Jide answered. This time he was actually telling the truth. He had no idea that Linda was going to show up. He’d only asked her for a few suggestions on where to take his wife last time they saw each other. She’d told him that Pelumi would maybe like to go on a tour of Calabar and so he’d taken his wife there with hopes that she would like the place.

Pelumi began stuffing her clothes into the bag she’d brought for the vacation. “So she just magically showed up abi? Is that what you’re trying to tell me Jide?” When she looked down, the clothes she was folding wasn’t hers and so she threw it at him. “Pack your own shit, I’m leaving.”

“Pelumi, wait, you can’t just leave.” Jide stepped in front of her, blocking her way out. “Let’s handle this in a more civil manner.” He added.

“Watch me!” She pushed him aside and slammed the door on him.

The flight back to Lagos was the worse one she’d ever experience. She couldn’t get over what happened in Calabar. She’d been having a nice meal with her husband when madam-I-am-pretending-that-I-don’t-love-your-husband-Linda shows up with her so called fiancĂ©e.

“You did take my advice.” She’d said to Jide teasingly as she came over to where Jide and Pelumi were sitting. Pelumi hadn’t known that they’d both planned this vacation and that she was the only one who was left in the dark.

“Jide and I came here back when we were still dating… Six years ago I think.”

“Am I correct?” she’d asked him.

“Linda, that’s enough, we’ll be taking our leave now.” That was all Jide had to say to his high school slash college sweetheart.

“No jide, you’re staying and I’m leaving.” She hadn’t been in the mood to pick a fight with Jide’s side-chick in public. She'd heard him arguing with Linda behind her but that hadn’t been enough for her. Jide couldn’t tell it to her face that there were no lingering feelings still lurking around between him and his wanna-be-wife. They had dated throughout university until Pelumi came along. Pelumi hadn’t been the cause of the break up; all she knew was that all of a sudden Jide fell out of love with his lovely Linda.

“Pelumi, look I’m sorry, how many time do I have to say it?” Jide was at it again. For the past two days since their unfortunate event in Calabar, Pelumi stopped being the caring wife he once knew. She no longer cooked. All she did was really put in more efforts into reading more novels. Pelumi loved her husband but there was something she wouldn’t and couldn’t take from him— cheater.

The first two days in Calabar had been pure passion. They’d made love every single minute they had together and re-confessed their undying love for each other and Pelumi had foolishly thought that she and Jide were finally getting somewhere but unfortunately for her, Linda happened.

“If it will make you happy I’ll stop talking to her, even work related things.” Even though he knew that was impossible because Linda worked for a colleague of his and she was usually the one he sent to pass some documents over to him, Jide was ready to do anything to regain Pelumi’s trust.

“Jide don’t, don’t even speak her name in this house, okay? Because I have heard enough of her. Weytin sef, Linda this, Linda that, is she the only girl you’ve dated?”

“Okay, no more. I promise no more of her. Now I just need my wife back. Things were so good back in Calabar, you know what I mean?” he winked at her and drew closer to her on their bed. Pelumi knew she married a very handsome man who had women flocking around him but he’d chosen to stay with a good-old and washed her? Why?

Pelumi always pulled herself down. She believed she was a troll in broad day light but in reality she was one of the most beautiful woman Jide had ever laid eyes on. Everything about her was perfect to him, even the pimples on her face made him love her more but she never saw through that. 

Her mother who she was so keen on taking advice from once told her that when a husband gets on his knees and begs for forgiveness, only a foolish wife would not accept. She’d played the part of making him suffer and it was time to take him back. But if there was one thing Pelumi had learned ever since she married Jide; she knew there was always going be something else coming for them. It was only a matter of when and what?

1) What's up with Pelumi always setting herself up for failure and according to her, what do you think is coming for them?

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