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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 6

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“After all these years Jide, to think that I could finally, just finally trust the man I married is too much to ask for?” Pelumi replied.

“Well hello back honey. What’s going on?” He asked, dropping his suitcase on a nearby sofa. After reading that little note she'd found on Jide's desk, Pelumi had gone home with millions of questions running through her already troubled head.

“I guess you already know what’s going on considering that this isn’t the exact welcome home from work greeting you were expecting after our afternoon together.” She got up from the coach and joined him.

“Now listen to me Pelumi, I’m not going to take one of those your tantrum problems tonight. I came home thinking that we’ve already settled a score, why can’t you just be happy? Why all this drama all of a sudden?”

Pelumi chuckled and said, “Score?” she laughed again. “I sat in your office for more than an hour today, and you failed to remember or even tell me that something was going on,” Jide stared at her, unsure of where her anger was sprouting from. “You didn't tell me that something was going on—like a note that just magically showed up on your desk saying that I had to go?”

“What note?” he stuttered. Pelumi remained silent. “I said, what note!” he shouted. She brought out the paper from the back pocket of her jeans where she’d had it kept since leaving Jide’s office. She presented it up in the air and the shocking look on her husband’s face disgusted her.

“Pelumi you weren’t supposed to see that. Now give it back.” He stretched out his hands to snatch the paper away.

“Oh, not so fast, you’re not getting this paper back until you tell me who sent it. Is it from one of those girls you’ve been sleeping with or no, maybe it’s from that good-for-nothing-never-had-a-man-Linda!” her anger spiked just at the mention of Linda’s name.

“We can talk about this like two grown up adults, there's no need for you to be raising your voice at me. I am still the man of this house!” They were back at it again. Who said they could have one full day of peace in their home? Both of them were like cats and dogs trying to coexist under one roof, lying to themselves that they could fix what they didn’t even know was broken.

“The last time I check, Jide, I was trying to make us work, but now you go out and do this? Keeping secrets all of a sudden, notes flying on your desk, lipstick stains on your shirts? And I’m still the crazy one here right?”

“One shirt Pelumi, one stupid shirt! You know what your problem has always been dear wife? You don't know how to use that tiny brain of yours to think before you open your foul mouth. I'm trying to protect you here! I don’t know where that note came from, and as a loving husband that I'm putting all my energy into becoming, I decided not to stress my pretty wife about it considering all the bad lucks she’s had lately and this is what I get? Insults and you questioning my faithfulness to you?” He forcefully released his tie. This was Pelumi's favorite part, the part where she refuses to back down.

“No, no, no, you don’t get to put this all on me. I’m the one trying to fight a lot of battles here.”

“Fight what battles? With who? Why are you always trying to make something out of nothing!” Jide barked. He knew he should have been used to Pelumi by now but still, she always found newer ways to prick at his sensitive pride.

“I’m trying to win, Jide! I’m trying to keep you happy, I’m trying to give you a child and I’m trying to keep you here!” She began to cry. "What do I get in return?"

“Pelumi, on our wedding day, I promised to love you no matter what and that’s what I have been trying to do but you gotta help me out here. The lip stick stain was a stupid mistake, I was just so frustrated about our baby issues that I wanted one night alone to myself. Nothing happened that night. And about the note, I sincerely don’t know who it came from. I came into my office and it was on my desk. I’m sorry if I hurt you by not telling you,” he drew closer to her as he explained. Pelumi allowed him take her into his arms. She rested her head on his shoulders as she cried.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she sobbed heavily. “I’m just so confused lately and things are just getting worse.”

“Shhh... don't say that, things will get better, I promise.” He whispered as he led his wife to a couch.

“I don’t know Debby, but the headaches are becoming too frequent for me to handle.” Pelumi complained to her best friend who had rushed to see her a few minutes after she’d called, complaining about head pains.

“I see. Have you gone to see a doctor?” Debby asked as she handed Pelumi a glass of water.

“You’re the doctor here na, how about you tell me what’s wrong with me?”

“Pelumi, all the symptoms you’ve mentioned on the phone all points to early signs of pregnancy oo.” She replied with a smile.

“What! Come again?” Pelumi almost jumped out of her chair.

“Come on, you should know this, I don’t have to spell it out for you. It seems like you and Jide have been at it again.” Debby winked and a giggle followed.

“But… but… it’s not possible. Jide and I haven’t been… I mean we haven’t spoken about getting pregnant again.” Pelumi was just so scared of getting excited again that she couldn’t think straight.

“Well there’s only one way to find out.” Debby took a sip from her drink and picked up her car key. They quickly rushed to the nearest pharmacy and within twenty minutes, Pelumi was back home with a pregnancy test stick.

“Okay, you’ve used one of this before right?” Debby asked her friend who looked pale and about fainting in any moment from now. Pelumi nodded nervously. She took a deep breath and slowly shut the bathroom door. In less than five minutes, the sound of her screaming for joy could have woken up the whole neighborhood. She rushed out of the bathroom, showing Debby the result from the pregnancy test. Debby looked at it and screamed, “Thank God! Oh my God, wow!” she sighed in relief. Pelumi hugged her best friend so tightly one would think she’d never experience this excitement before.

But I guessed 6th time was the charm… she winked.

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