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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 7

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When Pelumi told Jide about their new dilemma, he had little to say. No, he was simply shocked at how fast she’d got pregnant again. The slight hint of excitement she saw in his eyes was what finally put her mind to rest. She had to see her doctor every month just to make sure there were no complications with this pregnancy and their relationship began to thrive. Everything was just perfect.

“Do you think it’s going to a boy?” she asked Jide one evening after dinner. This was the sixth month and they were still going strong. Three more months and they would welcome their new addition to their family.

“Honestly honey anyone will be just fine. I wouldn’t mind having another troublesome girl like you around the house.” He teased as he continued massaging Pelumi’s swollen feet.

“You think I’m troublesome? I wouldn’t mind having a strong headed boy like you in the house either.”

“Ah, you wound me dear wife.” He playfully placed his right hand on his chest.

“If it’s a boy, can we name him after your father?”

Jide went flat out cold at the mention of his father. His grasp softened.

“What, did I say something wrong?” Pelumi quickly asked turning to face her husband. She saw the cold and dark clouds in her husband’s eyes.

“No, no, you’re fine. We can do that if it’ll make you happy.” He stated freely.

“Jide I have anothert thing to ask of you.” She sat upright, leaving the comfort of his laps. “My mother, we have to have her around the house more often to help me with things, and I know that you’re not too fond of her but—”

“Pelumi that’s fine, she’s your mother and I don’t want you or the baby stressed at all. If you wnat her to come tomorrow sef, I'll go get her myself.” A smile slowly eased its way into her face. She thanked him for his cooperation and both spent the remaining nights dreaming about their long awaited miracle.

“Jide, is that you?” Pelumi asked lazily, climbing down the staircase. She knew it wasn’t time for him to be back from the office but she’d heard someone struggling with the door so she decided to check on it.

“Come on now you know I don’t like games.” she said, placing her hands on her back to assit her as she came down the stairs.

“Well, well, well.” A cold voice rang across the room. Pelumi felt the presence of a towering figure behind her and her movement halted.

“Jesus!” she jumped as she turned to find a man dressed in all black looking dead at her. He slowly pulled down his face cover. Once his face was reviewed, Pelumi griped her pregnant stomach as fear rushed into her veins. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Just how the hell had he broken into her house?

“What… what...” she stuttered.

“I just had to come see for myself.” The man said.

“Look Emeka, you need to leave right now!” she was too nervous to do a thing. Her worst nightmare which she’d thought she’d tucked away was standing in front of her.

“Come on, you know and I know I would never hurt you. Pelumi I loved you until you decided to run off with that good for nothing husband of yours.”

“You need to seriously leave right now before I call the police.” She demanded with shaky voice. Pelumi soon found herself slowly backing away as Emeka came forward. She let out a sharp and frightening scream when he pulled out a knife. Emeka dropped the knife to the floor and reached swiftly for Pelumi. He paced is hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.
“No… Shhhh… I will never hurt you Pelumi. I'm not Jide. I'll never hurt you. Come here.” He took her hands and escorted her to a sofa in the living room. Pelumi’s horror filled eyes drifted to the clock on the wall, and her heart sunk when she realized that it was no where near the time for Jide to come home. Thirty more minutes, she swallowed her fear.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” He asked once she sat down.

“Wait for you? You bastard, you were in jail!” she yelled and then quickly reminded herself that she was in no position to defend herself if Emeka becomes even more angry. She knew what he was capapble of doing; what he'd done to her before.

“I went to jail baby, for a crime I committed for our sake.”

“Emeka, you raped me! I was sixteen!” At nineteen years old, Emeka had been that school boy everyone was afraid of. He’d been a teen who had a tough childhood and his best way of letting go of his demons had been to inflict pains of his fellow classmates. No, it hadn’t been a mutual agreement that afternoon after school when he pinned Pelumi to the wall of their school backyard. She’d cried home to her parents and on that same day, they had Emeka thrown in jail. He’d served six years for the rape crime.

“Pelumi when you say that, its pisses me off! You make it seem as if I'm sick or something. You wanted it. Don't deny it. You wanted us, and I’m here now. You don’t have to suffer a day longer with that bastard you call a husband.”

“Can’t you see that I’m happy? I don’t love you. I never did. All you ever did then was make people become terrified of you but I’m not one of them. I’m not scared of you. I'm carrying Jide’s child and there is no way in hell I’m leaving him for you so I suggest you start leaving or do your worse and be ready to face the consequences like before.” He got up abruptly in anger. Pelumi feared that this was it. He was definitely going to take his revenge on her right there.

“Pelumi!” he screamed her name. She swallowed all the saliva that had gathered up in her mouth, ready for the inevitable, she closed her eyes. Two minutes, and no word from him, she slowly opened her eyes to find him gone. Pelumi let out a deep breath and ran up the stairs as fast as her legs could take her. She picked up her phone and dialed Jide’s number. She began to sob after the third time dialing his number with no reply. She thought she’d run out of luck but then a knock came.

This time, Pelumi was ready for whoever it was. She slowly climbed down the stairs, went into her kitchen and pulled out a knife from one of her kitchen cabinet. She walked steadily to the door, ready to attack whoever was at the door but the voice she heard next wasn’t whose she’d expected.

“Pelumi open the door joor.” It was Linda’s voice. Pelumi sighed in relief. She dropped the knife on the couch nearby and opened the door.

“You don’t look okay, is everything okay?” Linda asked, sincerely concerned because Pelumi looked as if she’d just seen a ghost.

“What do you want?” Pelumi answered back with a question.

“Your husband wasn’t picking up his calls, and there are some papers I need to drop off so I decided to stop by the house hoping he was home.”

“Why didn’t you just drop them off at his office or tomorrow?”

“I was closer to the house. These are very important…” Pelumi snatched the papers from Linda.

“See, I’m having a very rough night, call Jide and finish up whatever you have with him.” She slammed the door. She went upstairs and curled herself in bed as she waited on Jide to get back home in one piece. 

Three hour later, Pelumi woke up. Jide still wasn’t by her side. She dialed his phone number again; he still wasn’t picking up his calls. She grew fatigue from worrying. She decided to go back down stairs to warm up his food in hopes that he would be with her at any moment.

Step by step, she cascaded down those stairs sluggishly. She switched on the kitchen lights and headed towards her refrigerator. A moment later, the light automatically switched off. She blamed it on the light bulb, thinking it had probably blown off. But as fast as the light had gone off, it came back on by itself again.

“Oh Jide you must be home, lemme quickly warm up your food. I've been waiting for yooooou...” Those were her last words as she felt the hard knock of an object hitting her head. With her head hitting the kitchen counter first, Pelumi fell slowly to the floor.

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