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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 3

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“Doctor, is she going to be okay?” Pelumi heard her husband’s voice as she slowly opened her eyes. She became aware that she was lying on a hospital bed and a man in a white coat was facing her husband.

“She lost a lot of blood. If you hadn’t brought her in the time you did it could have been worse. She’s stable now and we can only hope for the best.”

Pelumi tried moving her fingers but the pain that shot through her body was hell. “Jide,” She moaned. When both men heard her voice, they broke their conversation and Jide rushed to her side.

“Oh my God, thank God you’re back. I almost ran mad waiting for you to wake up. Don’t ever scare me like that again.” He planted a kiss on her forehead.

“What am I doing here?” she whispered. It was hard to speak. Her throat was dried and her lips were cracked.

“Honey, I’m just glad you’re up. We’ll talk about what happened later.” Pelumi nodded and closed her eyes.

“Let me go in, let me go in and see my child!”

Pelumi’s mother’s voice woke her up from her thirty minutes sleep. She’d just gotten back from the hospital that Tuesday afternoon. She’d spent almost two weeks lying on a hospital bed. She requested not to see anybodynot even her mother. 

She’d been too ashamed to look at anyone especially her mother when she found out what she’d done to herself. But since she was now home, she needed her now more than ever. Pelumi managed to open her eyes. She saw Jide standing by the front door.

“Jide what’s going on?” she asked, slowly rising up from the couch.

“Honey just go back to sleep. It’s nothing.”

“Jide isn’t that my mother’s voice I’m hearing?” he paid her no attention. “What is wrong with you? She’s my mother you know?”

“I don’t care; I don’t want her inside my house.” Pelumi might have been weak, but she wasn’t going to let Jide speak to her mother in such manner. She went to the door and twisted the lock open and her mother barged in.

“Pelumi, warn your husband, or I swear he won’t live to see the next day break.”

“Threats, threats, threats, that’s all this family has.” Jide hissed and left the two women.

“Pelumi, how are you my dear?” her mother asked, concern written all over her face.

“Mama, I’m sorry for his behavior, he just won’t change.”

“Abegi, don’t mind that one.” She settled in a couch.

“I brought you some soup; lots and lots of them, and make sure you don’t share it with Jide tonight.” Pelumi laughed; the first one in a long time. Her mother always knew how to lighten her mood and it saddened her that she would leave soon, leaving her to this huge house all by herself.

While her mother worried about Pelumi’s already improving health, Pelumi worried more about how long it was going to take for Jide to come downstairs. She wasn’t ready for anymore of his overcooked drama.

“I will be going to see my brother next week. His eldest daughter’s graduation from the university is coming up.” Uncle Gbenga was Pelumi’s mother’s only brother and sibling. His wife had informed Pelumi about the upcoming graduation but that had been the last thing on her mind these days. Victoria was growing up to be such a bright young lady and Pelumi was proud to see her little cousin succeed.

“I’ll try and make it to the party if not the actual graduation ceremony.” Pelumi stated disappointed at herself.

“In this your condition?” Her mother said, already wiping the possibility of Pelumi attending both events out of her mind. “You should stay at home and take care of yourself. There will be too many people there and you know how people like to talk. Your aunt will understand if you can’t make it. I will explain things to her.” she got up, indicating that she was about ready to leave.

“And please, greet him for me oo.”  She pointed upstairs as she and Pelumi were about leaving the room. Her driver was outside waiting for his madam. Pelumi felt lonely all over again when she saw her mother enter her car. She couldn’t be mummy’s girl forever; she was a married woman now. Pelumi went back into her living room, picked up the book she was reading before she’d fallen asleep and continued.

It was past midnight and four hours past the time Jide usually came home to his wife every day. When he opened the door, there was no one waiting for him. No food on the table and no Pelumihe headed upstairs.

Pelumi heard the squeaking sound of their bedroom door as it opened and she immediately opened her eyes. She watched him come in and began the task of removing his suit jacket. He flung his suit case to bed and moved to their bathroom. Pelumi jumped up from the bed.

“And where are you coming from at this time of the night?” She stood blocking the way to their bathroom.

“Pelumi get out of my way!” He was drunk. Pelumi moved closer to him and sniffed his shirt.

“Is that alcohol I smell? So you went out drinking abi?

“Jesus Christ woman! I said get the hell out of my sight!” He pushed her away.

“Okay na, we shall see.”  

Pelumi sat on their bed, shaking her hands and feet in anger. She was so frustrated with him; it’d been a month since they lost the last baby and her incident and nothing had gotten better. Their relationship was in jeopardy and Pelumi lost all hope of them ever being as they were before; not after all their losses.

Jide splashed some water on his face. His head was pounding. He’d drunk too much again and came home with that temper he so much wanted to do away with. The last thing he wanted was for him to make this staying-out-late-drinking thing a habit. 

Upon returning back to his bedroom, he found Pelumi crying. She’d been doing too much of that lately every time he was around and that was partly the reason why he chose to stay late away from her until he was sure she was fast asleep. He hated to see her cry.

“Come here,” He patted the bed, gesturing for her to come closer to where he sat on their bed. Pelumi hissed and looked away.

“Come na, okay I’m sorry.” He slurred his words. “I’m sorry baby… Pelumi look at me.” He placed his right hand on his chest. Pelumi glanced at him and found her reluctant self, shifting closer to him. Once she was with him, Jide fell back down facing the ceiling. Pelumi did the same. Both stayed quiet, afraid that whoever broke the silence might say something wrong and their long overdue peacefully bonding will be broken again.

Jide gathered her head and rested it on his chest. He wanted her to hear how fast his heart beat wasthat was fearhe was scared of losing her.

“But Jide why do you have to go out and do this, who do you think is taking care of me here after you leave?” she said to him.

“Pelumi, you know I’ve never stopped loving you even with all the stuff we’re going through.” he had to say that; the stuff that they were going through. Pelumi sighed and was about turning away from him when he placed his arms lazily around her waist.

“But I love you.” He whispered as he allowed sleep take over him. The saddest part was that he wouldn’t remember any of this by tomorrow, Pelumi thought as she watched him sleep. This was the man she’d fallen in love with eight years ago. Their first meeting had been so uncomfortable since both of them were just getting out of a relationship but look at them now; they were married and childless.

Pelumi was about pulling their blanket over him when she realized he was still fully clothed. She went for his shoes firstthen his socks. After she got him to turn over to a position where his stomach was facing the bed, she saw a stain on the back collar of his shirt; a purple lipstick stain. Pelumi was silent for a good minute; completely blown away by the possibility that Jide might have cheated on her that night. The only question on her mind waswho has Jide been kissing on?


1) Do you think Jide cheated on his wife tonight and if so, with who?

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