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Masked Truth - Part 17

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Once on the street, Oluchi pulled out her cellphone. She took a deep breath before dialing Emma’s number. While she waited for Emma to pick up she remembered the crying child she left behind who was still waiting for her. Oluchi wanted to hate herself but she’d also promised herself to be strong from now on and when Emma answered the call, her once unsure and guilty heart came to rest.

“Hello. I’m sorry for calling you so late, you gave me your number… I mean we exchanged numbers some weeks ago and,”

“Daniella, is that right?” Emma answered. She immediately knew that the vibrating voice on the phone was Oluchi’s. She’d actually accepted the fact that she wouldn’t reach out for her. She was even in the process of cooking up a new plan to get Daniel back when Oluchi called.

“Yes, yes that’s me. I remember you said I could come to you for anything, please can I do that now?”

“Sure, sure, but are you okay?” Emma asked in a worried tone. She later gave Oluchi her home address and after the call ended, she boarded a taxi.

Daniel opened his fifth bottle of beer. It seemed all he’d been able to do was drink for the past hour. He hated himself. A part of him knew he was the cause of his mess, but what exactly had he done wrong? His never unfailing instincts told him to give up on Oluchi and accept what happened as a sign to let her go. That same instincts told him to start his life all over but he was thirty two years old, where would he begin? Daniel knew that even if he succeeded in bringing Oluchi back their lives wouldn’t be as it was before. 

What angered him the most was that Oluchi who he knew was unstable had ran away with the only innocent soul involved in their mess. Daniel picked up his car keys from the floor and staggered up. He was going to Nnamdi. He had to make him sorry for what he’d done.

Emma offered Oluchi a glass of water. She collected the glass with shaky hands. She emptied the content within seconds and Emma started in annoyance. She didn’t want to be the one offering her enemy a glass of water. She wanted to leave Oluchi dried and thirst for life itself. But like the saying goes, Emma was prepared to keep her friends close and her enemies even closer.

“So what happened, you didn’t sound okay on the phone?”

“I need you to help me.” Oluchi revealed. Emma sat on the edge of her couch and gave Oluchi her undivided attention.

“Everything you said were all true and I feel stupid for doubting you. My husband has been cheating on me with some girl he met while he was on tour and I’ve messed up too.” Oluchi sighed in embarrassment. She felt filthy in front of Emma. Emma hadn’t messed up, Oluchi thoughts went back to her last conversation with her. Emma’s husband had been the one who’d wronged her but in her case, she’d just as much as Daniel messed up if not even worse.

“How would you like for me to help you?”

“I want him to pay for what he did to me,” Oluchi stated, her guilt completely wiped away from her mind. She was out for revenge and Daniel wasn’t the only one who would feel her wrath.

“There’s another man,” she told Emma shyly.

“AHH! I see.” She nodded slowly. “So this man,” Emma looked at her Oluchi mischievously. “do you like him?”

Oluchi laughed. She was laughing at her own foolishness. “Like?” she shook her head in pity. “I want him to pay for not accepting his responsibility. He’s her father and there’s no two ways about it.”

“Wait, wait, he’s whose father?” Emma asked completed cut off guard and shaken by the new revelation from Oluchi.

“I cheated on my husband with his manager,” but of course Emma already knew that. She urged Oluchi for the other daunting part of her story. “We have a child together,”

“When, how?!” Emma wanted to scream. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on Nnamdi. He hadn’t told her he’d made a child with her, why?

“He didn’t know about the baby until today.” Oluchi smiled painfully as she recalled how easily Nnamdi had chased her away. “And now he doesn’t want me or the baby. Daniel and Nnamdi has both taken so much from me and it’s time I give them something to remember.” She said with a serious and devilish glare at Emma. Emma saw something in Oluchi’s eyes that wasn’t there before nor did her ever think would be there and that made her uncomfortable. Revenge was a venom and once it sinks in, it could poison even the ones who'd planned it, Emma thought, knowing from her own experience.

“I’ll come up with a plan,” Emma stated casually, picking up her glass of water.

“Oh you don’t have to worry about a plan, I have a plan. I just need a place to crash with my daughter before we can settle.” Oluchi’s statement stopped Emma halfway into taking a sip for her glass. What happened to the naive girl she’d meet a few weeks ago? Settling the glass down she said, “We have to be careful, you don’t want to do something that you’d regret and of course, you’re welcome to stay with me and bring your child also.” The ladies exchanged an understanding look, Oluchi’s mixed with gratitude.

Daniel stared at Nnamdi’s front gate. He cowardly turned around after sometime. Inasmuch as he wanted to storm in and beat the crap out of the man who’d ruined his life, Daniel accepted the fact that he’d been at wrong also so he cowardly turned around and left without a second glance.

Upon getting home, his gateman approached him. “Oga, someone came looking for you.” Daniel’s heart began to race, hoping it was Oluchi but his hope was short-lived when his gate man told him it was Emma who’d came over instead.

“She said her name was Emma and that she’s your sister so I told her to wait for you inside.”

“Inside my house?!” he asked angrily.” She said she was your sister…” the gate man attempted to explain.

Daniel walked into his living room and found Emma with the TV remote. She was sitting comfortably in the couch and when she saw him, she got up to join him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see my boyfriend,”

“Emma come on, we’re passed this, I’m married and have you forgotten what you did to me the last time we met?”

“I’m sorry Daniel. He was the one who put me up to it.”

Daniel had taken Emma to some of the house parties Nnamdi frequently hosted while they’d been in South Africa. He’d simply introduced Emma to everyone as a friend. He added another blame to his already overflowing buckets of mistakes he’d made ever since he hit fame, or rather ever since fame hit him.

“I want you out of my house before my wife gets back. She went grocery shopping and I wouldn’t like for her to meet you here. Please leave.” He turned and began making his way into the kitchen.

Emma suppressed her laughter. Obviously Daniel was lying to her because the wife he was speaking about was with her.

“It seems like you’ve been drinking.” Her eyes drifted to the bottles of beer Daniel had forgotten to clean up before he’d left angrily.

“That’s none of your business too, just leave.” He turned around and began clearing the bottles.

“I want us to start over.”

“Start what over? I’m married!”

Well you should have said that!”

“Said what?!”

“You should have said you didn’t want me anyone back in South Africa before getting me pregnant!” she announced boldly. Daniel took a step back. The bottle in his hands slipped away and crashed to the floor. And in a blank of an eye, he latched out on Emma, grabbing her by her neck tightly, he threw her against the wall and had her pinned there.

“You said what?” he said calmly, the corners of his eyes twitching. “Don’t lie to me Emma, think before you open that dirty mouth of yours.” He added emotionlessly.

“It’s- it’s the truth. I-I’m pregnant…” she couldn’t speak because of his hard grip on her neck. “I’m pregnant and it’s your child,” When she finished, Daniel let go of her almost instantly as if a hot coal had been dumped on his hands. Emma began to cough violently and an unexpected bubble of laughter burst opened.

Once she got control of her laughing, she approached Daniel who’d fallen on a nearby sofa. He felt powerless and defected.

Emma joined him on the sofa, she sat on his laps and wrapped her arms around his neck. She tilted her head down to his left ear and whispered, “Now I have you.”


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    1. It makes sense that it's getting complicated.. the title did say masked truth.. it's only going to get worse but hey,,, I'm done with the different twists.. I think if you were reading this series in one sitting. for example as a full book whereby you dont have to wait for each episode, it wouldnt have been so complicated..

  3. I understand u and the fact that it's not compiled in one single book makes it more interesting and make us eager for more.
    We are enjoying it. Keep it up and save us the suspence please

  4. Hi peace, please where is the other part of this story so so so good

    1. Hi Jumoke, I'm glad you're enjoying this story. I do plan to finish it but I'm holding back until I have enough free time on my hand to write tentatively. If you're on IG, follow us @nigerian_romance_stories to get more updates.


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