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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 1

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Mrs. Ada and I stared at her in complete shock. How could this be? Am I losing my mind? When she coughed, Mrs. Ada and I jumped in anxiety and it soon became dawn to me that the woman in front of me was definitely not a ghost.

“Cynthia is this really you?” I asked, drawing her closer to my chest with trembling hands. Mrs. Ada directed me back into our living room with Cynthia on my arms.

“Lay her on the couch for now while I go get some water.” She said. I did as she told me. My cell phone began to ring after she left. I took it out of my pocket and I wasn’t shocked when I saw the caller ID; it was Vivian. I looked down at Cynthia and then back to my cellphone. I was crushed, contemplating on what to do.

“Victor, is this really you?” Cynthia whispers, jerking me back to my senses. And in that moment as I stared into those dark eyes, everything was decided. I ignored Vivian’s call, turned off my phone and laid it carefully on the floor, focusing my attention back on Cynthia.

“Yes, it’s me.” I answered, a nervous smile on my face. She looked fine to me except for the bruises on her cheeks. A million questions were running through my head. Just where in the world had she been for the past years? Why did she choose now, today to come back? My chest was hurting seeing that she was in pain. I was about scolding myself for the answers when Mrs. Ada reappeared back into the room with a bowl of hot water and a towel.

Cynthia moaned faintly in pain as Mrs. Ada laid the hot towel on her cheeks. I was going to begin asking her questions after she finished with the tea Mrs. Ada had later gone to get her, but the sad puppy face Cynthia turned on me silenced me. Staring at her, every feeling of love I’d ever felt for her rushed back in. Every feeling I’d been trying to do away with for so long began to bang at the door of my fragile heart. I swallowed it all in and allowed her sleep.

I kept my watchful eyes on her as she slept. I still couldn’t believe it was her. There was only one way to settle my doubt. Without hesitation, I raised her blouse up in search of a tattoo she’d gotten some months after we started dating. The letter V was lying underneath her flat stomach. Instantaneously, I accepted my fate; she was my Cynthia, my wife after all.

The next morning, she was the first to wake up.  I had moved her to my bedroom while I took the couch for the night. When I heard a soft tap on my shoulder, I immediately jerked up from sleep. She’d woken me up from a nightmare. In that nightmare, I’d seen things that weren’t supposed to be there; like her. I shook my head in an attempt of wiping such hideous and outrageous thoughts out of my head. 

The first thing she asked about as she made her way into the kitchen was her daughter. There was something seriously awkward about her that morning. The way she seemed to always smile just didn’t settle well with me. I blamed the reason why I felt disconnected with her on the nightmare I’d just woken up from. And when she picked up her daughter from her cradle, I was this close to snatching our baby away from her. I needed to get away from her before I say something that would seem as if I wished her dead.

She looked like my wife, but this was a newer version of her. She wept as our daughter began to cry, not familiar with her strange touch. Cynthia held my hands in hers as she cried. “I’ve missed you guys so much.” She said gulping down the tears that’d built up in her throat, hugging her daughter tightly to her chest.

“Cynthia, we need to talk.” I couldn’t get those words fast enough out of my mouth.

She was distracted with petting the baby so she said, “Victor, can we do that later? I need to spend some time with my child.” She smiled goofily at Iffy who was still trying to remember who Cynthia was.

I was infuriated as I watched the scene play out. My fingers were twitching endlessly. I didn’t know how else to calm my nerves than to ask her all the questions that’d made it almost impossible to sleep last night.

“No, it can’t wait.” I demanded. She eyed me as if to second my order. But I looked away; I called for Mrs. Ada to come get iffy. I grabbed Cynthia by the hands and into my bedroom.

As soon as I shut the door behind us, I barked furiously, “Who are you?!”
I hadn’t planned on shouting, but I just couldn’t hold in the repulsive feeling I was feeling towards her. She laughed, repeating my question.

“Yes! Who are you?” My palm was sweaty as I began to scratch vigorously, pacing around the room like a mad man. “Why come back now, after almost two years? Why are you doing this to me?” I requested in agony. “The hospital… the hospital said you were dead!” She didn’t know what seeing her again did to me after I had thought she had died. Last night, I was excited, and confused at the same time. Just how will I handle this?

“Victor, are you out of your mind!” she yelled back. Hers was louder; it could wake up a dead man. “How dare you ask me such questions? Who are you to tell me not to come back to my husband, to my family, and to my child?” But something in her voice wasn’t sufficiently convincing enough.

“Victor, I missed you… ” She spoke calmly this time. “I’ve been through hell and back just to come back to you, please don’t turn me away. We can make this work. I am still your wife in every way Victor.” If only she knew that two years was a pretty long time for everything to change.

“I-I don’t remember anything that happened the night of the accident, but when I opened my eyes, I was in a place I didn’t recognize. You weren’t with me Victor. I was all alone. The people who said they heard me screaming your name came to my rescue. I was in their care for some time until I decided to find my way home again. The journey wasn’t easy,” she placed her palms on her bruised her cheeks, “But I made it home.”

She moved closer to me, playing with my emotions. She tip toed to match my height as she drew me in for a kiss. I didn’t resist. Even when she grabbed my crotch in her hand, squeezing tightly, I didn’t resist, I moaned in return. Her kisses were just as I remembered, breathtaking. There was no time to talk, Cynthia slowly backed me up against out bed post, and before I knew it, I was lying flat on my back. “Wait, wait…” I protested as she came on top me. She swallowed whatever word of resistance I had left with her lips. Cynthia was a woman with great passion and in no time, she soon proved herself to be my wife.

I fell for it. She’d always had a way with me and never once have I ever denied her of what she wanted.

We were fixing our clothes back in place when I heard the sound of the doorbell. Who could it be? I asked myself anxiously, rushing to zip up my trouser. Cursing as I hit my toe on a nearby couch in the living room, I opened the door. I wasn’t surprised when a worried Vivian barged in.

“Oh my God! What happened to you last night? I waited and waited, not counting the number of times I called your cell phone without any answer from you.”

I had already been dreading this moment and I’d decided to stick to my first plan. Lie to Vivian to get her away from the house then later I would meet her somewhere and explain our current situation to her. But when Cynthia called out my name from our bedroom, I knew I was doomed!

1) Who's buying Cynthia's story and does Victor have any right to be angry?


  1. Her story doesn't sound True, and victor has every right to be angry.

    1. Bam! I hope you continue with the story...

  2. he shouldnt fall for her like that after 2yrs of absence now

  3. Who disappears from their family for 2 years? No matter how sick she was, at least she would give the "people" her husband's number to inform him of her location/condition, etc. Na lie she dey lie jor. Ada


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