Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 4

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So this is where Cynthia has been hiding all this while, I thought to myself as I pulled up at James’ complex. She laid in my best friend’s bed while mine stayed cold for months! What shocked me the most was that even with my frequent visits to James, I didn’t notice what he’d been up to with Cynthia. I knew he had his way with women so I never questioned him even when I knew there was a female presence present in his house whenever I came over. That woman had been my wife. With rage piled up within, I came out of my car, slamming the door close with so much force. I knocked on his gate for what seemed like eternity before his gateman answered.

 “Ah Oga, my Oga said he is not receiving any visitors for today.” The short man at the gate said. “Do I look I give a damn about the instructions your Oga gave you? Come Musa, are you saying you don’t recognize me?” I was surprised at the way the gate man answered me.

“Sir, na weytin my Oga tell me na im I go do so abeg come dey go.” He said, spitting out the grinded wood he had been chewing on, the main stick with brushed off edge still remained in his hand.

“I’m going to need you to go into that house and tell that bastard to come out!”

“Sir, my Oga no be bastard oh.” Without paying him any more attention, I barged into the compound, pushing him out of the way as I wasn’t ready to listen to anymore of his rubbish talk. I could no longer control the fury that had gotten the best of me.

He shouted “Oga!” repeatedly behind me as he ran back to pick up his cap which had fallen off.

“James, if you know what’s good for you, you will open this door right this minute.” I roared in anger, knowing fully well that I wasn’t leaving this house until I came in contact with the Idiot. I wanted him to come out and prove himself as the man he claimed he was. The gateman hurried over to James’ side just as the door opened up.

“I’m sorry Oga. He enter by force.”

I saw him swallow hard as soon as the gateman had finished his ranting. I locked my teeth together, my hands tightened into a fist, the next thing I realized was that I’d launched a punch right to his nose which bled almost immediately. He staggered into the apartment letting a curse escape from under his breath and I followed closely, banging the door close, and shutting the gateman from coming in. He picked himself up off the floor almost immediately and hurried towards the kitchen in an attempt to escape but there was no way I letting him go soon. To my surprise, there were three packed traveling bags in his living room. The bastard was planning to move!

I pulled him by his shirt and held him by his neck, working my fist on his face which now turned red. He took the beating like a Pro as he never once cried for mercy.

“You and Cynthia, huh?” I yelled, pinning him to the kitchen wall. The look in his blood filled eyes said enough; he was still trying to get in touch with the reality of what was happening. “Where were you planning to run to?” I continued, pointing in the direction of the bags he had packed in the sitting room.

“I called you my brother for years and you do this to me?” I spun around and pushed him over to the kitchen table and grabbed a knife. He tried sitting up but I intercepted by stabbing the knife on the table, close to his ear. I saw a flash of shock in his eye at that moment. “Sleeping with Cynthia till she became pregnant for you?!”

He gave a sinister laughter as soon as I mentioned ‘pregnant.’ What was funny? Was it the fact that all I could think of was burying this knife in his chest that he took as a joke?

“And I enjoyed every minute of it and every night.” He spat out even more blood, “Every morning when she woke up in my bed, I knew I had finally beaten you at something.” Those were the words that came out from his mouth, without thinking; I pulled him from the table and yanked him to the sink where I flung his head with so much rage at the kitchen sink.

“I made her scream my name as I made love to her. During those nights of endless pleasures, I knew I had won.” I stopped pacing madly in the kitchen now; those words weakened me to the lowest minimum you could probably think of. “You and I have shared many things in our lives, why can’t we do the same with Cynthia?” He looked into my eyes and smiled, revealing bloodied teeth and swollen lips. “She was no virgin on your wedding night right? I did that to her. The child she carried wasn’t yours, I also did that. I’m the king Victor, I’m the freaking king!” he exclaimed wholeheartedly.

He had to do it; he had to touch that final nerve and patience I’d been keeping in check. With that, I knew I wasn’t going to let this guy just go. I pulled out the gun I’d kept hidden in the back of my trousers. Yes, I brought it with me. The gun had been lying carefully in my car until that day.

“Whoa… whoa… Victor, it hasn’t come to that.” He raised his hands up with fear in his eyes.

“I trusted you, I thought I could also trust you with my family but I was wrong.” I pointed the gun directly at his forehead.

“At first, we didn’t take it serious. We thought of it as just a game and did it that first night to get it off our system. I was ready to let her go but she was the one who came back.” This was no time for confessions or forgiveness; I wasn’t willing to hear any more heartbreaking bullshits from him.

“And you couldn’t push her away right? You knew how I felt about her from the get go but you chose to betray me regardless. James I swear, I will finish you today.”

“What about me!” he screamed. “Come on, you knew I had something for her also but you overlooked my feelings and went ahead pursuing her! Friends don’t do that bro!”

“Nah bro, don’t give me all that bull! What you did was wrong and today you’ll pay for it.” He thought he had the rights to defend himself but I had to let him know that he was dead wrong. I moved closer to him, he draw further away but then all of a sudden, he surrendered.

“Victor, just do the honors of killing me now or else someone else will.”

Until then, I didn’t even know I had a gun in my hands. I snapped back to my senses. What the fuck was I doing with a gunning pointing at him? I’d asked myself because I wasn’t a killer and I wasn’t about to become one that day. I tucked the gun right back to where I’d brought it from.

“You and I, we are not done.” I said. I fixed my tie and headed for the door.
“She doesn’t love you.” He called out.

“And you think I don’t know that already?” I replied, slamming the door behind me. I could see the look of surprise on Musa’s face as soon as I emerged. I left; promising myself that that scene would never happen again. I had one more thing left to do; settle another score.


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