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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 6

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“I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill him.” I said to my lawyer for the fourth time with a reduced amount of confidence and fight in my voice.

“But the evidences, all of them are pointing towards you.” He said reminded me again of my stupidity.

“What evidences? The fact that I was angry when I left the house that day, is that all they have? Is that enough for them to keep me here?” I asked, taking a good look at the dirty questioning room I was in. My lawyer opened his profolio and brought out some more papers.

“Your wife,”

“Ex-wife.” I finished, reminding myself that Cynthia was dead to me. He cleared his throat before he continued. “She hired one of my colleagues to handle this case. She isn’t taking sides with you which surprises me. Can you please clear that up? Why doesn’t she believe you?” He looked up at me, ready to write down whatever justification I had left in me. I was too embarrassed to narrate the story of how my wife and best friend betrayed me so I gave him the shortest cut. “They were lovers.” Mr. Roberts didn’t look surprise or maybe it was part of his job to keep calm.

“Okay, go ahead.” He said.

“I thought she was once dead but she played me. One day she walked back into my life and turned it upside down.” My thoughts went back to that very day when I thought I had found what I had lost. I thought she and I could maybe reconnect. I remembered the excitement and nervousness I felt at the same time when she’d called my name.

“Does she have any reason or motive to want James dead?”

“I don’t think so.” I answered. Why would Cynthia want James dead? Didn’t she love him? Weren’t they planning to run off together? I kept asking myself questions that I had no answers to. I came back to my senses when I saw my lawyer stand to his feet. “Our time is up for today. You’ll be standing trial in a week days, be prepared.” He said with a pat on my shoulder. I nodded and we shook hands.

“One more thing please, can you help me get in contact with Vivian?” I knew she must have been worried since I never got a chance to answer the call she promised to give me.

“Okay, yes, I can do that.” He walked off and I was pushed back into my prison cell.

The next day, Vivian came to see me.

“I went over to your place; she didn’t say a thing about you being in prison. How come? Are you okay? Are they feeding you?” She blasted me with questions of concern. I had to fake a smile so she could stop with the questions and see that I was okay.
“Do you think people come here to eat and get fat?” I hissed. I told her all that went down, but from the expression on her face, I couldn’t tell if she believed me or not.

“You went over to his place, you guys fought or rather you did most of the fighting. You even brought your gun there.” She whispered that last part as if the room had ears.

“But I didn’t kill him.” I whispered back into her.

“Of course.” She took two deep breaths as she adjusted herself back on her chair and then, the first drop of tears hit the table.

“I don’t even know what to do… how to help you. Should I go over and beg Cynthia to please see reasons with you? I mean, didn’t she love you at all? Why is she so head bent on pinning this on you? Who does she think you are?” she was crying as she said all that.

“Hey, hey Vivian listen to me, I need you to keep it together for me, for the both of us.” I reached for her hands and held them in mine.

“Victor, I’m…” she couldn’t even finish her sentence; her tears were getting the best of her.

“What?” I asked.

“It’s nothing. I’ll come and see you again on the day of your trial.” She practically ran out from the room, and that was the last time I saw Vivian.

Victor spent five years in prison for a crime he was not guilty of.  His lawyer told him to thank God that he was able to get the judge to listen to his pleads of self-defense. He spent those five years regretting life and telling his story to his cellmates. Vivian who had promised to come never came, and Cynthia was left to take center stage at his trial. She’d cried and whined about how much she loved James and how much James loved Victor in return. Everyone saw her as the woman who had lost her lover to an angry husband who couldn’t let her go.

After five years in prison, the judge finally agreed to his pardon and he was set free. On the afternoon of the day he was released, he saw a lady who looked exactly like her. At first, he thought he was imagining things because he really wanted to see her but when the woman turned around, he knew it was her. She looked as if she was waiting on someone next to a car.

Victor was numbed to even move a muscle. He pleaded with my feet to take the steps to where she was standing, smiling beautifully as ever. When he finally found the courage to step forward, she waved her hands over and for a minute he thought she’d recognized him but when he saw another figure emerge, it was as if someone had hit him hard in my guts.

He staggered back as this man with broader shoulders, a nicer haircut and much more expensive clothes than the ones he had on walked up to her and laid a kiss on her cheek. She handed the man the car keys and went around to the passenger’s seat.

Victor heard the car start, he couldn’t—didn’t do a thing as the man pulled out from the shopping plaza. Victor knew that this was his only chance of ever seeing Vivian again so he shouted her name as loud as his sore throat could deliver. She had to hear him—he kept screaming her name as he chased after the car like a mad man with a sane purpose. She turned around and unexpectedly, the car gradually came to a stop.

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