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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 7

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The car came to a complete stop and even still, Victor made no effort towards the car—he was trying to catch his breath.

“Hey, what’s your problem? Why were you following us?” The driver busted out angrily. Victor’s head was down; with his hands on his laps. His heart was racing fast in his chest and not because of the chase but because he was too scared to believe this own imaginations—he’d truly seen Vivian.

“Don’t shout at him like that Joseph.” he heard the sound of her concerned voice and the sound of the car door closing as she stepped out. Joseph and Vivian were both waiting for the mysterious man who’d chased after them to say something. Victor could hear her footsteps as she walked to him.

“Hey, are you okay?” she bent and asked, her face a few inches away from Victor’s. He could almost feel her warm skin and breaths on his face. He’d missed her every single day. He’d waited for her for five years and not once did she ever come to see him. She’d been nowhere to recuse him and now, it was time to pay his runaway lover back.

Victor took a deep breath— “Sir, I don’t mean to cause any trouble, it’s just that I know this lady and she knows me too.” he held his head up. Vivian’s facial expression was totally normal… she didn’t recognize the man in front of her. Victor’s once handsome face was covered with long overdue beards, a whole lot of them but still, he’d expected her to see through all that and know it was him and not some mad man.

“What are you talking about? Do I know you?” she asked, looking confused as hell.

“Vivian, it’s me victor.”

When she heard his name, the bottle of water she held fell to the ground. That definitely hadn’t been the welcome back response he’d expected from her. It had truly been five years; Victor told himself, did I expect her to jump all over me at the sound of my voice? 

It was so crystal clear that everyone he’d met in the past eight years were not who they said they were. He had been cheated on, lied to, and discarded.

Vivian stood speechless and motionless. The look on her face—Victor wished he hadn’t seen it. It was a mixture of disappointment, shock and fear. He understood why she would be shocked to see him but disappointed?

Vivian began to reach for Victor’s face with trembling hands but Joseph pulled her back.

“Come on, let’s just go. This guy is sick.” he believed.

“No, I’m very sane, ask her.” Victor said to him. He held Vivian by her wrist and brought her right palm to his face. She began to run her fingers through his over grown beards in search of the Victor she once knew. She repeatedly whispered his name as she began to recognize who he was. No, Victor didn’t need the crocodile tears that were streaming down her face. He pleaded for someone to call him an ambulance because this woman had hurt him in so many ways and her tears wasn’t going to heal his wounds.

Victor realized in that moment that Vivian had had no faith in him. She hadn’t believed him when he’d told her that he wasn’t responsible for the death of his friend. It made him wonder what sort of a monster she must have thought he was while he was away.

Victor moved back, he never wanted anything to do with her ever again. He didn’t want her touches which promised peace but brought torture.

“Victor…” Her lips shuddered as she called his name. “I came, I swear to God I did.” She cried.

“Don’t you dare, don’t you dare say that to me!”

She moved backwards in fright and looked over to her new lover with eyes pleading for him to come to her rescue.

Victor exhaled in disgust. “You who I thought would be the one person standing next to me no matter what the judge had to say. I said as long as she was with me, I could face any and everything. I kept my eyes on that door, whispering to myself that you would come but you never came. Even before the judge sentenced me, I was already  in jail; the one your betrayal had placed me.”

“It wasn’t like that, I came but…” she whispered.

“But what? You couldn’t love a man from his prison cell?” She shook her head in denial. “I thought we had made an agreement the last time you came to see me that it would be you and me till the very end. How could I have missed it? The way you rushed off that day, I should have known that you weren’t coming back. I should have known!”

“Vivian, what’s this man talking about?”  Joseph who they’d forgotten was still with them asked. “You just shut up!” she screamed at him. “Victor can we do this somewhere else?” She asked with composure.

“Where do you expect us to start from? Hey? Hi? How have you been all these years?” She looked around, embarrassed. Victor hadn’t taken notice of the little crowd that was watching them like a movie.

“Oh no, I have no intentions of going anywhere with you.” He turned to face the crowd. He was really going to put up a show for them after all, this was Lagos city, and they wouldn’t mind a little entertainment so he began.

“This woman right here is nothing but a liar.” he said loud enough for everyone to hear. “She swore on heaven and earth that she loved me but I’ve been in jail for five years and never once did she come to see me. Please I beg una, make una tell me which type of woman she be.” The crowd was quick to respond. Some who didn’t even know half of the full story rained curses on Vivian. They murmured their scattered responses.

“Victor stop this, you’re embarrassing me.” She gave him that look.

“Stop what?” he asked casually. “I’m simply giving you a taste of the torment you caused me all these years.”

“Oh please get a hold of yourself Victor, you’re acting like a child and creating a scene.” Vivian’s anger began to build up. She’d hope they could take about their problem like two adults without calling the whole of Lagos into their issues.

“Like a child?” he snorted. “When I confessed to you like a man, telling you that I wasn’t guilty, what did you do? Where did that get me?”

 “Since you don’t want to listen to me, I’ll tell you want you want. Yes, I’m the devil, I did you wrong, I couldn’t wait for you Victor.” The crowd went mute, waiting to hear Vivian’s side of the story. She continued, “I could see from the moment I came to see you on that last day that you were bound to take the fall for killing him. I wasn’t going to be that girl who sits around waiting for you. I had my life to live and you were living yours in jail.” She spilled it all out, showing Victor all her cards, her true colors came out.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry that I wasn’t there but I had no other choice. Yes, I messed up but I don’t regret the decision I made that day, never once have I regretted it.” The crowd went wild again, questioning the love she said she had for him. Some said she was a bad woman, how could she do that to a man she claimed to have loved. She spoke the truth so why should she be crucified for it?

“Look Vivian, I am going to ask you this one last time, who is this man? If you don’t answer me right now, I’m going to take that car and leave you here.” Her new man was running out of patience. He was pacing back and forth restlessly as he listened to the changes between Vivian and Victor.

She turned to answer and answered, “He’s Larry's father.”

No one understood what she meant. “Yes, he’s his father.” She said again, convincing the man who was absolutely in shock from what he’d heard. She turned to face Victor and said to him, “Victor, you have a son.”

He couldn’t hear her clearly due to the loud noise from the okada that sped past them so he asked again,

“I have a what?”

“A son,” She replied. Victor sincerely thought it was another trick from her to calm him down but when the man beside her began to nod slowly in agreement, he feared she might be telling the truth. 


  1. Wow! A son! I kept wondering why Vivian bailed on Victor.
    This is getting more complicated but i like.
    Welldone girl

    1. She said something about not wanting to be the girl who wants for her lover while he was in prison. I think she bailed on him because of their son..maybe she wanted to provide a stable home for him, hence her getting involved with Joseph. I hope I cleared things a little bit Mba. Thanks for reading!!!

  2. YOH!!!! thats insane...goodness, did Victor have to cause a scene jeesh!!!

    1. Victor is hurt, the scene he created has been the only way for him to vent off his anger and I think it was very much needed. But thanks Ngomana!! I'll upload the next episode later today.


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