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A Second Chance - Chapter One

“Love recognizes no barriers.
It jumps hurdles, leaps fences,
penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

-Maya Angelou

It was Bisola’s final year in university and she’d been seeing this guy named Tunde for about three years. He was everything her mind wanted and friends demanded from her at the time they’d first started but although her heart ached for more she knew she wasn't caught out for love. Bisola who has never been in love before knew what it meant to not be in love with someone. Tunde gave her money-oriented things but his heart wasn’t hers and he just couldn’t love her.

Bisola was on the verge of selling her joy and happiness all because of money. He was her sponsor, as in, the guy was loaded and all he needed was a woman who would warm his bed and the other thing Bisola knew nothing about.

She smiled at the mirror each day, looking at herself in each new dress he bought her but on the inside she felt dirty. Everyone was jealous that she’d found herself a man who could buy her the world but no one knew the price she was paying for these luxury and if they knew, Bisola wasn’t sure what the world would say.

She took a deep breath and dropped the gown she’d been fumbling with back in the hanger.

“Bisi! Ah ha! Has this girl gone deaf? Bisola answer me joor!” Sandra shouted at her friend and Bisola stared back at her with a blank expression on her well painted face.

“Is this dress okay for the party?” Her friend asked, raising up a blue chiffon dress. And there Bisola was, standing still as if someone poured cold water on her. Another stern glare from her friend made her snap back to reality.

“I’m sorry dear, I was…”

“Yeah I know, but where does your mind fly to most of the time? Sometimes I feel like you’re not here, actually this has been happening too frequently lately”

“I’m sorry naa… mabinu. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“That’s what you said the last time.”

“Okay, okay… that red dress though, ah you wan cause traffic?” Bisola hailed to ease the tension between them.

“Where you for see red? Honey this is blue.” said Sandra, taking a close look at the blue dress.

“Red, blue, whichever, everything looks good on you jare… why are you stressing me out?” Bisola hissed and the two ladies busted out laughing. The dress was just the perfect little thing for her.

Bisola and her friend first met when Bisola was eighteen. Sandra was the life of the party, in fact, she’d been the one who introduced Tunde to Bisola. Sandra and Bisola’s story were similar. Both of them were not from a wealthy families. In fact, their parents were farmers. Although they’d known each other and have done practically everything together, these two ladies were nothing alike.

Bisola stood behind her friend at the cashier’s desk waiting for the young cashier to finish ringing up the items Sandra had pulled from the hangers. Her ring tone blared across the boutique and she quickly tapped on her friends shoulder to excuse her.

“Who is that person sef that you can’t even pick the call right here?” Sandra asked, her eyes following Bisola until she was a few feet away from her.


“Hey babe, where are you?”

“Am not home.”

“I didn’t say you were, so where are you?”


“With?” Bisola started to answer but he caught her off saying, “Sandra who else? And I’ve been calling your phone all through and you were with her? Is she more important now?”

“Tunde please let’s not do this today, I’m really stressed right now and the last thing I need is for you to raise your voice at me.” He had a bad temper, one he hadn’t been able to comprise over the years. Bisola could never satisfy him. It was as if he became her father when she gave him her number.

“Babe I’m sorry… I know I promise I’ll keep it calm it’s just that…” As he went on explaining, Bisola couldn’t wrap her head around it, when was the last time Tunde apologized? Why now? It wasn’t as if today was the first time he’d ever been rude to her.

"I have a favor to ask you.”

Here we go…


“You know my friend, Ben, right?”


“Yes him. He kind of has a thing for you.”

“Okay?” her grip on her phone tightened as she eyed Sandra who was busy arguing with the cashier.

“He wants to get to know you better since you know, I'm with you and all that.”

Right there, she knew this guy was up to something. Five minutes later Tunde was giving his girlfriend the address to a hotel where he expected her to meet with his best friend.

“Tunde, I’m not up for your meaningless games, if your friend wants to meet me to get to know me he should let us meet at a restaurant somewhere and not some silly hotel.”

“So what are you trying to say?”

She didn’t answer.

“Hey! See if you know what’s good for you just do what I said. I mean imagine, what use are you to me then if you can’t impress a friend. All the money I spend on you are they just going to waste?”

“I’ve heard you, you don’t need to insult me. It’s not your fault anyway.” She hung up and within seconds, a text message came. Tunde hadn’t waited no time in texting her the hotel address. Bisola stared at the message and fought back tears. “Fool,” she whispered to herself.

Before Bisola knew it, it was already 6pm; the driver Tunde said he would send to come pick her up would be here in no time. She looked at herself in the mirror, the dress she had on was barely covering anything. She recalled from her conversation with Tunde not too long ago.

He’d instructed her to dress to impress his friend. In his exact words he said, “Just look at the situation as if it’s me you’re trying to impress.” In that moment, she knew that she really was nothing more to him than a show piece, a beauty he could flaunt in the faces of his friends so she did exactly as he said. She looked and felt like a prostitute heading to her usual spot to make herself a few change to send back home to her parents and siblings. She groaned because her own reality wasn't far from what she'd discribed. 

Bisola go up when she heard a car pulling into her drive way.

“Madam, you look very nice today.” The driver complimented as he opened the door for her.

“Thank you Ahmed, so do you.”

Bisola got into the front seat of the black Range Rover with no clue of what was ahead of her. All she knew was that she would do anything, absolutely anything to not fail Tunde.

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  5. Nice pieces of work.but I next part 2 of second chance.

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