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A Thug's Love - Chapter One

Four friends all gathered around a round table as usual at their school cafeteria for lunch. This time, they hoped for some sort of miracle food to appear because they were all broke and hungry, especially Luke. His crankiness was beginning to show.

 They all knew they had to stay low and not let this hunger get the best of them.

“Shift na, what is this?” Luke called out.

“Weytin? I touch you?” Lanre turned to face him and in an aggressive tone he said, “Guy no try me today oh. This hot afternoon I fit slap person Blind.” His statement didn’t settle well with the rest of the group and a scattered response followed. No one was in the mood to hold back a fight in this one hundred and two degree Friday afternoon so they began to hit the table, making as much noise as possible to kill the one they knew could lead to something bigger if Luke should respond back to Lanre.

Just as Luke got up angrily, they sighted Judith, the hour glass shaped girl that every girl wanted coming towards them.

“Oh boy that wan no be Tipsy babe?” Luke asked, facing Lanre as he slowly took his seat, forgetting that he’d been a moment a way from slapping his friend.

They waited patiently for her, watching as she cat-walked to where we were siting. When she saw him, the one she wanted out of the four handsome guys sitting around the table, her face lite up.

“How are you guys doing?” she asked in her most friendly voice. Everyone nodded except Philip who’d just recently been bailed from prison for destroying his neighbor’s electronics store.

          “Philip won’t you say hi to me?” she asked and a frown followed when Philip looked away.

“Guy answer this babe well na.” said Issac who was the youngest one and the shortest even though he was six feet tall.

“How far?” Philip asked his eyes on nothing in particular. She giggled.

“Okay, well I made some lunch before I left the house and I decided to bring you some.” She released her handed from her back and stretched a paper bag forward. The boys settled well into their seats with their hungry stomach frontward.

“That’s nice but we’ve already had lunch.” He lied and Lanre almost rose to punch him in the face.

“If we no chop this food today ehn, na you we go use do sacrifice.” They hissed.

He took his friend’s threat into consideration and replied, “But as boys, we always need more food.” The remaining boys cheered as he collected the bag of food.

“I go see you later abi? I get class now.” She smiled and went away.

“Apart from food, this babe set ooh! Tipsy you blind?” Lanre blurted out. Before he knew it, the other guys were already half way into the cooler Judith had packed the food in. Halfway into the meal, a fight broke out.

“Abeg cut that egg oo... sharply… just divide am before I use you do suya.” said Luke with his spaghetti filled mouth, he could barely breath.

“What is this na, won’t you share the egg?”

Lanre who thought he was superior over the rest of them took the only egg that came with the little spaghetti and threw it inside his mouth. Isaac hissed,

 “Bastard, you’ll tell me who will pay for your bus fare home today.” He took it more personal than they’d expected. They laughed at his childishness, then reprimanded Lanre for his selfishness.

“Oya back to more serious matter. Tola’s birthday is next week. We need to host a grand party for her. Everyone should hold at least 15k for pocket.”

“Lanre 15k too much na. Na my sister dey do birthday?” Luke hissed.

“Guys,” he told them to give him their undivided attentions. “Babes will be coming. Looku, Looku, I say babes will be coming and if you talk well I fit ask Tola to bring that her friend, you know the one you like and if your game is still as tight as I remember, you can even take her home.”

Isaac hissed. “So make e waste 15k on top woman head? The only money I get with me na 3k and I get plans for am. I think I’ll sit this one out.”

“See... see... see this fool.” Lanre stutter. “Philip where you for find this devil bring come out? The guy just no dey flow!” he added angrily.

Tola was the girl who the boys cherished as a friend, Lanre had had a crush on her since high school and now he wanted to go the extra miles to impress her.

“How about you catch one mugu for us wey go fund all these bills.” Issac said and his friends cheered him on. Lanre had a nice apartment, he had a nice car which his parents definitely hadn’t bought him which leaves us with one more way we could think of where he gets his money from.

“Philip what about you?” Lanre asked and everyone’s eyes fell on Philip who’d been more than quiet since he came home two days ago from where he’d been locked up.

“Guy I’m broke. You know my mummsy birthday is coming up also so…” Lanre he hissed and faced his best enemy, Luke. Luke loved to party so he agreed to come along.

“Let’s all go home, sleep over this matter and get back to me soonest.” 

They agreed.

Before getting to his estate, he had to visit her. He walked a few blocks to her place. Mercee was outside when he got there. She saw him and rushed to give him a hug. She was on a one week holiday.

“How was lectures?” she asked as she led the way into her room. Her mother was not home and so they were safe.

“Lectures were okay.” He answered once they fell into her king sized bed. He hadn’t told her where he’d been for the past days. He’d been arrested the same day she came home. She was the kind of girl his mother warned him about; a high maintenance girl who attended a private university but Mercee had somehow crawled under his skin. Philip who was set on staying a player quickly reconsidered after he met her on a bus one evening while coming back from his uncle’s shop.

She knew what he wanted from her and she never fought it. Philip never forgot to tell her that he wasn’t ready for love, and she was good at pretending that she understood him. When she came closer for a kiss, Philip knew he’d made the right decision.

An hour later, they were still on the bed. Both looking at the ceiling. Philip wrote all what he couldn’t say out loud on the ceiling in hopes that she could read between the lines but Mercee erased them instead with her question.

“How many other girls have you…?” she removed her attention from the ceiling and faced him.

“Have I what?”

“Slept with…” she finished quietly and when she got no response form Philip, she sat up right and folded her arms.

“Mercee, I’ve told you not to ask me that question again… now let’s drop the subject. When are you going back to school?”

“So I can leave you to your long list of ladies abi?” she hissed, picking up her top that Philip hadn’t hesitated in taking off.

“I told you that there’s no one else.” he reached for her and tried kissing her but she turned her head away.

“Why don’t I believe you?”

“If you don’t, then let me go. I’ll walk out and never come back.” Mercee began to sob in her palms.

 “Come on, you know how it is. I don’t need you policing me and questioning me.”

“Baby I’m sorry, it’ll never happen again.” She found her way back into his arms and hugged him close. “Will you stay with me before my mom gets back?”

“No, I’m going to have to leave because you still got that thing going on in your head and I’m not in the mood for it. I’m out.” He kissed her forehead and left.

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