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Adventures to Love - Chapter 20

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This wasn’t the first time Tammy had come into Sylvester’s home but this time, she felt unwelcomed. She was still shaken up from the scene in the car. In the blink of an eye, Sylvester had flipped out on her and she was left wondering what had him upset, it definitely couldn’t be because he saw her chatting with Gabriel, could it? She asked herself as she followed behind him into his living room.

Sylvester locked the door and threw the keys into his pocket and sat down facing a panicky Tammy, he swayed his body lightly, to ease the tension out of him. He didn’t know where or how to start but he couldn’t shake off his suspicions either.

“Would you like for me to prepare something for to us?” Tammy asked getting up.

“No, you just sit right there,” he replied and Tammy swallowed a big lump of fear as she slowly sat back down. She felt the room heat up as Sylvester’s gaze bore deep into her thoughts, he wished he knew what she was thinking at that moment that would be to his advantage.

Tammy folded her hands, waiting for him to stop his scrutiny.

“So how do you know that guy? How do you know Anthony?” he asked.

“Anthony? Who the hell is that?” Tammy asked because she honestly didn’t know where Sylvester was driving to.

“Hey, hey, don’t give me that stupid look, how do you know Anthony, the guy I saw you with at the hospital?”

“Oh, him?” she said with a soft laugh. Tammy sat back more comfortably this time and said in a matter of fact manner, “He’s just a friend Sylvester, there’s nothing for you to be worried about.”

“I didn’t ask who or what he was to you, I said, how did you come to know him?” he almost yelled.

Tammy’s nerves tensed back up again, she was getting the feeling that she wouldn’t be let off this awkward situation any time soon. “Look Sylvester I don’t know what you’re driving at here but that guy you saw me with is just a friend and we were at the club together the day I met you, and by the way, his name isn’t Anthony, his name is Gabriel.” She finished, convincing herself that she wasn’t the crazy one.

“And why…why were you at the club with him?”

“Can we drop this? Why all these questions? Seriously, I’m done answering all your questions.” She hissed and stood up and in a blink of an eyes, Sylvester was with her. 

“Tammy, sit back down,” he said with composure, Sylvester told himself to calm down so he took a step back. Tammy who had never seen him this angry before slowly sat back down again for the second time that evening.

Sylvester drew out a rolling stool and placed it in front of Tammy before sitting down. “I’m going to ask you a question Tammy and I’m only going to say it once, please, Tammy, please,” he held her hands together, “please think before you answer me, alright?” they both nodded in agreement.

Sylvester swallowed and bowed his head for a quick moment and when he held his head back up, Tammy almost jump right out of her seat because she’d seen a different person when he looked at her. “Who is Anthony?” he asked tensely. “I… I… I don’t know who…” she continued and Sylvester shook his head, knowing Tammy was about to lie to him. “He’s just a friend.” She gave him the same answer and immediately after those words left her mouth, a hard slap from Sylvester followed. “I told you to think!” he yelled. “I don’t want lies, Tammy or else I will do things to you that you’ve never imagined before.” He said to her, looking dead into her eyes.

Tammy lips paused open. She blinked for the second time and still couldn’t believe her eyes. She stayed motionless. She’d been slapped.

Sylvester looked at his Michael Kors watch and then back at Tammy, “You have thirty seconds to start talking.”

She tried to calm herself but every time her eyes landed on Sylvester’s trembling hands, she lost all hope again. “What do you want me to say? I… I don’t know why you’re doing this… Please tell me!”

“How about this, who do you work for?”

“Work for?” she asked in denial. “I don’t work for anybody baby… please believe me!” she cried.

“ARGH!” Sylvester grunted, she was still lying. “Tammy you’re not a good liar so don’t sit there and lie to my fucking face. He sent you right? He sent you to keep tabs on me, huh?” Sylvester was afraid that Anthony had sent Tammy to him as a distraction while he had Veronica to himself. He couldn’t let go of Veronica that easily. No, she belonged to him.

“What does Anthony do, what company does he work for?” he asked hurriedly.

“Company? What Company? He’s a detective!” Tammy dropped a bomb naively and once she finished, Sylvester fell off his stool in utter shock! “A cop!” he shouted in disbelieve.

“Yes, a cop,” she repeated as she joined Sylvester on the floor. “He was only sent here to find a missing doctor at the hospital where I worked who many believe is dead and coincidently we bumped into each other and that’s it baby,”

“I don’t work for Anthony or Gabriel or whoever the hell he is, I’m a nurse.” She whispered to him, reaching for his face, “Please say you believe me.” Sylvester smacked her hands off him and mounted up. Tammy only cared about saving her own ass so she’d told him about Gabriel but unknowingly, she’d just added more gasoline to an already wild fire.

“Call him,” Sylvester brought out a phone from his pocket and handed it to Tammy. 

“Let him know you’re here, from now on, you work for me… and you’d better be good at your job or else Tammy, you’ll wish I’d finished you off right here.”

Sylvester charged into his bedroom. He faced the wall and punched it several times until his knuckled became bruised. He’d given Tammy a chance and she’d played him. If it hadn’t been for the slim likeness he had for her, he would have had his guys come pick her up and finish her off and she’d be no more, only a faint memory that another chick could easily wipe out of his head by the next day.

He’d always been careful with women because of his job. He’d lied to Tammy about what he did but now he felt stupid because his lie wasn’t that much of a lie after all because he believed she already knew about what he was into but she’d played along like she was told to.

He had to call Veronica. He opened his closet and brought out a suitcase. He searched through until his hands hit a phone. He immediately opened the back of the Galaxy phone and slipped a sim-card inside. Once the phone came on and was ready to use, he scrolled down his contact list until he found Veronica’s number.

On the first ring, she answered. “Sylvester, what’s going on?” Veronica knew Sylvester only called through this number when there was trouble and she suspected it wasn’t far away.

“We’re in deep shit!” he said to her, pacing back and forth in the room.

“Hey slow down, what happened?” she asked in a calm tone even though her heart was racing just as much as Sylvester’s.

“He’s a cop,”

“Who? Sylvester what’s going on?” her voice a bit tensed at the mention of cop.

“That bastard! He played us, he’s a cop!”


“Anthony, scratch that, his name isn’t even that, his real name is Gabriel and he’s a cop!”

Veronica, who was about going out signaled to her driver to take her back home.

“How the hell did you come about that? Do you know what this means, Sylvester?”

“See, I’ve been seeing this girl I meant at the club the day he came around and…” before he could finish Veronica was already shaking her head. “I have her with me and I’ll make her talk,” he continued.

“You held her hostage? Are you crazy?! What if she truly works for them? Do you want to blow all this out of proportion?”

“Hey, hey, Veronica I need you to calm down, I’m doing this for us,” he whispered.
“Don’t tell me to calm down until you have that girl released, Sylvester! What is wrong with you?!”

“Oh,” said Sylvester with a pause. He was hurt, he hadn’t expected Veronica to take sides with Tammy, he’d done this for them but there she goes again, nothing he did ever pleased her.

“What, what, you can’t do that?” Veronica asked she knew how vindictive Sylvester was and how brutally he also could get and the last thing she wanted was to be on a run. “Please Sylvester, just let her go and you can come to my please and we’ll sort everything out,”

“I’m sorry V… I can’t do that. I can’t let her go...” Sylvester removed the phone from his ear and touched the end key.

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