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Adventures to Love - Chapter 21

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Adesuwa had been feeling gloomy all day; she knew her time with him was drawing to an end. She still hated him for keeping Timi’s death a secret from his wife. She felt even worse that all they had to do after making a mess was leave. They were getting closer to home; her mother’s home. She had no idea how she would explain everything to her family without getting Bode involved, and her mother’s reaction was what she knew would make her spill out all her she'd been through since the past month.

“Adesuwa, where exactly is your place?” Bode asked for the second time without a response from her. It seemed she’d been buried in her own thoughts. Her face turned towards the window as she looked ahead. Bode felt every bit of what Adesuwa was feeling, he knew this was it. He planned to take off as soon as he had her home safe and without a scratch. But seeing her like this, completely disconnected from him and her surroundings made it harder for him to just leave. He wished he could get her back to the feisty girl that she once was but Bode also knew it was better to just let it go…


“Next street,” she immediately replied without her attention wavering from what was to come. She’d heard him the first, second and now the third time. She'd truly believed the could do this without another word being exchanged between them except her house address and she’d been doing just fine until he’d said something and now, Adesuwa wasn’t so sure she could step out of his car without a pinch of pain.

Her thoughts went back to the night they’d shared together before the shooting; she’d thought they could work something out and maybe take their relationship a bit further. She’d spent the remaining night working her head on ways she could help him raise the six hundred thousand dollars she knew Bode had. But after the death of his guard, Adesuwa no longer felt it was better for her to dream of a risky life with Bode seeing what the end result had done to Timi.

Her attitude towards Bode had dithered after she found out he’d failed to tell Timi’s wife about what had happened to her husband and even though Bode hadn’t planned for it to happen, it did, all because of his greediness.

When Mrs. Dixon heard her door bell chime for the second time, she hurriedly turned off her gas cooker and covered the pot of soap she was fixing for her son who’d come over for dinner.

She dried her hands with a napkin on the counter before rushing to the door. She wasn’t expecting anyone, but she’d been getting a lot of her friend come to visit her after the tragedy that had unexpected hit her family. So when Mrs. Dixon heard the doorbell ring again, her heart went off with the sound as she opened and found her supposed deceased daughter rush into her arms.

“Jesus!” she exclaimed in utter shock, her hands trembled as she held her daughter closer to her, a ghost, she thought, or was she slowly losing her mind because she so wanted to see her daughter again that she was beginning to imagine her there? But when she heard Adesuwa whispered “mommy,” like a little girl, Mrs. Dixon’s legs almost gave out.

“Ade, is this really you?” she cried, not letting go of her.

“Yes, mama, it’s me.” She replied and both women wept for joy.

“What… where… what happened to you?” she asked, releasing Adesuwa from her arms to take a good look at her. She still believed she was day dreaming but it was too late for day dreams because her daughter was every bit of her reality.

Mrs. Dixon took a crying Adesuwa by the hand and led her to a long brown leather couch in the living room and sat next to her, waiting for Adesuwa to speak to her.

Adesuwa opened her mouth to speak but a loud honk sealed her lips. She knew it was him, his final goodbye. She hugged her mother and wept even louder. Mrs. Dixon had no idea what was going on, she was sure Adesuwa had a good explanation for where she’d been all these while but above all, she was more than glad to have her daughter back.

“Mama, is the soup ready…” Gabriel started as he cascaded down the stairs but his words slowly died off when he saw his mother in a tight embrace with someone he couldn’t quite make out. When Adesuwa raised her head up to where the voice came from, she instantly ran to her brothers arms when she saw it was him.

Gabriel lost some balance when the weight of his sister fell upon him; the last person he expected to see was her; his twin. He held her face to his and looked at her as if she was someone else. They hadn’t seen each other since she relocated to Nigeria to work and her death had been harder on him because he’d had no chance to say his goodbyes.

He remembered vividly in that moment, the last time he saw Adesuwa, they’d quarreled about Stacy, his girlfriend before she’d walked out on him and the next he heard from her, she was in Nigeria.

“Adesuwa,” he whispered and then kissed her forehead. Their mother joined them and said, “I’m going to call Adeola immediately.”

“Is this even real?”

“As real as it can get brother,” she answered and with a smile for the first time. Gabriel was about to say something but felt his cellphone vibrating in his pocket. He disregarded it and continued with what he was about to say.

“I need you to tell me everything that happened, from A to Z and leave nothing out.” Gabriel switched on his detective mood but his mother quickly stepped in after explaining to Adeola their current situation. “Ehn, ehn, no questions. She needs rest and needs to eat, Adesuwa you need to eat, I just finished making your favorite soup,”

Gabrile knew there was no way he could get through to his mother that he needed to get Adesuwa to speak while she was still in a vulnerable state. His attempt at getting some answers was disrupted again when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. It was best if he answered and tell the person to call back later so he answered the call and to his ultimate surprise, it was Tammy calling from an unknown number.

“Hey, whats up?” he asked a bit stiff because he knew where she was and who she was with. He’d been feeling jealous ever since he saw Tammy get into Sylvester’s car. He told himself he had no business with who she decided to see as long as it didn’t get in the way of the reason why he’d come to Nigeria. When he was sure had enough evidence that Sylvester was indeed part of the Hansens drug franchise, only then did he think of stepping in but for now, he would let her do what she wanted.

“Gabriel, please I need you, I need you to come get me.” Tammy’s voice sent Gabriel’s heart racing, she sounded scared and confused, not the Tammy he knew.

“Hey, hey, I need you to slow down and talk to me,” he said, taking a step away from his sister’s curious position.

“I can’t slow down,” she almost screamed, Tammy knew she was playing with fire the instant she went against Sylvester’s plans for her and all she had was seconds before her first class act come crumbling down on her. “I don’t have much time,” she stressed, “I’m at 56 Edmond…”



“Hello? Tammy talk to me, hello?” Gabriel said again and a chilling scream was the last he heard from her.


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