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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 8

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Jide stared from across the hospital room at his sleeping wife. His eyes burned with anger and it’d only taken the words from the doctor who had attended to him to spike his fury. We found some drugs in her system, Debby had told him and Jide hadn’t known what to say back to her but stare blankly at her. Jide stood up abruptly and was about marching back into Debby’s office when he heard Pelumi’s faint voice.

 Pelumi moaned his name in pain. It was as if someone was piercing a knife into her stomach, and in that instant, she opened her eyes.

“My baby,” she whispered, feeling the roundness of her stomach with her hands. There was no form of life there, it was flat. Pelumi thought she was mistaking so she did the same routine again, circling her hands around her stomach, she received the same result; nothing. In that moment, she jerked up in panic.

“Mr. Jide, she’s back.” a nurse called out happily.

Pelumi felt lightheaded but she could make out the body that was walking slowly towards her bed.

“Jide, is that you?” she asked quietly. He sat at one end of the bed, far away from her.

“Ma’am we are going to need you to try and go back to sleep, you’ve been through a lot in the past few days.” Her nurse said to her thoughtfully.

“Jide,” she called as she took his hands and placed it on her flat stomach. “Where…where is our baby?” she asked painfully, dreading his answer. Jide shook his head in pity and flung his hands off her stomach.

“I should be asking you that Pelumi; where is my child!” he shouted. “Please get her doctor,” he signaled to the nurse in the room.

“What?” Pelumi asked, confused and unsure why Jide would ask her such. “I don’t understand, what happened?” she added just in time for her best friend to walk in.

Debby was already prepared to go home for the night. She’d planned to come see her friend before she left and coincidentally, a nurse had stopped her halfway.
When Pelumi saw Debby she felt a little bit at ease from the tension Jide had built up in the room.

“Oh Debby, thank God you’re here. Is the baby okay? Was he premature? Can I see him?” she stumbled on much of her words in effort to get them all out.

“But there’s no baby.” Jide answered. “Pelumi, everything is gone!” she couldn’t believe what he was saying. One minute she was six months pregnant and the next her husband was telling her that there was no baby? She shook the fuzzy feeling out of her head as Jide went on with his bizarre ravings.

“Jide stop it! Just stop it! Now where is my child?” she looked over to Debby and Debby guiltily looked down at the floor. No one was saying anything reasonable to her so she asked, “Okay, since no one wants to tell me anything about my baby, how did I at least get here?”

“Jide brought you in.” Debby quickly answered. “Pelumi I swear it on our friendship, I tried… we all tried saving the baby but the amount of drugs we found in your system made it impossible.” she said rushing to her friend with pleading eyes.

“You know Pelumi; I’ve been trying so hard for the both of us. Even with your frequent issue with drug abuse back in the day, I stood by you and now you do this? Taking pills when you knew you were carrying our child!” Jide accused his wife of a crime she knew nothing about.

There has to be some misunderstanding going on here, Pelumi thought.

“Jide I will never hurt our baby.” she began to cry. “You of all people know how hard it was to carry that child to the state we were; I would never hurt my child.” No one was listening to her, not even Jide.

She faced Debby when her husband turned away as if he couldn’t stand the sight of her. “Debby listen to me, I have done a lot of things in the past but I will never do anything that would place the life of my child in jeopardy. Someone… someone hit me.” She revealed. “I don’t remember much but I know that I was in the kitchen and next I was falling.” Debby joined Jide as if Pelumi’s explanations proved nothing.

No one bothered about how Pelumi felt about losing a baby she’d been struggling to have for the past four years. She knew that would be the death of her. A husband who believed she had hurt her own child and won’t even look her in the eyes. Everything they’d tried building in past six months came crumbling down right in front of her.
“Whenever you feel ready come and met me in the house, I’m leaving.” Jide ran out. Pelumi became scared. What would he do to me? How would I defend myself? Someone obviously drugged me, but whom? She asked herself.

Two days later, Pelumi crawled came home. She felt it was better for her to die than to go back home to see the hurt in Jide’s eyes. She opened the front door to find him in their living room. Bottles of alcohol all scattered everywhere in the room. His way of grieving was fine by her. Without saying a word to each other, she went upstairs to their bedroom. Upon getting there, she found no trace of her belongings. She heatedly went down stairs to ask Jide what sort of stunt he was pulling on her. Before she could even speak, he was all up in her face.

“Yeah, your things, it’s in the guest room. I can’t stand the sight of you in our bedroom so for now, enjoy the comfort of the guest room and make sure you suffer there. Confess all your sins to God and while you’re at it, ask him to never allow me forgive you.” he finished emptily.

“Another shot of vodka please.” Pelumi called sluggishly for the bartender. Her head was pounding. Her body told her to stop, she’d had one too many drinks but Pelumi wasn’t ready to go home. She wasn’t sure she could ever go home to her problems.

“I can’t believe my eyes, what reason would you possibly have for coming here?” said Linda, she was at her favorite Friday night chill out spot and Pelumi was the last person she’d expected to see. Pelumi turned towards the source of the familiar voice to find Linda glaring at her. She shook her head shamefully and pushed her glass of alcohol away as she stood up to leave.

“Jesus! What happened to the baby?” Linda asked filling her eyes with the new state of Pelumi’s once round stomach.

“Look Linda, the baby is gone, you can have Jide… he needs you now more than ever.” She confessed woozily.

“Pelumi don’t say that, did something bad happen to the baby? Jide must be devastated.”

“Like I said call him and figure it out. He’s yours. You no longer have to service him behind my back.” the alcohol was speaking.

“Excuse me? I won’t stand here and take such insults from you. Go home and ask your so called husband why he can’t seem to leave me alone.”

Pelumi chuckled. “Leave you alone? Don’t let yourself be fooled, we both know Jide doesn’t want you, you’re the one who won’t let go!”

Linda paused for a moment and then a loud rumble of laughter erupted from her. “Sweetie let me tell you something you don’t know about your husband. One minute he’s in my bed and the next he’s in yours.”

“What do you mean?” Pelumi questioned casually.

“I think something is seriously wrong with Jide. Just last week, he was in my bed and the next morning he’s yapping about how much he loves his Pelumi and I’m sorry to say but that wasn’t the only time. There’ve been some times when he comes to me as late as two in the morning when he’s supposed to be on your bed. He can’t seem to make up his mind but trust me; I’ll make it up for him.”

“Linda you can stop with the lies okay? I’m not buying it… for all I know you’ll to anything to kick me out of Jide’s life.” Pelumi pushed Linda’s words to the back of her mind and proceeded to leaving but Linda wasn’t through with her.
“You see, I don’t have to come to him, I don’t want him, he comes to me instead and news flash, Jide hates children.” She answered the mixed up look on Pelumi’s face. “Oh yeah, he absolutely hates children and if you don’t believe me ask him about the reason why we broke up in the first place... that’s if he’ll tell you.”

“Jide, be a father? Ah! You’re the fool whose been dreaming so now wake up sleeping beauty because your prince,” she snorted, “he’s the nearest thing to a devil and if he doesn’t tell you, you know where to find me.” When she finished, she cat-walked out of the bar leaving a speechless Pelumi to a cold grasp of reality.

1) What do you think Linda has up on her sleeves and should Pelumi be bothered?


  1. Don't tell me Jide has been behind Pelumi's miscarriages? Linda is just trying to cause more friction between them.

    1. Hmm... you'd never know. Next chapter might just answer your question.

  2. There could be something that happened between Linda and Jide....but now Linda is just stirring thats the problem
    But wait, that still doesnt answer why Pelumi had a whole lot of drugs in her system????

    1. How I wish I can upload all the chapters and answer your questions as fast as you want them... but let's continue on patiently... your question have an answer!


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