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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 9

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Pelumi staggered into her home at eleven-fifty-five p.m. after her ordeal with Linda, she’d been too stunned to leave the club thereafter. She’d taken another one hour to reflect upon herself and most especially upon Linda’s words; Jide doesn’t like children, if you don’t believe me ask him, that’s if he’ll tell you why we broke up in the first place. Her words lingered in her mind and inasmuch as she tried to put it aside like she always did with her other problems, this one was definitely more than she could bear alone.

Pelumi sat her purse on a nearby couch and made her way into her kitchen for a glass of cold water to calm every doubt in her. She knew he was home; his car had been parked outside when she came in. She wanted to run upstairs and ask him what he would love to have for dinner. She wanted to ask him how he felt. But what she wanted most was to ask Jide how they could fix their problems and get back to normal but she was beginning to accept that this was their new normal.

She gulped down on her chilled water and banged the cup on the counter not deliberately. But Deborah mentioned drugs, but how? She thought her mind going back to that faithful night when she lost everything she held dear. She’d been fine, a little shaken by Linda and her lost love’s sudden appearance but she’d been fine.

Pelumi immediately ran up the stairs. She stood at the very end and began retracing her steps down the way she believed she’d came down that night after what she thought was a knock on the door. She took her steps carefully and as she approached the kitchen where she’d gone to check up on Jide’s food, her eyes became watery. That had been the last time she’d felt life in her before everything was taken away from her. Just when she was about to turn around, she heard his cold voice behind her,

“What is the time?” Pelumi jumped in fright. “Just look, look at the time.” he said, pointing to the wall clock in the kitchen, he continued, “Which reasonable wife would come home at this hour?”

Pelumi glanced at the wall clock and immediately mumbled an apology.

“Look Pelumi, you’re still my wife and this is still my house, I won’t take such misbehaving from you, alright?” Pelumi nodded prudently in agreement. She just wanted this to be over; this nightmare so she could get back to her husband even if it meant doing everything he asked of her.

Jide climbed up the stairs with nothing else to say. Once he settled in their bed room, he bowed his head and cried in his palms. He hadn’t meant to yell at her again, he’d seen the fear in her eyes even as she nodded to every nasty thing he’d told her. Jide wanted to be good to his wife; he wished he could grab her into his arms and hold her tightly. He wished he could take her back into the room they shared and run her a hot bath and after she was fresh, he wanted to cook for her. He wished he could forgive her, but these were all wishes, Jide couldn’t see himself ever getting close to Pelumi as he once was before and he couldn’t divorce her either. Either way, he was stuck with  woman who would soon become a ghost to him.

After Pelumi finished clearing out the food that had gone bad in the refrigerator since she’d been in the hospital, she headed to the guest room. Surprisingly to her, she felt more at ease than she’d thought she would. All her belongings were jam packed in the room. She pulled out her night gown from one of the packed bags and headed to the bathroom. It was time to clean up the mess she made.

Pelumi rolled to every end of the king size bed in the guest room. She felt uncomfortable. This was the first time she’d had to sleep there, there had been no other chance because she’d had a room she shared with her husband. She sighed before opening her eyes and saying goodbye to the sleep that never came in the first place.

When she glanced at the clock, it was three-fifty in the morning. She’d only been rolling around for more than an hour. She realized there was no way she could stay in this cold room by herself so she decided to check up on Jide. Maybe if I lay beside him like they do in movies, maybe he’ll take me back, she thought hopefully as she made her way up the stairs to their bedroom.

She carefully pushed their bedroom door open and locked her teeth together whenever the creaking sound from the door became too noisy. She feared she would awaken him and her plan would be sabotaged. She shook both her hands, trying to shake off her nervousness as she approached their bed. She carefully balanced herself in the bed and took a deep breath of relief when Jide didn’t once stir; she raised their blanket to cover herself as she scooted closer to Jide until she bumped into something soft.  Pelumi immediately flung the blanket off her and she couldn’t believe what she saw, a pillow in place of Jide.

Her eye’s drifted to the clock and then back to the empty bed… “He’s not here,” she whispered to herself.

At three-fifty A.M, Linda heard her door bell sound and a knock followed afterwards. She was too tired after staying up to finish some office paperwork. She was just now about to shut her eyes when another knock came. She picked up her night rope and headed for her front door.

“Who’s there?” she asked before opening even though she knew who it might be.

“It’s Jide, open up.” He said and Linda smiled wholeheartedly to her wooded door. She didn’t hesitate for another second before opening the door.

Jide stood tall in front of Linda. He scrutinized her from her head down to her toes with that Casanova look in his eyes; he liked what he saw. Linda always knew how to get to him. He licked his lips and mentally prepared for the pleasure to come.

“Come inside, why don’t you?” she seductively motioned towards the space in her living room, making way for him to enter. “How long do we have this time?” she asked as she hastily pulled his shirt above his head.

“The usual,” he breathily answered and Linda gave a slight nod of agreement and led him to her bedroom.


  1. So Linda was right??!!!! goodness thats so disappointing!!

    1. Seems Linda isn't as bad as we think she might be... I can't wait for you to read more of the drama ahead.

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  2. okay, now I'm gonna go start from the beginning!


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