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King Of Two Cities - Chapter One

Imade heard the scattered voices behind the door. Her palms became sweaty and her forehead throbbed in pain. Her once plum lips badly bruised; a slight cut on her cheeks and her left eyes was left swollen. She tried to shift from her sitting position but the pain from her stomach stabbed at her. She took a deep, short breath. With her hands tied together with a rope that sliced into her flesh, Imade knew there was no way she could escape her fate and hot tears spilled from her eyes.

“Mr. Campbell, she’s ready. We just got her today. She’s fresh and we have confirmed that she has never been touched.” The man reassured him. Campbell frowned, not wanting to known how the man had confirmed that the girl was untouched. Removing his cigarette stick from between his lips, Campbell loosened his tie and opened the door.

When Imade heard the door crack open, she sat up right with urgency, anticipating who was coming for her.

“Imade?” Campbell asked as he approached her steadily. She began to scoot backwards as Campbell came forward but when her back bumped into the cold wall; she knew there was nowhere else for her to run to. This was it.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” she screamed on top of her lungs.

“Shhhh… I’m not going to hurt you.” Campbell said with a hint of truth in his voice.

“I don’t care! Just leave me alone!” she shouted again. And just then, her captor who was growing impatient with Imade’s refusal to comply barged into the room. He came at her and slapped her hard on her face. Imade spat out blood as she looked her captor in the eyes, her own eyes consumed with hate.

“You will do whatever he tells you… we own you now, bitch!” The man reminded her and Imade’s guts lit on fire. What the hell had happened to her in the last four hours? She’d been looking for her friends who she’d followed to the mall and suddenly she was being gaged, brutally beaten, and dragged to this unknown old house.

Her captor pulled Campbell aside. “Look, she’s new so you’ll have to go soft on her. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. You paid a lot of money for her and we would like to continue doing business with you in the future.” Campbell simply nodded as he looked back at a frightened Imade.

He turned his attention back to what he paid for. He hadn’t come to be nice to her, and if she wanted him to do it the hard way, he was more than ready to give her that.

Imade felt the bed press down as Campbell came on top, removing his expensive shoes in the process and drawing nearer to her. She kept her eyes closed as she felt his fingers on her exposed legs. She opened her eyes to find her legs already spread on the bed. Campbell’s tongue began to move slowly between her thighs. He reached for her red panties and Imade gasped and attempted to close her legs and push his towering body off her. But he got on top her, his weight knocking air out of her lungs.

“Stop it! Let go off me!” Imade shook her head and hot tears came pouring down on her bruised cheeks.

His hand grabbed one of her breast and she instantly tensed up. Her whole body had responded to Campbell squeezing her breast so hard and she hated herself for it. She began to struggle against him.

“I’ve paid for you. Don’t you dare fight me.” Campbell threatened because he knew that that was the only way he could get what he wanted. He gripped her jaw tightly with one hand, letting go of her breast.

Imade’s body melted against him. She took her mind away from what she knew he was about to do. And as he kissed her roughly, her mind went back to last night’s dinner with her friends. They’d planned how they would spend their last few days as a university student together before next week’s graduation. Bisola was going to go off to America for her masters and Linda was going to go back to Abuja and work in her father’s company while Imade was simply going to go back home to the two rooms apartment she shared with her parents and siblings. She’d been grateful enough that they’d been able to afford to send her to the university and she couldn’t ask any more from them.

Campbell began to quickly remove his belt while the woman under him was still calm. Imade allowed him have his way. She didn’t struggle. She felt every throbbing pain that came as he forcefully entered her. Her body was there but mentally, she was lost in a world of her own.

Ten minutes later, she felt his weight being lifted off her. Campbell sat at the edge of the bed, putting on his shoes.

“Is it over?” she whispered behind him. Campbell’s hands froze. He hesitated before he made the turn to face the woman he’d just robbed of her innocence.

“Is it over?” her words, cutting like a knife in his chest replayed over and over and over again as he drove home.

Campbell kicked off his shoes and went straight to bed. His housekeepers who hadn’t seen their boss break his after work routine of going to his home office after work for five years took that as a hint to let him be. After an hour of turning restlessly, he still couldn’t find his sleep or his peace. “Is it over?” Her words came again, stabbing him in the back like the truth he’d received today from his father.

“You’re not mine. I might have given you my name but you’re not mine.” His father had announced.

“Then who am I?” he’d asked him.

“Ask your whore of a mother.” His father had shot back.

Campbell shook the bitter truth out of his head. When he finally allowed himself to find some rest, her lovely face appeared again in his mind. He’d kissed those bruised lips like a mad dog. “Shit!” Campbell grunted as he jumped out of bed. Picking up his car key, he raced through the door.


“Mr. Campbell, you’re here again?” the man who’d seen him earlier asked.

“Yeah, and I want the same girl. This time, I’m willing to pay you how ever amount you want, just say it… I just want the girl.”

“Oh, that can be done.” The man smiled because he knew Campbell who had thrown a hundred thousand naira on the table the first time could do even better.

“I don’t think you get what I’m saying, I want her… forever.”

“No, no… that’s not how we do our business here. You see that girl, she’s still fresh, you can testify to that. We can make a whole lot of money off that one girl and I’m not ready to let go of her… we never let them go.” He added that last hunting detail.

“Seven million naira… cash, and I walk out with her.”

The dealer shook his head and laughed. “Mr. Campbell,”

“Call me Larry.” Campbell stated.

“Well Mr. Campbell, Larry or whatever you call yourself, I suggest you start leaving or make me a better offer.” His other watchful partners began to surround the pair.

Okay, his patience had been tested well enough.

           “See the thing is… I’m not going to go any further.” He stated as he lit up a cigar. After he took a puff, he said, “Mr. Adebayor, if in ten minutes I don’t walk out of this building with that girl, my guys are outside… paying close attention to their watch.” Campbell swallowed. “Don’t let them have to leave that spot…”

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