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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 11

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“Mama, this is Victor… the man I told you about.” Daniella moved to her mother’s side and both of them fisted their eyes on Victor’s nerves stricken face.

“Ah…” Mrs. Chuckwuwa cooed friendly. “I hope you enjoyed the food my son?” she asked and Victor quickly nodded, removing his eyes slightly away from the family portrait on the wall in their living room. Daniella hadn’t told him she had siblings. The family he saw in the photo looked happy and satisfied with the little they had. The happy faces he saw in the picture made him frown. Victor began to secretly wish he had grown up with a family as the one Daniella had. Drown by his soar thoughts, Victor removed his eye from the picture and focused his attention to what the elderly woman was saying.

“When I heard some noise coming from the kitchen this morning, I woke up and found Daniella cooking. She explained to me that you helped her last night when some useless area boys tried to beat her up. Thank you so much my son. I have told her to stop moving late at night but she’s just too stubborn.”  She finished teasingly and Daniella giggled, patting her mother’s left shoulder.

“Maaamaa,” Daniella called with a smile.

Victor remained mute because he was confused. Mrs. Chuckwuwa story hadn’t been what happened last night. Daniella who stood by her mother pleaded with Victor to play along. He wanted to tell her mother that her daughter was the one who had helped him and not the other way around.

“Mama…” he began but Daniella swiftly rushed to his side and cover his mouth. She began to cough.

“Mama, he will be leaving now.” She pinched him, and it was Victor’s queue to speak.

“Madam,” he cleared his throat. “Thank you for accepting me into your home and for the food, I’ll be taking my leave now.” Mrs. Chuckwuwa bade him her sincere goodbye as Daniella hassled him out of the room.

“What was that all about?” he asked angrily once they were outside, away from her mother’s view.

“What do you mean?” she asked clueless. “I just saved both of our asses again so you Mr., you should be the one thanking me.” She poked his chest. She stood in front of him, a full grown woman although much younger by numbers. Daniella was the definition of lure and charm. Her chest rose and fell carefully inside the strapless top she wore. Her dark eyes shone when the sun came upon them and her makeup free face lite up, she was beautiful. She stood tall and bold, as if no man on the face of earth could bring her down. The way she looked at him posed a challenge that he wasn’t ready for. He shook his head and shuddered, shaking off the images in his head that were slowly spiking up a fire in his in loins.

“I… I have to go now, thank you for everything.” He said to her and watched as her once cheerful face took another form.

“When will I see you again?” she asked bravely but Daniella wasn’t feeling all that bold. She was disappointed but she wouldn’t let it show. Not now.

Victor sighed, “To be honest Mrs. Daniella,” and Daniella smiled timidly, she hadn’t expected him to be that proper with her after all they’d been through but Victor was ready to knock himself out of dream land and face his reality. “I don’t think we’ll ever meet again, and I think it’s better that way.” He finished. Daniella proved difficult. She was making it harder for him to leave than he had planned. I would be damned if I make the same mistake twice, Victor thought to himself after taking a second look at Daniella’s gloomy face.

When Daniella notice the tiny frown that was making its way into Victors face, she straightened her head and said bouncily to him, “I’m not like the others.”

Like who, Vivian or Cynthia? He shook his head shamefully. You couldn’t come close. He thought to himself as he walked away, hoping it was for the best.

Victor stared pensively at the black colored Iron Gate which was his last hope. He just wished she would take him in and forget his rebellious days. Pride aside, Victor knocked on the gate and within seconds, a gateman rushed to him.

“Yes, how can I help you? Who you dey look for?” he asked and removed the chew stick he was chewing dearly on from his mouth, spitting out the content.

“The madam who lives in this house,” Victor answered. The gateman looked back into the compound and then back at Victor before he busted out into a loud roar of laughter.

“Person like you no fit know anybody wey dey live inside this house.”

“Please just go in there and…”

“Guy, I dey tell you say you nor know anybody for here you go say okay. See ehn,” he drew Victor to a corner. “If na work you dey find, I fit help you, I fit help you talk to my madam.”

The man wasn’t convinced so Victor let out the last bit of information he had to change his mind. “Your madam’s name, is it Ester?” and instantaneously, the man jumped backwards as if Victor had just let out his long lost secret.

“Oga come o, how you take know my madam name?” he asked, securing his post as if Víctor had come to take it away from him.

“Good. Now go in there and tell her that her brother is here.”

“Brother? Since when? But okay, okay, I dey come oh. Just stay here.” He went into the house, but not without making sure that his gate was locked.

Victor stood outside for more than ten minutes and he soon began to lose hope that the gate man had actually gone to inform his sister of his arrival. He turned to leave and just then, he heard Ester’s voice.

“He told you he was my brother and you kept him outside?” said Ester as she hastily followed behind her gateman. “I don’t think you like your job, now open this gate!”

When the gates flung open, Víctor didn’t hesitate into rushing into his sister’s arms.

“Oh my God, Victor is this really you?” her voice shook as she pulled her brother’s face up close to her’s. He began to weep for joy. He was finally home to where someone loved him unconditionally. The gate man stood looking at them with he hands wrapped around his shoulders. He was in awe. Ester quickly removed her brother away from the eyes of the world and into her home.

She couldn’t stop staring at him once they were in her living room.

“Go and shower, I’ll have some clothes ready for you and, Alice!” she called and a young girl rushed in to answer. “Please make something hot and strong, my brother has come home.” She said happily.

Victor stood in the bathroom and in front of a mirror; he wiped off the mirror with his hands. He stood erect with his beards neatly shaved; he was ready to start over. He took the time to admire his handsome face. I be fine oo, he thought chuckling for the first time in months. Next, he moved to the bedroom his sister showed him to earlier. There were clothes neatly folded on the bed. He picked up the black trouser closest to him, and then he matched it with a white t-shirt. He didn’t feel comfortable in these clothes but he knew he was ready to live the life he was meant to live again. This was his second and last chance.

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