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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 10

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They arrived at a small three bedroom house with it walls only plastered. She told Victor to take off his shoes as soon as they got to her front door. She also took hers off and held them tightly against her chest. Victor followed her lead.

She whispered, “If my parents should hear a sound, I’m finished.” It made him curious just how old she was that she had to be discreet whenever she comes home. He swallowed his curiosity and was about to take another step further into the dark living room when he stumbled on a table.

“Daniella is that you?” a tiny sleepy voice asked from another room in the small house. I looked around, thinking I was about to get caught.

“No mom, it’s not me.” She snickered. “Are you okay?” she whispered back at Victor. He nodded even though she couldn’t see him.

“This is where you will be sleeping tonight; my room.” She juggled through her purse and brought out the key to the door. Victor was reluctant to enter.

“Is there no other room I could just hide in till morning?”

“Victor…” She said his name for the first time and he felt the sincerity in the voice that called out the name. “As you can see, there isn’t much space in this house so…” he cut her statement halfway and walked into the room. She told him to wait as she looked for the light switch. She flicked it on and the room came alive.

There was a little bed on the floor on the right side of the room. For a girl who said her family had little to nothing, she had quite a lot in her own space. She moved strenuously to recover some clothes that were lying on the bed and floor. Victor kept his eyes on her. He became nervous when he realized she’d felt his eyes on her backside. Victor quickly recovered and pointed to the floor and she nodded.

“Of course you take the floor.” She said, humming a tune to one of Tuface’s song, true love. It was his favorite song.

Daniella moved to the wall and began the task of changing out of her clothes as if Victor wasn’t present with her. He didn’t know whether to stare, he turned shortly, facing the wall to his right but all he could see was the image of her undressing she’d left in his head.

Daniella bore no shame as she removed her clothes. She went on her business as if it wasn’t a new thing to change in front of a complete stranger.

Victor swallowed and shook his head before asking the question that had been bothering him since he’d first laid eyes on her. “Daniella, how old are you?” he asked gently.

“Twenty-one” she replied. “But I could easily pass off as twenty-eight.” She added jokingly. Victor silently cursed under his breath as Daniella told him tales of the several times guys have mistaken her as twenty-eight. Next month I would be 32, he told him and frowned.

The next morning when Victor woke up, a fresh new energy rushed through his bones. He felt brand new. The window curtains were pulled up and the early morning sun lite up his spirit. Too many things had been running through his head as he’d tried sleeping last night. He had to plan his next move. He knew he couldn’t stay with Daniella forever. He had thoughts about going back to the company he once worked for to see if there would be any job openings. He also wanted to run back to his father and tell him that he’d been wrong and he was right but he still had his pride.

Victor made up his mind to stay as far away from Cynthia as he possibly could even though all his money and assets were with her.  For now, he needed a way to make another kind of money and get back on track.

Just as he was about putting his shirt back on since he took it off last night due to heat, Daniella walked in. He hadn’t expected her to stare; Victor assumed there was nothing to look at. His once firm biceps had been reduced to nothing after five years in prison with bad nutrition and no gym. She made him uncomfortable. Last night, he’d seen almost every bare part of her and here he was, hiding away like a teenage boy.

Daniella sensed his shyness. “Don’t you think you’re being a little bit selfish considering that last night I practically put on a show for you?” she asked, dropping the tray of food with her to the floor. Victor ignored her comment and went straight for the tray, hoping that the content inside was for him.

“Should I go ahead?” he asked eagerly, before opening the first plate.

“Yes please,” She stepped away from the tray. Victor opened the first plate and the pungent scent of Egusi soup filled his nostrils. He looked up at her surprised before opening the second plate which had pounded yam inside. She gave him a go ahead nod and Victor didn’t stop to think it twice.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had a well-cooked-home meal. He ate as if he had been starved for years. Daniella watched me and a faint smile graced her face, then she constantly reminded him to slow down and go for a water break.

“My mother will like to meet you.” She said as he was about swallowing the last piece of pounded yam. His mouth slowly curved into an Oh sound. He shook his head, rejecting the offer. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Victor come on, you’re not going to come into her house, eat her food and not at least say hello to her. Do you know how hard it was for me to convince her that you are a good man who helped my last night, and so it’s only wise for us to return the favor? My parents aren’t too fond of visitors you know, especially strangers.” She finished, leaving Victor with no other choice. He helped her clear the floor where he ate and followed behind her and they marched to meet her mother.


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