Friday, September 25, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Five

“We accept the love
we think we deserve.”
 —Stephen Chbosky

“What makes you think I should be the one dead and not you? I mean let’s look at it, are you in anyway better than me?” As Aisha spoke, her voice rose, and her anger spiked. She couldn’t be dead. No one understood how hard she’d had it in life and just when her big break came, the God who was always used to sabotaging her pulled a big one on her again.

“Look, I don’t even know what I’m saying. If you’re truly dead...”

“Which I’m not!”

“If you’re not dead…then fine! But if you are and I’m seeing you, then that means I’ve gone crazy in my sleep because people don’t just wake up with a ghost on front of their mirror.” Bisola shivered as she recalled the moment she’d seen Aisha sitting on her bed.

“I have to be dreaming.”

“Oh I hope you are. I really hope so because if any of this is true then I’m dead.” Aisha replied as luck would have it.

Four more hours went by with Bisola not being able to shut her eyes or even take to the comfort of her bed because Aisha had taken over. She’d said she needed to lie down because she felt lightheaded. She’d promise to leave when it was much brighter outside and both ladies had agreed that neither of them were crazy. Bisola wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there and Aisha wasn’t dead.

At exactly seven a.m., Bisola was awakened by a familiar cold tap on her shoulder. As much as she’d been too afraid to sleep, she’d be unable to win against herself. She’d knocked herself out in the living room while Aisha took the bed. When she opened her eyes, Aisha was still there. She’d gotten paler since when she first appeared.

“Can I borrow some of your make up? I need something to cover all this up.” She pointed to her pale and gloomy face. “I can’t be seen walking around in this state, people might actually think I’m a ghost!” She said ironically and a laugh followed.

“I don’t think other people can see you and if they can, that’s even more beneficial to me. Proves that I’m not crazy so how fast can you get going? I actually have places to be.”

“The makeup?”

“Oh no, you’re not touching my things until you prove to me that you’re alive, Aisha.”

“Okay then. Fine.” Aisha hissed. “This is why selfish people like you never get far, keep that in mind. I won’t say it was nice meeting you... But hey, let’s hope we never have to see each other again. Good bye.” She was gone with seconds; the once chilly room grew warmer after she left. Bisola picked up what was left of her sanity and took a long warm bath.

Aisha made it home, or rather Philip’s place. She remembered screaming at the taxi driver to make a stop at the next junction but instead, he’d pretended as if he hadn’t heard her and just kept driving until he came to another stop which luckily wasn’t far from Philip’s place. Even when she’d offered him money, he had refused. Even that hadn’t bothered her. She’d trekked the remaining way to her boyfriend’s house in hopes that everything would be alright once she saw him.

Philip grabbed his car key and rushed out of his bedroom. He was running late for work. Throughout last night, he’d stayed up worrying about Aisha who he’d been unable to get in touch with. He’d called her several times but nothing. She’d told him when last they spoke that she needed to tell him something very important, something that would change their lives. Philip didn’t believe anything else could bring about more change into his life than having Aisha by his side. He’d already noted that she was one of those girls who have not had an easy life and had a story to tell but he’d promised to put the past behind them if she was willing to let go of it all.  After six months with her, he believed he’d truly found his heaven on earth. There was no way he was letting go of her, no matter what she had to say. Philip increased his phone's volume just before stepping out.

Aisha found Philip, dressed and looking dashing as always. He was tall and broad-shouldered, with a mop of dark hair and heavy, intense brows. Aisha had always been jealous of how perfect his brows came out without him doing anything to it unlike hers. Seeing him struggling to lock the door warmed her heart and so took a step forward.

“Hey Baby I’m so sorry for…” Aisha swallowed and turned around because Philip had just walked passed her as if she hadn’t been there! Her eyes popped opened because she didn’t understand how he couldn’t have possibly seen her. But she’d been there, standing right in front of him!

“Look, I know you’re angry but really, can we just talk?” She offered, hovering over him, trying to get his attention but still, Philip didn’t once catch her eyes. He opened his gate, got into his car, and drove out.

Aisha stood motionless moments after Philip left. It was as if her brain had cut circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around her, everything was in fast-forward while she was frozen in the middle of it all. What just happened? She asked herself over and over again. Bisola’s voice was the only voice she could hear. “Because you’re dead!” she’d said to her some hours ago. Aisha replayed the scene over and over again. It was starting to make sense to her; the taxi driver, who hadn’t noticed her, the man who’d almost stumbled on her while she’d been trekking home, the women she’d greeted, who hadn’t replied her or even looked her way and now, Philip; he’d done the same thing to her.

She tried to sit down, but it was more like a fall that left her in a trembling heap on the front steps. She placed a hand on her chest and felt nothing. No heartbeat. Even though she was on the brink of having a panic attack, her heart was calm. She beat on her chest several times to get the boom-boom sound that would knock her back to life but nothing came.

But she could cry. She felt her eyes become watery and the first drop of tears cascaded down and landed on her exposed lap. This was the first time in years she'd cried after she vowed to never shed tears ever again.


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