Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Three

“A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.”

      —Brenden Francis

          Bisola believed she’d always been a good girl. But that was then. Then when she was still a little girl. But then was history because it’d ended after Mr. Femi first laid his fingers on her. Had that first experience changed her; she wasn’t quite sure. But one thing she knew was that she was no longer the same naive girl who once loved to finish her math homework under a candle light.

          Maybe she could do this for the rest of her life. Give pleasure. Give it while she lived unsatisfied and in the dark. She’d been doing it successfully for one year since dating Tunde. Tunde wasn’t bad in the eyes. Her friends said they would date him in the blink of an eye. They clearly saw what she hadn’t seen when he’d first started chasing after her; money.

          She scrutinized the man in front of him without her gaze ever wavering. Now this one wasn’t bad looking at all. It would definitely make her job easier. All she had to do was pretend that she was still that little girl who once dreamt. She laughed at herself and shook her head in pity. When did she turn into a prostitute? Or no, how long had Tunde been planning to turn her into his whore?

          She wasn’t in it for love… she wasn’t in it for comfort… so why did she feel the need to surrender? Why?

          When Bisola thought of her younger sister who’d just gained admission into the University of Lagos, that was all it took to knock her back to reality. She took a deep breath and asked him,

          “How do you want it?”

          Her question threw him off guard. Ben who was still trying to process the various streams expressions that he’d seen on her face could have sworn he’d seen a fight on her lovely face which he hadn’t failed to notice since the first night they’d met at Tunde’s welcome back party. He thought she was about to get up and land him a sound slap for what he’d said to her but the girl in front of him simply surrendered.

          “How much is he paying you?”

Bisola chuckled. His question had pricked at her already tattered pride.

          “I don’t come cheap as you can see.” She replied, removing her bracelet and diamond earrings. She set them on the table. “But I should be asking you this instead, how much did you pay him?”

          “If you really want to know, you’ll have to go through with this.” He stated almost as if he was giving her another chance to back out.

“You seem to be the only holding back. What? Are you scared I might be better than what you expect? Or are you afraid of losing more cash to him?”

Ben chuckled and shook his head as she spoke with her head high as if she really meant a word of what she was saying. Or did she?

Her voice had never once risen. It was still cool and subtle as if there was nothing else beyond what Tunde had sent her to do tonight. He’d wanted a fighter not someone who would give in so soon. It made him angry that Tunde had so much power over her.

“I got something better for you. If you’re ready, let me know and I’ll give it to you.”

“If I had a clue about what it was I would have already taken it from you but read my lips Ben, I am only Tunde’s to use. I’m not yours. Now can we get this over with?”

Ben licked his lips and nodded his head at Bisola. She had no clue that her mention of his best friend’s name was driving him insane.

“I’ll put my number down here,” he explained as he wrote down his number on a piece of paper. But before he finished, Bisola was already up.

“I know I’m stupid but damn, you really have to rub it all over my face? What do you expect me to do with your number? Call you up when I need someone to sleep with for some free cash?”

“Hey, hey, you know I didn’t mean it like that.” Ben stated sincerely as he stood up.

“Excuse me! Know? I don’t know you! I don’t know who the hell you are but I know who you think I am so please…”

“Tell him we did it.” He said, shutting her up. He quite liked Bisola when she was less feisty, but the girl who was now standing in front of him was too bitter and angry at the world. “Tell him it was the best night of my life.”

Easy, she thought as she listened to him.

“I’m going to leave first.”

“Take my number with you.”

“Nahh… I think you’ll need it soon. Trust me Bisola. You will.”

His last statement as Ben walked out on Bisola had sent chills spreading like the speed of light all over her body. What had she gotten herself into? Did Tunde plan to continue using her this way?

When Bisola left the hotel room, she was on cloud negative zero if that made any sense but it perfectly explained how she felt. She wanted to rinse Ben, Tunde along all that he brought and most especially the other episode of the night out of her life forever. She still wasn’t sure what she was going to do about what she’d seen in room 45. Who would believe her? Who would believe she’d walked in on a murder scene?

“Ugh! Why am I so stupid?” But she really wanted to ask the question of why she was so unfortunate in life. Bisola bit down on her lower lips and ran her long and slender fingers through her hair in frustration as she waited on a taxi. All she wanted to do was crawl into her bed and fall asleep with hopes that when she wakes up everything would be nothing but a dream.

Bisola almost got her wish. She arrived home at eleven that night and went straight to bed. She switched on her cellphone which she’d had turned off during the course of the night. There was six missed call. She hoped they were all from Tunde. Maybe he’d been calling to stop her before she made a fool out of herself but to her disappointment, it all had been from Sandra. 

She didn’t bother calling back. She switched off the galaxy phone and tucked it under her pillow as she laid to rest.

Four hours later and deep into sleep, Bisola felt someone’s cold touch and when she opened her eyes, she couldn’t hold back the piercing scream that came rushing out from her mouth.


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