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In Sickness & In Health - Chapter 10

Pelumi finally settled in a couch after serval minutes of pacing back and forth in the living room. Jide was putting her through so many emotions. One minute she was scared, confused and the next she’s damn right pissed off. Linda’s words crept in again and it was neither the first nor second time nor possibly the last.

Three hours had passed since she’d found him missing or rather gone. Seven times, she’d called Jide seven times on his phone and with no reply. What else was she supposed to do? Get a divorce and be the one who gave up on the marriage?

Pelumi laughed at herself. “What can you ever do right? You can’t give him a child and now, you can’t even keep him home.” She said sarcastically.

Jide scrolled into his living room after a night he could barely remember and this hadn’t been the first time this has happened to him. All he knew was that it was six in the morning and he was surprised to find Pelumi sleeping on a couch in the living room.

His heart hurt as he approached her side. Why, why couldn’t they make this work? Why did she have to mess everything up? He asked himself silently. He watched her for a moment, her soft snores made him smile and remember those days when she would swear on everything that she didn’t snore and they would argue about it until they’d both smile about it later.

That girl was gone. The girl who was fearless was gone and she’d been replaced by a bitter woman after all the hardship they’d been through. On the other hand, Jide believed he wasn’t the same either. He tapped her on her shoulders and Pelumi’s eyes immediately opened.

“Go inside and sleep.” said Jide already on his way up the stairs.

“And you, where exactly are you coming from?” she unhurriedly rose and wiped her eyes.

“Work.” He answered casually.

“Work? Jide work at this time when you left at three this morning?”

“Pelumi I had things to do at the office and I… matter of fact why am I even explaining myself to you? Just go back to sleep.” He continued up the stairs.

“Let’s get a divorce.”

She’d said it without thinking twice because she was done thinking.

A painful silence filled the air and Jide’s knees became weakened. That had been the last thing he’d expected Pelumi to say. He pretended as if he hadn’t heard her and took one more step up the stairs.

“I said I’m leaving you.” Her voice was firmer this time. Pelumi knew she had to get it all out now while she was still confident she could speak.

“Where are you leaving to?”

“I don’t know Jide. All I know is that I can’t do this any longer. I can’t live in a home where I’m your enemy. It’s not fair to either of us so I’ll leave.” her voice broke slowly but surely as she spoke.

“If you leave what do you think is going to happen… to me?” Jide asked quietly, holding on to the last bit of pride he had. All he really wanted to do was run to that woman behind him and put her heart to rest. But what was stopping him?

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about you.” She lied.

“You haven’t...” he sighed in disappointment before he continued, “who’s going to think about me then?” he challenged.

“Jide, don’t make this any harder on us. I’ve thought about this all through the night while you were working as if work was more important than me. I just lost a child Jide and you weren’t there!” she screamed at him.

“You don’t know what if feels like, you’ll never know what it feels like but instead all I got from you was a cold shoulder and a cold room. How could you do that to me?” she finally gave up. Her emotions, the one she really wanted him to see was put on display and all Jide had to do was turn around to see the pieces of what was left of his crumbling wife.

He fought with himself even though he knew that he would win anyway. He took a bold step and climbed up the stairs without looking back.

“Jide if you leave right now, just know that we’re done.” She threatened, hoping he would turn around and take her into his arms but Jide had another plan. He went to their bedroom in search of Pelumi’s wedding ring. He’d collected it from the nurse who’d attend to her while she was in the hospital.

When he came back down stairs, a purple luggage bag was waiting for him. Pelumi stood next to the bag, a woman ready to be gone. She grabbed the handle of the bag and Jide stopped her.

He turned her around to look directly at him. Pelumi’s tears threated to fall down but she silently promised to be stronger if they never came down.

“Give me your hand?”

“Jide just let me go. I’ll come get the rest of my stuff when…”

He went in and he did it, what he’d really wanted to do all these while: kiss her pain away.

There wasn’t much room for Pelumi to fight him. She’d secretly hoped for this so why fight him? Their kiss lasted for forever but who was keeping up with time? She wanted time to slowly pass them by. She never wanted to leave him and Jide never wanted to leave her either but he knew he had to give her back her ring.

“Your hand.” He said breathily. Kissing Pelumi had always had a breathless effect on him. When people say that a good love can take one’s breath away, Jide believed it so because his wife never failed to do just that.

Pelumi drew her hand out and Jide pulled out her ring from his back pocket ad slipped it into her finger.

Her mouth opened in completely shock. She hadn’t even noticed she hadn’t been wearing her ring all these while. She’d had too many other problems floating in her head.
“I’m sorry I hurt you… I know this is not the first time nor the second time I’ve said this and it possibly won’t be the last, but Pelumi, let’s give us another chance. Let’s really try this time to fix us. We-we can forget about having a baby for now, let’s just enjoy this love that we have. I love my wife, I still do and I hope you do too.”

By the time Jide finished his sermon, Pelumi had already gone through so many phase of happiness and doubt all at once. She was happy that he wanted to make this work but she also doubted if he really wanted to make this work. But what better way to find out than to stay?

She kissed him and whispered these words to him. “I love you. That won’t change.”

“I don’t ever want it to.” he added, hugging her close to him. From today onward, a change has come.

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