Sunday, September 13, 2015

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 13

Two weeks later…

Victor was dressed in his work attire. They felt foreign to his skin but he knew he had to get used to it like before. He was going to go make an appearance as the new CEO at his father’s shipping company. He wasn’t too sure about what he would say to the employees. His father had resigned shortly after Victor came back due to his failing health and Victor was given the keys to the company. He couldn’t fail his father in this so he locked his anxiety away and threw away the keys.

An hour later, he was shaking the hands of his new employees. They’d welcomed him with warm smiles on their faces. He’d promised to do his best just as his father had done and that had earned him a cheer from everyone in the conference room.
He was being escorted out by his new PA when his phone began to vibrate inside his suit pocket. He excused himself to receive the call.

The call was from an unknown number and after his third ‘hello’ without any reply from the person on the other side of the line; he was about ending the call when he heard her voice.

He’d first heard the fear in her soft whisper of hello. Instantly he knew who the person was.

Cynthia swallowed hard as she stared at the gun that was pointing to her forehead. Justin had had too much to drink but it wasn’t like it was news to her but this afternoon, he’d come in with a different aura about him.

First, he’d accused her of being unfaithful to him. He’d even said she was hiding away his money. Cynthia had also said some nasty things back to him. She’d accused him of ruining her life. But hadn’t been in the mood to argue with him so she’d decided to get her daughter and leave the house for a few hours for him to cool off but Justin had completely flipped out on her, snatching Iffy away from her arms and throwing the child back on the couch.

According to Justin, Cynthia had changed ever since Victor showed up. The goal from the start had been for her to get to Victor by all means but she’d stupidly fallen for his friend instead and had a baby with him. Even that hadn’t bothered him because he’d truly believed that his baby girl would still come back to him. She couldn’t forget how they’d suffered as teens. She wouldn’t taste wealth and leave him behind but that had been what Cynthia had attempted to do. She’d planed with Victor’s backstabbing friend to run away together with Victor’s money. That too had backfired thanks to James who was just was much of a gold-digger as Cynthia was.

But since victor arrived, he’d caught Cynthia talking to her daughter about the man who came to see them the other day. She told the little girl that that man was her father and not Justin who’d been taking care of them since Victor went away to prison. He’d almost lost her before but he wasn’t going to lose her to Victor this time.

“Tell him to come over.” Victor heard another voice on the line.

“Vic…Victor please come over.”

“Cynthia I need you to tell me what’s going on… whose there with you?”

Justin snatched the phone before Cynthia could answer.

“Victor or whatever you call yourself, I’m only going to give you thirty minutes to get here and when you’re coming, I’ll need you to bring three million naira with you or else I’ll start with your precious daughter…”

Victor couldn’t recognize the voice at first but as he kept on with his ranting, he soon realized who was talking to him.

Three million naira he’d said, but where was he going to get three million from? He’d only just started working today!

He looked around him and found his PA still on standby waiting on him to finish with his phone call.

“I need you to promise me that you’ll keep to your words. I’ll get you the money and I get my child out safe?”

“Hold on, what about Cynthia?”

          What about Cynthia? He asked himself.

          “If you want her out safe too you’ll need to double that three million.”

          “You’d better hope I don’t get my hands on you… I swear I’ll kill you!” Victor yelled.


          No one answered him this time.

          “Hello?!” he tried to keep his voice down but he’d already wore all his emotions on his face and they were on display for his employees who walked passed him.

          On his next attempt to speak, he heard a tiny sound of sniffling nose and then a loud burst of tears followed.

          “Justin you get away from her!” Cynthia yelled this time and that was all Victor needed. Justin knew that too.

          Victor ended the call and approached his PA.

          “Sir, is everything the matter?”

          “No. I need some money.”

          “Like how much?” his PA who was no older than twenty six asked.

          “Three… gad!” Victor grunted in frustration. “I need a lot of money.” He finished.

          Although this was the first time the young man was meeting Victor, he’d grown fond of him the minute Victor had shook his hands and received him like a friend instead of his boss. He would do anything to help this man he concluded shortly.

          “If you tell me what’s going on, I promise I’ll help you come up with a 

          Victor wasn’t sure if he could entrust the life of Iffy into the hands of his new PA but he was going to have to take the risk.

          As they drove off to Cynthia’s place, Victor narrated everything to his PA. He was very understanding and smart. And within minutes, he’d come up with a plan.

          They made a quick stop at the bank and headed straight to unforeseen possibilities.
          Justin was running out of time. He was growing impatient as the clock ticked and so was Victor. Both men had something to lose if either of their plans didn’t work out as planned but Victor believed he had more to lose.

          When they pulled up in front of Cynthia’s place, Victor rushed to the back seat and brought out the bag of money. Leaving his PA behind in the car, he approached the gate. It was unlocked so he pushed it open and entered.

          Their front door was also unlocked so he entered. He walked into their living room and found not even a single soul inside. He knew he’d been five minutes late and according to Justin’s threats, if he wasn’t with there within thirty minutes he would start with Iffy. His eyes became clouded with tears, unsure if Justin had really yielded to his threats. Before he could take another step forward, Justin appeared with a gun pointing at his chest.

          “You’re five minutes late.”

          “Yes, yes, but please I have the money right here.” Victor kicked he bag to Justin.

          “All six million?”

          Victor nodded.

          “Good.” He picked the bag up, the weight made him smile. “It was nice doing business with you. They’re inside, safe as promised.” He called for Cynthia and she came out with her daughter in her arms, her face tucked away.

          When Victor saw them, he rushed to collect Iffy from Cynthia who looked as if she would faint in any minute.

          Justin smiled back at Cynthia before he turned to leave. Hot tears spill out from her eyes. After everything they’d been through together, he’d at the very end been the one to play her. She hated him and if she’d been the one in possession of the gun Justin had with him, she wouldn’t have thought twice about using it on him right there.

          After Justin left, the room became quiet. Victor took a sit with Iffy who was crying none stop in his arms. He had no idea why he was still willing to lay down his life for a child that wasn’t even his, a child that had been born out of lust and betrayal. But she’d been his once upon a time before Cynthia’s despicable ways were revealed to him.

          “I’m so sorry, Victor. I’m so sorry.” Cynthia cried as she advanced towards the last two people in her life. She couldn’t lose it all. No, she had to keep them with her.

          “Now that you are back we can be a family again.” She held on to his shirt as she cried. “You and I…with Iffy…our little girl. We missed you Victor. Don’t you see how much she’s grown? She looks every bit like you. She knows you’re her father… I showed her your pictures. We can be a family again.”

She kept spitting out words as if she was going crazy. She wanted desperately for him to be the same Victor she had lied to before but this time, everything had changed.


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