Monday, September 21, 2015

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 14

Cynthia pleaded and pleaded, making more promises that she swore she would keep this time to Victor who she’d betrayed before. She didn’t love him she just wanted the comfort he brought. If she let go of him without them reconciling, Cynthia knew she would be the one who lost. How long would it take for the money she had now to run out? How was she going to take care of herself and a child?

“Victor we can fix this, I can fix us back to normal. I’ll…I’ll do anything you want, just say it.”

“Go to the police and tell them about what really happened to James.”

“What do you mean? I thought you came here because you still loved me, why do we have to think about James? He’s dead and gone Victor and we’re still here!” she shouted.

“Hey baby girl…go to your room.” He said to Iffy before her mother lashed out fully on him. He didn’t want Iffy witnessing any more horror story today.

“Look, I only came here for that little girl. You and I are through.”

“You don’t mean that Victor, I know you don’t.”

He shook his head in denial, preparing to leave. “You don’t know me Cynthia, but I thought I knew you. Turns out you’re nothing but a liar and I want nothing to do with you.”  

Cynthia became even more desperate and furious.

“You know what,” she said to him, “you and James, you both are the same.”

“What did you do to him? If you tell me the truth Cynthia, I promise I won’t walk out that door… we can go back to the way it was, as if nothing happened.” he reached for her hands, caressing them softly in his palms. Cynthia took him up on the offer of comfort and rested her head on his shoulder as she began to weep.

“He was going to leave me, Victor. I couldn’t let him leave me to face you alone.” As she spoke, Victor smoothly patted her back, encouraging her to keep going.

Hot tears gushed out from Cynthia’s eyes. She’d been anticipating sharing this with someone. The price of carrying around such a secret and pretending that she was fine was sleepless night; when she was all alone with her conscience. At first, she’d been fine knowing what she’d done had ruined two lives but having Victor back from prison had drastically awakened her to her horrible deeds. All that’s left is to open up to him. He’ll take me back once he found out about everything, she concluded.

“I went to his place and he had his bags packed to leave without me, forgetting the plans we’d made. We were going to go away together; we were supposed to take Iffy with us and run away but…but…”

“What did you do to him?” Victor asked with composure. He didn’t want any trace of anxiety in his voice which would cause Cynthia to panic and shut down on him. He was finally getting what he wanted, one more push and he would have succeeded in breaking her.

“I still love you Cynthia, I always will… Just tell me and this will all be over.” he planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I shot him.” she announced.

It’d all happened immediately after Victor left James that day. Cynthia had gone over to warn him that Victor had found out about them but when she arrived at his place, he’d been in a bad state, bruises all over his face. She’d instantly knew who’d been there before her. She was about to rush to his aid when she sighted the two luggage bag. She’d asked him about it but James had been in no position to cover up his own betrayal.

She’d brought a gun with her, thinking if Victor had made it there before her she was going to have to save the man she loved but instead, she’d been the one to spill her lover’s blood.

“I aimed…at his heart. I killed him. He’s gone.” Her voice cracked, “he’s really gone.” She whispered as Victor’s hold on her loosened. By the time she looked back into his eyes, she knew it was over. She slowly fell on her knees.
“Please don’t take her away from me. Please, she’s all I have left…”

Victor stepped out of the living room, leaving Cynthia behind. He felt relieved, he felt happy but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do about Cynthia, his ex-wife who he’d just found out killed is best friend. He’d wanted the truth but the truth had left him wounded and confused like never before.

His PA was waiting patiently for him with a smile of success on his face when Victor joined him in the car.

“It’s done. They got him before he could make a run for it. The police came right on time. How did things go in there?” he hesitated before starting the car.

Victor took a long and deep breath. Of all the things he could have said to his PA, a simple thank you was what came out of his mouth. The employee nodded and started the car, taking his boss to a place he knew healed most things but not everything.

It was a busy Friday night as usual for Daniella. She had two more hours to wrap things up here and be on her way home before her mother noticed it was passed time for her to be home. She’d lied to her like always that she was enjoying helping her aunt out at her beauty salon. Her mother had immediately given her permission to continue. Daniella did go to help her aunt out and she was learning a whole lot too but once the lights of the saloon were out, Daniella was back to her real job as a dancer.

She wasn’t going to call herself a hooker. She’d never spent the night with any of the customers who frequented the night club. All she was in it for was making some cash to continue with her studies. She knew that her reasons didn’t justify her actions but she was fine with bearing the shame all alone as long as no one else she knew found out.

Victor staggered into the night club a bit drunk. His PA had truly known just the right medicine he needed after his ordeal with Cynthia who he’d sworn never to speak to or hear of again. The best he could do for her was keep her out of jail for the sake of her young daughter who still needed a mother who wasn’t behind bars. For tonight, he was going to celebrate his freedom and leave his past behind. But the past came rushing back all too early when he sighted a young woman who looked every bit like the girl he’d been unable to erase from his memories.

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