Monday, October 26, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Nine

“True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.” 

––Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Friday night at Escape was as usual; loud and dark. There were more people that she hadn’t seen before tonight. On a regular night, a girl like Bisola couldn’t even smell the front door of the night club but since she was Tunde’ girl, she’d been given an exclusive pass. Tonight, she needed to use that privilege. She’d told Aisha that she needed to go out for a drink and some loud noise to clear her head. A place where everyone was alive would be nice for a change.

Bisola walked into the club and headed straight for the bar. She wasn’t exactly dressed in party attire because she wasn’t there to party. She noticed a few eyes on her as she took a seat. There was a young man at one end of the room who looked as if he’d had too much to drink, but too much was never too much in his dictionary. He smiled and raised his glass of alcohol at her and she looked away in disgust.

While waiting on the bartender to finish serving a customer, Bisola thought back to the first time Tunde brought her to Escape. Like the name sounded, she truly thought she would be able to run away from all her worries that evening. It’d been their third date and Bisola had thought she’d earned his trust and won his heart but as it turned out, Tunde had no heart to give and she’d been too slow to see all his side plans for their relationship.

“Bone dry Martini Please.” She said to the young male bartender with a pretty face. A moment later, he had her drink in front of her.

“Water please, and take that back.” Bisola heard a voice request behind her.

“Excuse me you are?” she turned around and to her surprise, it was none other than Ben.

“Hello Bisola, you didn’t call. I was trying to wait but you see I’m a busy man who’s also impatient so here I am.” He announced.

“Are you kidding me right now, what are you doing here? Did you follow me?”

“No I didn’t.” Ben lied.

“Then how did you know I was coming here?” she began to rise.

“I came here to apologize to you about the other night and also to talk.”

“To talk about what? The embarrassment you caused me wasn’t enough or did Tunde send you here for another mission?” Bisola looked around her surroundings. She knew that most of the people in the room had seen her with Tunde and would be more than happy to inform him that she was seen with someone other than him so she had to be careful.

“You can either continue with your drink, the water of course, or you can walk out.” Ben gave her the chance to decide.

“I came here to clear my mind…”

“I didn’t ask you to explain, you don’t have to explain, just hear me out. Deal?”

Bisola nodded and picked up the bottle of water the Bartender had immediately placed in front of her.

Once Ben sensed that Bisola was a bit calm, he ordered for the same dry Martini Bisola had ordered.

“You’re a joke.” She scoffed when she saw him take a sip.

“I can’t promise I’ll always make you laugh Bisola, but what I can promise is that Tunde…”

“I don’t want to hear it.” she stopped him at the mention of Tunde’s name. “I don’t want to hear his name at all. I don’t even know why I’m still sitting here with you when I really should be running out the door.

“I’m not the bad guy here.”

“It doesn’t matter, you’re friends with the bad guy, or haven’t you heard the famous saying you shouldn’t befriend a dog, because you’ll end up barking like one?”

“Wow! What has he done to you?”

“The same thing you’ll do if I end up spending another minute with you here. I think I’ll call it a night. My warm apartment is waiting on me.” She dropped the bartender some money for the water and the martini she’d ordered before.

Ben shook his head and frowned when Bisola got up to leave. He didn’t know how else to get through to her than to drop several bombs that would hopefully wake her up.

“You already work for him. That night he sent you to the hotel, that was your first job. I was your first client.” Bisola slapped him before he could finish.

“I might be stupid and possibly be the dumbest person on earth but read my lips Ben, those days are over. I am about to become a university graduate, I don't sleep with men for money. Now run to your friend and inform him that I’m not his whore. Good night.”

“You’ll be back Bisola, they always come back!” he yelled from across the room as he watched her leave.

When Bisola arrived home, Aisha was waiting patiently for her.

“Did you at least have fun?”

“Fun ke? It’s more like I went to a funeral.”

“Speaking of funerals, do I get one?”

“Aisha can we not talk about that for the rest of the night? I went out to get away from it all, don’t put my efforts to waste.”

“At least you can go out, put on nice clothes and walk away from it. Too bad for me, I am it.” Aisha stated miserably.

Bisola felt sorry for the girl. She understood her ordeal more than she wanted to admit. She also knew what it felt like to be helpless and unable to walk away from it all. Tonight she’d tried to wipe her foggy mind clean but Ben’s appearance had been another reminder that she might never ever get a clean slate again. She took her ghost friend by the hand. “Tonight, let’s just listen to music, eat and drink all what we can because tomorrow is the beginning of it all. We will find out who did this to you. I promise you Aisha, you’ll live again.” And secretly, Bisola wished the same for herself.


  1. Don't make me wait too long again... oh how i love ghost stories!

  2. Been waiting for next episode like buhari's ministerial list

    1. Hahaha! Very funny. New chapter will be here by Friday Akuoma

    2. Hahaha! Very funny. New chapter will be here by Friday Akuoma

  3. When is the next episode coming out..i so can't wait.

    I am new here and as i was going through the previous stories, I COULDN'T FIND EPISODES 11,12,13 of Adventure of love.

    1. Hello dear new reader. I don't have a set time for posting because of my busy schedule. Follow us on FB @ Nigerian Romance Stories or IG @nigerian_romance_stories for news updates. I'm in the process of removing every chapter of Adventures to Love from the blog due to publication reasons. I'll like to hear back from you.


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