Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Six

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.”
             ―Thich Nhat Hanh

Bisola got dressed for class. Her final exam was a few hours away. One last exam and she would be assured a spot with the graduating class of 2015. She’d struggled throughout the whole semester. There had been too much work for her to do with so little time and an over demanding boyfriend who never forgot to remind her that he was the reason she was still in school. Tunde was her savior, she always reminded herself. If and when she ever forgets, she knew she would start to see him for the devil that he really was. But Bisola refused to forget because that would mean remembering how stupid she’d been sticking by him all these years.

          She only had a few weeks left with him. After school was over with, she was going to dump his ass for good. She no longer needed a boss she told herself. Bisola applied some lipstick on her lips, grabbed the resume she’d spent days preparing and headed out.

When Bisola arrived at school, she was immediately welcomed by her best friend’s warm hug. After Sandra finished scolding her friend for not picking up her calls the night before, she asked that she bought their lunch for that day. Bisola didn’t argue because she didn’t want to have to explain what really went down to her friend. She was never able to explain the kind of things Tunde put her though. All her friends saw was a girl who had a nice apartment and was living well. It wasn’t in her place to burst their bubbles either. Just as they were about heading to the exam hall, Travis who’s had a crush on Bisola for the past months called her name with that American accent he’d been able to do away with after six years of living in Nigeria.

Bisola knew who it was but the last thing she needed was another patronizing suitor when the one she had still hadn’t called her after literally throwing her into the lion’s den last night. She decided to ignore Travis and keep moving but Sandra wasn’t ready to play along.

“Let’s stop to see what he wants.” She said quietly.

“For what?” Bisola whispered back.

“I don’t know…he might have something for us, or at least for you.”

Bisola shivered. Nope, she didn’t need anything from anyone, what she had was already a handful and she was more than happy to share so she said to her friend,

“You can have him if you want though…”

“What?! No. Girl no. I already got me some.” Sandra said quickly. Biting her lips, she wondered if Bisola had gotten a hit that she might have a crush on Travis herself? If it weren’t for the fact that Bisola was with her, she would have…

“So you’re just going to pretend as if you can’t hear me right? Well it’s cool, it’s all good. No pressure.” Travis said, strolling behind the ladies. He’d finished his last exam earlier on and was only still at school to cheer his friends on after they finished with theirs.

He hadn’t planned on seeing Bisola today even though he’d hoped to. The very same Bisola he couldn’t stop thinking about ever since he saw her in one of his upper lever Psychology course last semester. They’d been paired to work on a research paper together. As luck would have it, their research had been to find the reason why people fall in love. They’d come up with various answers but honestly, Travis didn’t know why he was falling for a girl he couldn’t have. 

From the first day of them working together, she’d walked into the library with a stamp on her forehead that read, I am taken. Even when his mind wandered far off and he tried envisioning kissing her someday, every word from those full lips that enticed him screamed back off!

Their time together had ended before it even started. He’d had no time to make an impression on her or at least get her to like him even for a minute because it’d only taken them two weeks to finish the paper.

Bisola sighed when she heard his whistling sound behind her. As much as she didn’t want to turn back and have to confront him, she knew she needed to talk to him once and for all.

“Look, Travis what do you want?” she turned abruptly and asked, leaving Sandra in shock.

“I mean we worked on a paper some months ago but that’s that, I don’t get why you keep following me around. I need you to stop okay? People are starting to get the wrong idea that I like you and that I enjoy your attention but honestly I don’t. I really hope you can stop because the next time this happens, I won’t be this nice.”

“Ouch!” Travis felt the pinch of rejection on his heart.

“Slow down Bisola, you don’t have to be rude. I just wanted to talk, what’s so harmful about that?”

“Yeah, you don’t have to.” Sandra repeated, supporting Travis all the way.

“I don’t care; I just need to know if we’re on the same page.”

“See Bisola; just give me a chance alright? Let me take you out for lunch later today. What time do you finish with exams? I’ll come pick you up. You chose the place and if after talking to me you still want me to back the hell off I’ll do so. But don’t just send me off without giving me a chance.”

As Travis spoke, pleading his case with a sincere heart and genuineness in his voice, Sandra slowly turned around and walked away. She couldn’t handle seeing Travis practically beg for Bisola’s attention, and the worse part was that throughout the whole conversation, he hadn’t once noticed her. Not even when she’d defended him for those brief seconds. Sandra did have a boyfriend who took care of her but she wanted Travis. It wasn’t her fault that he was so damn handsome. His American swag had won her over and that curly hair and those hazel brown eyes! “Ugh!” Sandra grunted as she turned back one more time. Bisola after all was giving him a chance. She shook her head in disappointment.  


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