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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 15

Victor wasn’t sure if his eyes were working right. He could have sworn he was beginning to imagine things. Especially the ones that weren’t there. Of all places, a night club or rather a strip club where his PA had dragged him to was the last place he’d expected to see Daniella again. She was busy with tending to her customers. The wealthy old men in their suits, some in their native attire were all smiles when Daniella shot them a seductive smile when she walked passed them to serve another customer.

As she poured the much younger looking customer a drink, Victor’s eyes wandered to her exposed long legs. She had on tight shorts with high heels and a white T-shirt with I’m sexy and I know it boldly imprinted in black on the front. Tonight, Daniella wasn’t dancing. She’d come in with a massive headache after being yelled at for eight hours by her aunt. She’d explained to the manager of the club who was fond of her and he’d told her to just serve drinks for tonight. Even that had been tedious because the customers thought she was a dancer just like the many other girls who were half naked.

Daniella smiled at her customer as she poured him his drink. He in return dropped ten thousand naira and his business card on the table. Daniella first picked up the cash before whispering in the man’s ear, “I’m not a prostitute.” She picked up his business card and slipped it back into his trouser pocket. The man hissed in anger as he watched Daniella walk away with his money in her hand.

Victor watched her with composure as she approached his table. He immediately sat upright and loosened his tie because the room was heating up as she drew closer. He swallowed hard, preparing himself for a very much unexpected reunion. When Daniella shot a smile his way, he couldn’t help but smile along like a fool. Just when he thought she was about to say something to him, another man grabbed her waist from behind.

Daniella didn’t flinch because she knew who it was. “Ahn, Ahn, Fola, not here. I have customers who are watching. No spoil my business.” she said with a giggle when the young man placed a kiss on her neck.

“Come on baby girl, I’ve told you to quit this job and be my lady. I’ll work for you instead, 24/7.” his grip on her waist tightened.

“And I’ve told you that I’m fine here. Mr. Anderson is paying me well enough.” She lied and attempted to escape from his hold. She sighted her boss walking into the club. He’d warned her before to stop parading with her customers when she was working for him and Daniella knew how much he hated to repeat himself.

“Fola, let’s talk later, my boss is back.”

He let go of her and turned her around to face him. “He doesn’t own you… how much is he paying you, I’ll double it.”

Daniella laughed. “Says the man who claims he loves me.”

“And I mean it…”

“That’s enough, let’s talk tomorrow. I need to go now.” Daniella turned to leave but Fola forcefully pulled her arms back.

Victor jumped anxiously from his seat because could have sworn he heard a pop.

“What’s wrong?” His PA asked when he saw his boss get up. He’d also been watching the scene with the stripper and one of her customers play out. He was used to scenes like that since he was a frequent visitor to places like this so he hadn’t bothered, but his boss had.

“Do something.”

“No, no, we can’t get involved.” He replied immediately.

“Just get her away from him and bring her to me.” He wanted to add.

“Are you sure?”

Victor answered with a nod before grabbing his drink.

His PA joined Daniella and Fola. “Excuse me, my name is Joshua and my boss over there will like a word with you.” Daniella’s eyes followed where Joshua pointed to. She saw the man in suit who looked like he was enjoying his glass of alcohol. She couldn’t thank him enough for removing her from her embarrassing situation.

“Like I said before, l have people to attend to.” She said to Fola before leaving with Victor’s PA.

Daniella walked as fast as she could away from her wannabe boyfriend before he did something that will cause her more embarrassment and even get her fired.

“Sorry about that,” she said once she got to where Victor was sitting. “How can I help you today?  Do you want another bottle of what you’re having? I can…”

“Daniella…” Victor called her name, shutting Daniella up. She looked at him for the first time and there was no sign of recognition on her face.


“Daniella, it’s me… Victor.”

“It’s who now?” she asked with a frown, completely thrown off guard.

“It’s Victor. Do you remember me?” he wasn’t sure if he liked the look on her face.

Daniella chuckled uninterestedly.  “Okay Mr. Victor, how can I help you tonight?”
There was no way to explain the amount of shock and shame Daniella felt in that moment when she’d heard him say her name. She’d recognized him immediately even though he was looking much cleaner than he did when they’d first met. How could she forget him when she’d been praying to God for the past two weeks to bring him back? He’d clearly told her the day he left that he would prefer if they never met again, however, Daniella had hoped for more. But why tonight, and at a strip club of all places?

“Daniella say something?”

“It’s either you’re going to order for something or I’ll go attend to my other customers.”

“What are you even doing here?”

“I should be asking you the same thing.”

“Wait, wait, am I mistaking, do you guys actually know each other?”

“Yes. I’ll explain later.”

“Excuse me? I don’t know this man, Victor or whoever he said he is. Like I said before I have people waiting for me.”

“People like that guy you were with before? I thought you were in school.” Victor reminded himself that she was only twenty-one but she looked nothing like the twenty-one years old she’d claimed she was.

“School?” she repeated mockingly. “You and I are done here sir.” She turned and walked away.

By the time she got to her dressing room, Daniella could no longer hold in her tears. She’d seen him; she’d actually since Victor again tonight. She hadn’t been able to speak to him the way she wanted to because of her pride. She’d only seen a man who was in awe of what she did at night to make money and Daniella didn’t like that man. What would he think of her? She wiped her tears, promising herself to forget that she’d seen him tonight. She went in search of her boss. She explained to him that she had an upset stomach and could no longer work tonight. He let her off with twenty thousand naira in her pocket; her payment for the week.

When Daniella came back out, Victor was no longer there. She didn’t know if she should be disappointed or happy that he’d left her alone after all. She said her goodbyes to some of her co-workers and headed out.

“Hey Miss I’m not a prostitute.” An unfamiliar voice said behind Daniella as soon as she stepped out of the club. She refused to turn around and the man said, “So you can’t hear me now abi? When you were collecting my 10K you could hear me right?” This time, his voice was much clearer and familiar after his mention of the money she’d collected from him. Daniella immediately halted. She could either go back to the club to ask for assistant or tough this out. She decided to just keep walking but she soon learned that the man she’d collected money from wasn’t the kind she’d met before. He yanked her hair from the back and once he had her in front of him, he was about to hit her when another voice said, “I wouldn’t if I were you.”

“Victor!” she whispered breathlessly with every bit of luck she had left and the man let go of her.


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