Sunday, October 25, 2015

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 16

The silence that filled the air and space between Victor and Daniella as his PA drove was suffocating, it was begging for the spell to be broken. She wished he would say something, anything, and Victor wished the same. He could have just walked away. It would have been better if he’d never approached her because now he knew he wouldn’t be able to let go of her anytime soon.

“Two more streets,” Daniella said quietly to Joshua. “House on the…”

“Left...” Victor finished.

Joshua nodded. He’d been trying to figure out how his boss and a club dancer knew each other enough for him to know where she lived. Everything time he glanced at the pair in the backseat from his front mirror, he could tell they both had something better let unspoken.

“Eyes on the road please.”

“Yes, yes sir.”

Daniella readjusted herself in her seat. The leather covering of the seat was growing hot even though it was chilly outside and the car’s AC was turned on.
Victor glanced at her, her body spouting of discomfort. He scoffed and shook his head. He should have known what she was into from the very start. When they’d met, she hadn’t hidden anything about herself but his mind had been too occupied to notice who she really was; twenty-one and ready to take the world by its horns.

“How’s your mother?”




Silence creeped in again.

Some time later, Joshua announced cheerfully as he pulled up in front of the house Daniella had pointed out to him. “And we’re here…” 
Victor got out immediately after Daniella did.

“Look, we could talk about what happened back there.”

“And why would we do that?”

“Daniella, as much as I want to walk out and…”

“And pretend as if nothing happened… why don’t you do that and leave me alone?”

“Because I can’t!”

“Please sir, keep your voice down before my mother hears you.”

“Daniella, I promise, no more questions but I need you to let me help you because what I saw back there…”

She turned away from him.

“I’m not judging you,”

“Then what exactly are you doing? You said it yourself the last time we were together. You said, “Let’s hope we never meet again and right now I wish you were man enough to keep to your words.”

          Victor realized there was no need exchanging words with Daniella at that moment. There was no way he was going to get through to her so he let it go.

          “Remember that guys face?” he said, pointing to his PA. “He’ll be coming to pick you up at seven tomorrow morning; don’t give him a hard time. Good night.”

          Watching him leave was more painful than she admitted. She didn’t need his help, she told herself as she opened the door to the home she shared with her mother and two siblings.

          “Daniella is that you?” her mother who’d fallen asleep on the couch in their living room woke up the minute she heard footsteps.

          “Yes ma.”

          “What took you so long? I was worried because Kemi’s shop closes at eight and it’s almost eleven-thirty.”

          “We had a lot of customers today, Christmas season." she added quickly.
          “Oh… I see. Your food is in the kitchen if it’s not too late to eat. I’ll see you in the morning.”
          She thanked her mother and went ahead to her bedroom. It was too late and she was too tired to shower so went straight to bed after removing her clothes.

          “Tomorrow at seven,” she recalled him saying as she stared thoughtfully at her ceiling in the dark for when tomorrow would come.
          At five-thirty the next morning, Daniella jumped out of bed with a new jolt of hope. She took a much needed shower and got ready for Victor’s PA’s arrival. She wore a pair of black jeans and a yellow long sleeve top. With her make up neatly done, hair tied up in a ponytail, and flat sandals on her feet, Daniella walked out of her room to join her mother.

When her mother saw her, she was speechless at how beautiful she looked that morning. She knew Daniella never took much care of her looks unless it was for an important event so she asked.

          “Are you not going to kemi’s shop today?”

          “She told me I could rest for today. Work has been too busy lately so since it’s my day off, I decided to go check on my old friends.” She lied.

           Her mother breathed in disappointed, not for her child, but for herself. She called Daniella close to her.

          “I’m sorry.”
          “For what?”

          “After your father passed away, his family took all our money and I haven’t been able to take good care of you. You dropped out of school and now all you can do is go see your friends who are in school. I know I failed you but please Daniella, promise me you’re not into anything that’ll bring shame to our family.”

          “I promise I’m not into anything that’ll bring shame to our family.” She repeated sincerely. “I’m only going to see some of my friends. I’ll be back before you know it. And take this,” Daniella opened her wallet and handed her mother some money. “It’s my salary for the month, and please stop looking at me as if I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be doing. I’m only taking care of my mother. Buy whatever you want okay? I’ll see you later.”

When she came outside, Victor’s car was waiting for her as if he’d never left last night. Joshua opened the back door for her and she got in.

          “Where exactly are you taking me?”

          “I don’t know yet, my boss hadn’t decided yet.”

          “I see.” She said quietly. She rested her back more comfortably on the seat and prepared herself for the longest ride of her life.


  1. My first time on this blog was yesterday and I already finished reading allllllllll the stories...very interesting I must say...please there are some that you haven't completed yet and my curiosity would soon kill me lol. I really hope you complete romance blog for me...yippee!

    1. What!!! You've actually read all?? @Akuoma your the real mvp! If you're on IG, follow our account @nigerian_romance_stories for news updates. The stories that have not been completed will be. But I had a request to finish "Till Lies Do Us Part" and "A SECOND CHANCE" first that why those have been left hanging also, I can be lazy with posting, another reason those stories haven't picked up. It is my pleasure to have a dedicated reader like you. Thanks Akuoma.

  2. Hi peace. Nice story u've got here, am new to your blog and I love it! Pls do an update on this story because I can't stop refreshing your page. Tanks

    1. Hey Amaris, so sorry for the delay. It's due to my busy schedule and for this week, I'm overly booked so you'll have to please wait till Friday for a new chapter. Hope that won't be too much waiting. In the meantime, there are other stories on the site to keep you satisfied. Do check them out

  3. Biko......... I take God's name beg u.... Just complete dis piece please...... It's VERY interesting.... Can't wait 2 finish er'thing. Nice work dearπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Hahaha... @Etini if I'm.not mistaking, I think this is the first time I've seen a comment by you. Welcome to the blog!

      As for this story, I know it's been long I posted another chapter but trust me, I'll get to it. I just need a little free time to get it typed up.

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  6. Aunty peace. How have you been? What's up, you haven't posted another episode of this story yet. Hope you are good

    1. I'm on it now. Not half way through but it'll be posted tonight

    2. I'm on it now. Not half way through but it'll be posted tonight


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