Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Eleven

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.”
––Anthony J. D'Angelo

“How’d you find me?” Ben asked his twenty-one years old sister who everyone thought had been kidnapped.

“I know some people.” she replied causally.

“Judith, no one knows this place…except––”

“Yeah, that’s what you thought. Now, if you’ll let me in, I might explain.”

Ben had forgotten that he was standing in front of the door and when he looked down; his sister was carrying two traveling bags with her. He grabbed the heaviest bag and could only imagine what in the world she had packed inside. She allowed him into his home.

“God, I’m so hungry!” she called out and immediately located his kitchen. “What do you have in here?” she asked the refrigerator. Ben stayed in the living room with her bags while she ransacked his kitchen.

“You know the last meal I had was in West Egg Café, you know, our favorite breakfast place.” She chuckled and added, “Not that you’ll remember. But guess what, it wasn’t even a meal, I just ordered for some donuts and hot chocolate and was on my way to the airport.” She finished and joined Ben in the living room.

“Why are you here?” Ben asked.

“You mean did I find something to eat? Sadly…nope, it’s as if no one lives here.” She frowned. “It’s a nice place though, way too expensive if you ask me.”

“Okay that’s it, get out.”

“What do you mean get out?”

“Your mother called a few minutes ago––”

“You mean Our mother called a few minutes ago and she thinks someone has kidnapped me and I wish that was the case…get her to show some emotions for once.”

“You need to call them and let them know they’re wrong, but do it once you’re out of my house...and the hell did you find this place?”

“I’m not going back there, Ben. I’m really not going back.”

Ben grabbed his sister forcefully by her elbow and said to her, “It’s not your choice to make, now get your things and get going.”

His sister began to sob. “You left me; you left me with her…with them. Why didn’t you take me with you? Why didn’t you? I was your little sister, Ben, and I was fifteen! Do you know how hard it’s been trying to live with a mother who doesn’t give a shit about you? Let’s not talk about that man who calls himself our father. He was just as bad as mom…he still is. He didn’t even show up to my high school graduation but he had the nerves to send me off to college.” She laughed and wiped her tears away. It was then that her brother let go of her.

Ben took a good look at his sister. Everything she said were true. At twenty-three, he’d told his parents goodbye while she was still a teen. They’d lied to her that he was away in college but once Judith started to understand the way her family was structured, she soon learned that her brother had been kicked out of the house by their parent’s lack of care.

“If I have to go back there, I swear, I’ll kill myself.” She said with a disturbing honesty in her voice.

He gave up. 

“The room down the hall is open; you can stay there for tonight…we’ll talk about this in the morning. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Ben.”

Both siblings called it quit for the night. No one was ready to take the trip down guilty lane.

Judith located the room and was shocked out of her mind when she opened the door. It was fully furnished for a girl––for her she acknowledged. The wallpaper in the huge room was all paintings of clouds. She’d once wanted to be a painter and all she knew how to paint were clouds as a child. The bed was filled with pillows, all rainbow colors. She’d also been indecisive growing up. Ben would give her everything instead of making her chose, but all that went away after he left. If she lasted another day with him, she would have to change the room decorations to her new lifestyle––all blanked walls.

After she showered, she went back to the living room in hopes to see Ben, but he wasn’t there. “I guess we’re not watching TV together tonight.” She picked up the TV remote. After flipping through all the channels with nothing interesting to watch at twelve o’clock, Judith settled for a carton network. She was laughing at the TV screen when she heard the jiggling sound of keys as it went into the front lock. She jumped up as soon as a young lady entered.

Margret Madu, Ben’s secretary for the past four months entered her Boss’s home with the spare keys he’d entrusted in her care two weeks ago. She was wearing a pair of shorts and tank top this evening and her hair was down. She’d been on her way to deliver some documents to Ben when he’d called her to bring him some late night dinner. Margret had rushed home and actually cooked for him and used that time to freshen up. She’d hope she hadn’t overdone it with her outfit because this was a rare opportunity to be with Ben outside their workplace. He’d never asked her to bring him his meal before neither had she visited his house since he handed her the keys. But she was disappointed to find another woman at his place.

Judith was wearing her favorite pink polka dot pajamas, and Margret couldn’t wipe off the disgruntled look on her face to save her life.

“Is Ben in?” Margret asked casually as she made her way into Ben’s kitchen as if she’d been there a couple of times before. She began going through the small bag she brought along.

“I guess, and you are?”

“Margret, Ben’s––”

“My secretary…I asked her to bring you something to eat.”

“Really?” Judith asked excitedly. She joined Margret in the kitchen and said, “I’ll take care of the rest, thanks for the food.”

“Oh it’s nothing…just doing my job.”

She joined Ben in the living room and handed him the documents he’d first asked her to bring over. She was about to take a sit when Judith called for her brother.

“Ben can you come help me with this…” It was nothing really, just her way of getting her brother away from his secretary who thought it was normal for her to snoop around her boss’s kitchen and almost play the role of his wife.

“We’ll discuss this tomorrow, good work.” And with that, he dismissed her so easily without a thank you. Margret went home feeling like the biggest loser of all time. She’d fallen for her boss the minute she first saw him. She knew she was asking for too much wanting Ben to like her but a girl can only hope.

Judith fixed two plates of the rice Margret brought over. They sat in the living room floor and ate. She finally settled for one of Tyler Perry’s movies for them to watch. It felt good being with her brother again, and even though he would probably kick her out by tomorrow, she still wanted to enjoy this moment. Ever so often, she would ask him if he needed anything like more water, more rice, but what she really wanted to ask him how he was, how he’d been living and why he’d left.

They shared a laugh habitually as the movie played on, but they both wished they could do more. An hour later, Judith was knocked flat out on the floor. Her brother didn't touch her, he knew how tired she must have been so he allowed her sleep. 

“I love you Ben, she called out just as he was about to leave.

“Shut up and sleep.” He replied quietly. 


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