Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Ten

“Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop.”
— H. L. Mencken

Ben, after parking his new escalade in his driveway, walked into his sophisticated five bedroom glass house in Lekki at five p.m. The house was one of its kind in Lagos and just what suited him. He wanted to be able to see through the world and the people he allowed come into his life and home.

He lived alone and it wasn’t because he wanted it so, but it was because here just wasn’t anyone he could ask to live with him, and going back to his parents was something he would never do in a million years. After moving into his new space, he began to prefer the loneliness than the warm home he wished he’d been brought up in.

Upon entering his living room, his radio was turned on and Sam Smith’s I’m Not The Only One was blasting through the speakers. He found the remote to the radio and turned the volume up. See, after all, he wasn’t alone.

He rolled up his white sleeves to his elbows before entering his kitchen.  Ben was feeling good today, a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time. He wasn’t quite sure where this feeling was sprouting from. As he opened his refrigerator and scruntized the uncooked food items inside, he decide to give an answer to his sudden smile a shot. Was it because his secretary had informed him that they were closer to getting their business deal signed by the representative the US Company he wanted to partner with had sent over to Nigeria? Or was it because of that hot-tempered girl who had no clue how much she meant to him?

Ben smiled when he thought of the many different ways he would break Tunde’s bones to pieces. He was planning on taking everything from him and that hadn’t changed. They’d been friends all right, but that brotherly bond had broken the second Tunde thought it was okay to put his life in danger.

After a little deliberation, Ben brought out some Salmon and some fresh green peppers. After oiling his mini grill, he placed the fresh fish without seasoning on the grill. As he watched the fish begin to cook and the steam increasing, a malicious grin flashed across his face for a brief moment as he imagined Tunde on his knees begging him to take his life.

Now, all he needed was Bisola. He wasn’t getting to her but she was doing one hell of a fine job at getting to him. He hated clubs but he’d gone out in spite of his comfort and followed her two nights ago to persuade her to be on his side, but she’d played the part of a hard to get girlfriend, and like he’d told her, he was an impatient man.

But since everything was going as he’d planned, he wasn’t about to pull out all his cards on her yet. He was going to give her a chance to see Tunde for the two-faced devil he really was. He would also make sure he alerted her to the dangers surrounding her involvement with him. Then he would watch her grow up right in front of his eyes and it would be her banging on his door at the end. If he still needed her, he would open. Ben frowned when he realized that he was making too much plans for her. If by the next time he spoke to her she still used the tactic she’d used on him two nights ago, he was simply going to call it a day and find someone else for the job.

But he really liked her. She was close to Tunde and she almost certainly knew things that Tunde thought he’d been smart enough to hide from her. He’d let his guard down and took Bisola in like a man who could actually live in a home with a cozy atmosphere and kids to call him daddy. Ben chuckled at the thought of Tunde in reality marrying Bisola. He pitied the girl. He knew Tunde more than she did because they’d been friends since they were sixteen years old. There was no settling down for Tunde, his favorite thing to do was to betrayal the ones he loved. And after thinking about what Bisola had told him the other night, he thought it was safe to agree with her that birds of the same feather did flow together.

The fish was ready. Overly cooked, just the way he liked it. He took them out and placed them on a round marble plate. He brought out of a new bottle of wine and carried the meal along to his thirteen piece dinning set. He took a sit at the very end. After two glasses of wine, he took a bit from his meal and called it a night.

At a little over nine the same night, the buzzing sound from his cellphone woke Ben up. When he picked the phone up and looked at the caller I.D, it was his mother. He thought about hanging up but then, he figured his mother wouldn’t call if it wasn’t for something important.

“Hello?” he said groggily to the phone.



“We have been searching for her for the past four days and we can’t find her. I think your sister has been kidnapped or something worse has happened to her.”

          Ben sat upright after his mother mentioned the possibility of his sister being hijacked.

“I…I mean we thought she was in school… your father and I, we thought she was still in New York. I called her two days before she went missing because your aunts wedding is coming up and she’s one of the Asobi, but for the past four days, she hasn’t picked up my calls. Your father and I went to her school yesterday and no one has seen her there. They said she hadn’t been in her apartment since this new semester at all. What are we going to do, Ben?”

What are we going to do? He wanted to laugh but for the sake of his own sanity, he laughed silently to himself. His mother hadn’t called him in more than six months and as soon as her poor precious daughter went missing, she remembered him for what? So he could be the man of the house she’d never welcomed him into? He wanted to say many hurtful things to her at that moment that would make her rethink how many children she’d already lost but he settled for a more restrained response.

“I’ll see what I can do. Inform the police and get dad to call one of those people he knows. I’ll do the same on my end. If that’s all, I’ll hang up.”

His mom hung up before he did and without a goodnight greeting. Just what did he mean to her? He wanted to ask her. What did he mean to the mother who breastfed him? Since then, that has been the only motherly thing she’d done for him. He wasn’t even going to think about his father and how he’d neglected him throughout his twenty-nine years on earth. He’d ran away from them because he realized all he needed was himself, and if his sister was anything like him, he hoped she’d done the same.

Ben was about to lay his head back on his pillow when he heard his door bell ring. He remembered asking his secretary to come over with some documents once she left the office. He put on the first grey t-shirt he could get his hands on and longer pants before leaving his bedroom.

Upon opening his front door, the young lady who appeared in front of him was the last person he was expecting. He blinked twice and still, her well painted and smiling face was staring back at him.

“Well hello Ben, I guess found your hiding place.” She said with a mischievous wink.

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