Friday, November 13, 2015

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 17

Theyd been in the car for a few mintues now and she hadnt said a word to him since after she first entered the car this morning. He wanted to know more about the woman who he believed no doubt had caught his bosss attention and possibly stolen his heart too. So he asked, 

“How did you meet my boss, that’s if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Actually I do mind.” Daniella replied and continued looking out the window.  She knew Joshua must have a million thought running through his head and answers too. She wasn’t up for the scrutiny so she’d quickly shut it down before it had time to sprout. She still had no idea where he was taking her or what Victor might have filled his head with to make him think he could question her. For one, she knew she’d placed herself in this position by entering the car in the first place but she’d been too fed up with the event of last night that she’d dreamt throughout the night for a new turn in her life. How that new turn was going to turn out, she had no idea. All her bet was on Victor.

“Do you want to get something to eat before we go in then?”

“No, and please, where is in? We’ve been driving for a few minutes now and you haven’t said a thing––”

“I wish I could tell you, but I’m following orders.”


Daniella saw the young man nod through the rear view mirror. She decided to stop pestering him because he was only doing his job. She was prepared for whatever was ahead. Thirty minutes later, Joshua announced, “We’re here.”  while pulling up in front of those fancy and small portable company buildings. She frowned at the outdoor company sign–– Sink & Source. She wondered what they did and how it related to her. Why would Victor bring her to a place like this?

“I’ll take you to him.” he said and led the way.

Daniella followed behind Joshua without hesitation. When he took her inside, the building was quite big and unexpectedly busy. People running from desk to desk and phones ringing at every corner, it was as if she’d entered into a new world entirely. There was an elderly man serving tea to the employees who didn’t have their hands full and were seated at their desks.

“What is this place?” she asked Joshua who was smiling at a female employee. She came forward, dressed in a black suit pencil skirt and white blazers. Overall, she looked like one of those smart asses, and with a face like hers, there was no doubt she was getting all the attention in the office.

“Good morning, Joshua.” she smiled fully at him. “Who’s she? A new employee?”

Daniella immediately shook her head, she wasn’t dressed the part of a new employee so she wondered why anyone would think she was in the first place.

“She’s a guest… is he in?”

“Who?” she said mockingly, “does he ever leave his office? It’s as if we run this place? Why am I complaining sef, I like it this way.”

Daniella still had no clue who they were talking about until the female employee mentioned that her boss had informed her to ask Joshua to come see him immediately after he came in with the girl who she now assumed was her.

“Thanks, Bibi…if you’re less busy today maybe we can go for lunch… together.”

“When we are never busy?” she mouthed audibly before walking away.

“Would you prefer taking the stairs or elevator?” Joshua brought his attention back on Daniella.

“Does it matter?” she asked, looking longingly over her shoulder at the young lady. She wished she could have something like that–– nice clothes and the confidence of a girl who knew who she was and her place in the world. She had no idea how she would get there but Daniella was a fighter, she believed that with perseverance and opportunities she could have all that and more.

Joshua ushered her into an elevator to the third floor of the building. He knocked on the last office to the right when they got off the elevator.

“Let her in.” Victor answered and Daniella took a step back when she heard his voice. She began a mental calculation of the last time she saw Victor up to last night. How did he get from wearing rags two weeks ago to having a PA and now, her meeting him in an office? As much as she wanted to make sense of it, she still couldn’t. Joshua opened the door and to her surprise; there was another man in the office with Victor.

His office was quiet spacious. The only thing on his desk was a desktop computer and a yellow folder. He looked like he’d been deep into a conversation with the older well-dressed man in front of him before she came in. She entered quietly and shut the door behind.

She didn’t know how to greet neither of the men. Both were no doubt older than her and if she were to see either of them in another situation, she would have gone halfway down on one knew to great them, especially the stranger that now had his eyes fixed on her nerve stricken face.

“Good morning sir.” She said with a borrowed confidence. She kept her head high and legs straight. Victor smiled after her greeting. She’d also referred to him as a “sir” last night and he couldn’t somewhat understand why it offended him. Maybe it was because he didn’t want her to see him as a man who was old enough to be her father even though that was a long run from being true.

“Take a sit Daniella. We were just talking about you.”

Way to go… she thought. She didn’t thinks she was important enough to be a topic of discussion and having them talk about her didn’t make it any easier being in their presence.

“Mr. Emmanuel,” he gestured to the man now sitting beside Daniella. “He is a well-known professor at the University of Ibadan, and we were talking about your possible readmission into school. Would you like to hear the details? I mean if you don’t like the choice of school, you can pick whichever and where ever you want… even if it’s outside Nigeria.”

As Victor continued speaking, Daniella grew numbed in the face and all over. She didn’t know that she’d been silent for a minute until Victor asked her again, “What do you think?”

The problem was that she couldn’t think or she hadn’t been thinking since he’s been spitting out all sort of rubbish. She’d kept her eyes on his handsome face in order to stop herself from running out of the room. She wanted to laugh out loud but she didn’t want to be rude. Did he think her father was some wealthy man in Nigeria who could afford her schooling outside of Nigeria?

“Daniella you’re being too quiet, what do you think?”

“I think you’re crazy.” She said quietly without thinking.

Is this it? She whispered to herself while in bed with her daughter tucked beside her. Her soft snore was the only sign of life in the dark room. Cynthia felt dead among the living. All hopes were crushed and there was nothing left for her. She’d lost Victor, she’d lost James, and she’d lost Justin. She had no idea how she would survive with neither of them by and on her side. She had a seven years old daughter to take care of with only forty thousand naira left in her account. She’d been smart enough to open a separate account without Justin’s name on it, and after his outburst, she hadn't heard from him but she knew he would take all their money with him––all the money she’d lied and hurt people for.

She looked at her daughter's sleeping face and a plan began to formulate in her head. Cynthia bit the corner of her lips and immediately sat upright. And Bam! She had a plan. She tapped her daughter’s arms and the child woke up after the third tap.

“Wake up, Iffy… were going to go see daddy.” She said to the still sleepy child. “It’s time for you to help mama out,” she whispered into her ears of her seven years old daughter before picking the child up and balancing her on her shoulder.


  1. First, I love this story. I wish I can read everything at once to avoid the suspense. Second, I am a first timer here and I notice that some of your work has a lot of typo error but I see that it has been corrected in this post. Lastly, I love your work thumps up

  2. First, I love this story. I wish I can read everything at once to avoid the suspense. Second, I am a first timer here and I notice that some of your work has a lot of typo error but I see that it has been corrected in this post. Lastly, I love your work thumps up

    1. Helloo Amaris... typos are due tot he rush to get new chapters posted. It would take me a week to fully edit one chapter but no one wants to wait that long.... When I have the time, I usually go back and fix errors found. Thanks dear!

  3. Nice stories.... every day I check in here to see if uve written new episodes..... But I'm always disappointed...... Anyway, nice write up....

    1. Aww... my full time job is a Biology student and that takes up most of my time that's why it takes longer to get new chapters written and posted. Please bear with us

  4. kudos for writing to share with others.

  5. Sometimes we wonder why God allows women like Cynthia bear children, when there are so many good women out there looking for fruit of the womb. Cynthia is too messed up to be a mother. I pity Iffy. -Ada

    1. Sister Ada, I have read your other comments on this stories, thank you so much for reading and dropping your comments! It's a pleasure to write for you. I hope you finish the story.


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