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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 19

By exactly six p.m., Cynthia had her daughter dressed and at the door waiting on daddy. The little girl was wearing a bright pink dress with a flowery bow on her hair that was crammed up neatly with a white ribbon. The child looked beautiful and eager to see her father. Her mother had told her all what she needed to do tonight. She’d been promised a day out shopping with loads of ice cream if she acted her part convincingly well enough. The eight years old, who of course was not aware of her mother’s side plan for tonight had innocently moved her head and complied.

It was fifteen minutes passed six and Cynthia’s nerves were starting to kick in. Victor had called that he would be through with work by five-thirty and Cynthia had calculated that by six he would be by her side. She’d also dressed up this evening. She was wearing a black strapless mini dress and allowed her hair down. The bouncy curls fell, stopping at her collarbone. Her bronze skin was glowing tonight. She wanted Victor to recognize the beauty that she once was and still was––the girl he’d fallen for.

When her daughter turned and smiled at her happily, she took that as a clue that Victor had arrived. She quickly ran into the dining room where she’d already had the table set. She began fixing things... or rather pretending that she hadn’t been waiting idly for the past few minutes.

Victor stepped into the room and into the arms of little iffy. He picked up the child and swung her around until her contagious giggles subsided. He was still in his work clothes... hungry and extremely tired––not from work but from something else he preferred not to admit so when Cynthia asked him what was wrong he blamed it on work.

“I had a busy day… but I’m glad I could make it to see my little girl.” He smiled at Iffy who was halfway dragging him into the dining room.

“Mummy made a lot of food.”  She whispered as she took her sit. “She said it’s your favorite.” She giggled, staring brilliantly at Victor.

“Oh… is that so? Well then let’s check how true that is.”  He made himself open the marble bowl in the middle of the table and his stomach growled when he saw the content––pounded yam. He shook his head and covered the bowl.

“I’ll be there in a minute guys…don’t start without me.” Cynthia called out with a light voice from the kitchen. She really wasn’t doing anything but buying enough time for the daughter and father reunion before joining them. She listened to their conversation tentatively, her back against the refrigerator.

“Hope you’ve been a good girl?”

“Mmphmm, a very good one.” She smiled. “Mom says I have, you can ask her…but,” she frowned and looked down at her laps unhappily.

“But what?” Victor asked a bit worried because he wasn’t sure what had caused the sudden withdrawal in her once bouncy mood. He thought she’d been happy to see him tonight.

“I don’t see you every day. My friends always come to school with their dads but mom takes me to school because you’re not here. She said you’re very busy…but I guess that’s okay.” she assumed gloomily.

Before Victor could answer, Cynthia’s reassuring voice filled the room.

“Yes sweeties, your dad is very busy but he’s here now right? You can see him whenever you want, just ask and he’ll come. Am I right, Victor?” she asked, taking the sit next to her daughter and opposite Victor in their four piece dinning set. They looked like an actual family tonight and it was beginning to freak Victor out. He shouldn't start what he couldn't finsh he told himself.

But he answered without thinking when he saw the hope in the little girl’s eyes. “Yes, your mom is correct. I can even take you to school every morning from now on if you want me too. Would you like that?”

“Yes! Yes!” she chanted excitedly, her mood back to normal.

“You don’t have to, Victor. I’m sure you’re already too busy with…” she stopped after the cold look Victor shot her way. He knew she’d planed all this but for the innocent child sitting in front of him, he was going to play along. But before they continued with their meal he was going to have to teach this child something that her mother clearly hadn’t.

“Iffy,” he called and just like her mother, she was eager to hear what he had to say. “Don’t let anyone tell you what to say or do, okay? As a princess, no one has the right to force you into something you don’t want to do, alright? Am I right?” he shot a condemning look at Cynthia. She smiled embarrassingly, her breathing quickened. “Yes, yes, your daddy is correct.”

“But baby girl, even with that, your father forgot to mention this, don’t allow anyone fool you…” she shot back.

“Like you were?”

“Excuse me?”

“What? Did I say something wrong? I thought we were schooling our daughter about some fundamental life skills that skipped over you as a little girl yourself.”

She chuckled.

“Iffy go to your room.”

The girl looked at her mother’s non-smiling face and said, “But I’m not through, I still want to be with daddddy…” she grumbled.

“I said go to your room!” she shouted at her and the child immediately got up and ran towards her room.

“I see… so that’s how you’ve been raising her?”

“If you’re so good at it why don’t you do it? But you can’t, am I right…because you can’t stand seeing her, you can’t stand seeing James whenever she’s around you or is it me you can’t stand seeing whenever you see her…so why did you come then?”

“Because I thought she needed me but now I know that I was right…she doesn’t even have you. Is this how you plan to turn your life around?”

“Turn my life around?” she laughed. “I don’t need to do anything, Victor. If you don’t like how am raising my daughter its either you take her with you or you call the police to come get me…but you can’t even do that, can you?”

“Let’s end this right now… tell that little girl that I am not her father, tell her James is…”

“Dead? Oh no, I can’t do that. You see that door right there,” she pointed towards the direction to Iffy’s bedroom. “If you’re ready to break that little girl’s heart, go in there and tell her that you’re not her father––the one that she’s been waiting on. Because all she knows is that daddy has not been coming to see her because he’s busy with work. And that daddy wasn’t here to put her to bed because he’s been abroad and not in jail.”

          “Have you suddenly lost your mind? How can you say that as if I wanted to be there? You threw me in prison, remember?! You ruined me! I would have been there for her.”

She exhaled noisily. “If you don’t lower your voice, she’s going to hear you and trust me; she’s a smart one––nothing like her father. And if she hears you, everything I’ve tried to build for her; this happy home will come crashing down. I won’t be sticking around to dry her tears–– you do that.”

Victor shook his head in pity, chuckling along. “What kind of a woman are you Cynthia because I seem to have forgotten?”

“Well let me remind you… I’m the woman you fell in love with.” She announced expressionlessly but with full confidence in her statement.

Victor was dumbstruck. His whole existence and pride reduced to nothing. He was every bit disgusted with himself now. It was hard for him to believe that he’d once shared a bed and a home with this woman and much worse––he’d once been in love with her and perhaps still was. That explained why he’d been unable to seek for justice after all what she did to him. He’d been using James’s child as an excuse for why he was trying to forgive Cynthia’s, but until today, he’d never really considered the possibility that he still had some love––however little it was for her.

Cynthia had dressed up tonight and he hadn’t failed to notice. Neither had his body failed to respond to seeing her looking so striking as always in her mini dress.

For many nights while sleeping on the cold hard floor of his prison cell, he’d wondered what had happened to make her turn against him–– that was if she’d ever loved him in the first place. She’d succeeded in playing him and the other man he was with on that night of their first meeting. One was dead and the other––worse than dead. He thought, grabbing his suit jacket from the chair next to him. He was ready to leave before any more hurtful words would be exchanged between the both of them.

But before he opened the door, she said,

“I don’t want to have to do this, but one day you might walk into this house and not find me or my daughter at home. I’ll take her with me and you’ll never see her again. You know I can.” She stated confidently behind him. “It’s either you keep playing along or you do the right thing…no one’s stopping you.”

She then allow him leave only when she was through with him.


  1. Seriously, I don't really understand this story again. It's making me very angry. It's like Cynthia still has d power over him and I don't like d fact that he's being too weak just cos of the kid. The child is not his for crying out loud. She shouldn't hold him back in anyway. I would be glad if you could change d plot slightly. Just saying though. I know u will always give d best, I trust u on that. More episodes please

    1. Good thing about what you said is that the Victor/Cynthia story is getting you angry! As a writer, my job is to provoke my readers when need be and I can say I've succeeded. I can't "slightly" change the plot because that would mean making the story easy. The title did say "till lie do us part" almost like a forever sentence (marriage) now the question is, how much of her lying can he take people finally calling it quit? The child isn't his but remember, the child was once his... He can't easily just forget especially when Cynthia is unstable. I hope this clears things up a bit.

    2. "How much of her lying can get take before finally calling it quit?"

  2. Hmmmmm. I somehow agree with you. Good job anyways. Waiting for the next episodes


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