Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Fourteen

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
                         ― Mae West

After tucking Aisha into bed, Bisola quietly tiptoed to the bathroom. She turned on the tap and washed her hands and her bent to wash her face. When her head came back up, she was faced with a reflection on the mirror that scared her stiff. The water kept running heavily as she resumed her petrifying stared at the mirror. She shook her head snappishly. “No, it can’t be.” She murmured but as much as she repeated those words, her heart said otherwise. She began to play a rerun of Aisha’s narrative in her head. Her description of Tunde when he was angry was similar to the Tunde she knew. If that hadn’t been enough to convince her, the kind of job they were into were also similar even though Bisola wasn’t fully sure what it was the Tunde she knew did. Maybe it was time she found out. She turned off the running water and cleaned her face.

Going over to his place was out of the question. It wasn’t safe to go to him and especially alone. It wasn’t safe for him to come to her either. What would she say to him? Ask him if he knew a girl named Aisha that he possibly had a hand in her death? She shivered when the thought came to her again. To think of Tunde as a murder was every bit unsettling to her. She felt nauseous. She was still trying to wrap her head around the shocking request he’d asked of her the last time they saw each other, but to think of him as capable of killing anyone was far worse.

“Call him instead.” a voice inside her head said to her. She obeyed and picked up her phone but before she could dial up his number, her front door flew open.

Tunde barged in with all the authority in the world. He rested his back slightly on the door and refused to come any further partly because he was resisting the urge to frighten Bisola. He was here in peace for the second time to get her on his side. A lot of people were leaving his side lately and he was keen on preventing Bisola from doing the same. He was here to do the same thing he’d done to many other girls before Bisola, persuade them into joining his team. He hadn’t wanted to use force the last time they’d met but he’d done otherwise because he’d caught her with another man. He didn’t like to share his women. He knew that if Bisola agreed to his terms today, he would have sacrificed the unusual feeling he was beginning to fell for her which by the way wasn’t safe at all. She would soon become like one of his other girls and Tunde didn’t mess with the girls who worked for him. He was sending them off to all sorts men on weekly bases with no tags on their forehead regarding the various diseases they had. He preferred not to find out himself so he chose to stay away from his girls no matter how tempting they came.

“How’d you get in?” Bisola asked, a bit surprised considering that she’d been in the process of calling him after concluding that it wasn’t safe for both of them to be in the same room.

“I had a spare key made when I bought you this house. I didn’t have a reason to use it until now.” He replied, leaving his post at the door. Bisola drew back.

“If you’re here to finish what you started the other day, be ready to kill me because I’m never going to change my mind. I suggest you leave before I call the police too.”

“Come on, Bisola, the other day was a one stupid mistake. You know I would never put my hands on you…well unless it’s worth it and you and I know that last time you deserved it. You still haven’t told me what business you have with that guy. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Travis. You like yanki guys now?”

“I did what?” she laughed at his ridiculous statement; she wasn’t even going to ask him how he found out who Travis was. All she cared about right now was herself and her safety. “Unbelieve! But no, I don’t think I deserve to be choked to death and neither do I like it so please, get out. You’re business with me is done, we’re through––and I would really like it if you stop coming closer to me.”

“We’re going to have this conversation again sooner than you’ll expect––you don’t have a choice. I just gave you your last chance to settle this without me using force but since you wanna be difficult, I’ll have to do it my way. But for now, I’ll leave. I’ll leave Bisola, but we’re not through.” As Tunde backed away from her, a tiny voice whispered behind her saying, “Its him.” There was no doubt in her mind this time, she knew exactly who and what she was dealing with now.

At six forty-five in the morning, Ben woke his baby sister up. He’d allowed her snore until now and wasn’t going to spare her another minute. He needed her gone. 

“Time to go. I’ll drop you off at the airport.” He said, stuffing some of Judith’s clothes into the empty luggage bag on the floor. “Time to go where?” she said groggily, she’d just began to enjoy her sleep after staying up to catch up with the episodes of Scandal she’d missed since the newest seasoned aired.

“Home. I bought you a flight ticket back home.”

“Home? But I thought––”

“Stop thinking! I only allowed you stay because you bribed me with your sad face and tears, but that’s no longer going to work anymore. You have to go back to mom and dad.”

“And did you forget what I said about going back? I told you that I’ll rather die than go back there. Did you think I was simply saying it to get you to let me stay?” When she got no respond from her brother, she flung the bedsheet aside and got up angrily. “Did mom tell you what happened to me last Christmas?” she asked, throwing Ben off guard but he resumed his task after saying he didn’t want to hear about it. He just wanted her gone.

“But wait, you wouldn’t know because you never called. But maybe if you ever called home you would have found out that I was admitted into a mental hospital for three weeks.” That got the exact reaction she wanted out of her brother. Ben simply stopped what he was doing and faced his sister who already had tears streaming down her chubby cheeks.

“Why would they take you to a mental hospital?”

After a quiet moment passed between them with both siblings staring heatedly at each other, Judith answered emptily, “Because I tried to kill myself. And I would do it again if you make me go back.” she added with her mind already made up. She’d failed the first time because her mother had found her just in time but this time, since everyone wanted her gone she would make sure she never comes back. Ben slowly rose up. He started to speak but his sister turned away and slammed the door.

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