Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Second Chance - Chapter Sixteen

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
        ―Arabian Proverb

         After dropping off her resignation letter with Bode, Margret cleared her desk and was long gone before Ben could talk to her. He hated losing a devoted employee but he guessed Margret couldn’t work with his rules so it was best she quit. He wasn’t too bothered about it as he drove home. He would just have to find a new secretary which wouldn’t be excessively hard with Margret’s salary.

          He had a lot more important things in mind this evening and finding another Margret was the least of his problems. He dreaded coming home to his sister who he still couldn’t understand what move she would make next or what new findings he’ll discover from her. The first thing he needed to do was call his parents. It’d been a week already, they needed to know that their daughter was safe­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ with him. His parents had no idea where he lived but they knew he was in Nigeria and he would like to keep it that way.

          When he arrived home, the sweet smell of vegetable stew hit his nose, making his stomach growl. He had skipped lunch today partly because he hadn’t been on good terms with Margret who usually called for his lunch. Maybe he would miss her, he smiled when he saw his sister appear from the kitchen. The only woman he could deal with as of right now was the tiny one walking towards him.

          “I made dinner.” Said Judith, filled with pride. She’d been left alone in a full house and was able to do as she pleased.

          “What are we celebrating?”

          “Everything! How was work? And my future sister in-law?” she asked playfully.

          “She quit, or rather I made her.” Ben explained to his sister everything that went down, and Judith received the gist with her laughter spread all over the room. After Ben freshened up, he came down for dinner which they had while sitting on the floor of the living room with a Nollywood movie showing on TV. Ben told his sister about his plan of informing their parents that she was safe. She frowned for a second but later agreed. Even though she hated her parents, she didn’t want them to worry over her like they’d never done before. It was of no use to her.

          “Someone came over today, a guy actually… He said his name was Tunde and that he was your friend.” Judith announced in the middle of their meal. She’d forgotten about the handsome visitor until now.

          “What?! Tunde?” Ben repeated, completely flabbergasted. “And who did you say you were?”

          “Your little sister of course, he said he was your best friend.”

          “Damn it!” he said in a voice a bit above his normal volume.

          “Did I do something wrong? Don’t you have friends who can come see you? Are visitors not allowed here?”

          He disregarded her question and said, looking grievously into her eyes with his hands on her shoulder. “Forget what you saw. He never came here, you never saw him, alright?” Judith stubbornly twisted away from his hold. “How can you say I didn’t see what I saw, is there something you’re hiding from me?”

          Ignoring her question again he asked, “Did you allow him come in?”

          “Yes, but why aren’t you answering my questions?”

          “God! I thought you were smarter than this,” he stood up abruptly, knocking his glass of water over.

          “Excuse me?” Judith said indignantly.

          “Why would you let someone you’ve never seen before come into my home?!”

          “I thought he was your friend! I thought he was! Did he steal anything? I doubt it. The guy looked as if he could buy you and your home; so stop acting as if something worse happened!” she hissed. Judith had no idea that she’d met her brother’s best enemy. Tunde had showed up hoping he could talk to an old friend but surprisingly and luckily for him, he’d met the sister instead. Ben knew what that met and this was ones of the reasons he’d wanted Judith out of his home before her existence got discovered. He didn’t want her in the cross fire. He’d decided to play a messy game with Tunde and now he’d involved the most important person in his life in his quest for revenge.

          “I know I promised I wouldn’t send you away, but I’m sorry, you’ve got to go. And it has to be done tonight…now.”

          Earlier that day, Bisola had gone shopping and was prepared to embark on her usual monthly visit to her family. She’d bought every-one of her sibling new clothes and food items for the last time. Since she was no longer with Tunde, there would no longer be monthly visits home where she usually filled their home with gifts and food items. She had fifty thousand Naira left. Until she could find a job, she was going to plead with her mother to manage the money until she could send some more.

          Bisola hated taking her problems home. Whenever she was around her family, she was able to somehow escape from the burdens she carried in her heart. Her mother never asked how she was living, how she makes money enough to take care of her, and even if she asked, she had no answers.

          So when she came home to the warms arms of her mother and siblings, she noticed that one of them was missing in the midst of everyone’s excitement. Her nineteen year old sister. So she asked, “Mama, where is Victoria, did you send her on an errant?”

          “Errant ke? Didn’t you send for her?” she answered, looking through the things Bisola brought for her younger siblings.

          “Me, send for her, when?”

          “Ha-ha, Bisola, what do you mean when? A young man came, the one you brought home last year, he said you asked him to bring your sister. You should have seen how happy Victoria was! You know you have been promising to bring her to come leave with you. She left with him.” Her mother explained.

          “And you let her go, just like that?” Bisola asked, unable to grasp what her mother was saying to her.

          “Haba! Were you not the one who brought the man home and introduced him to us as your boyfriend?” but that was before I found that who he really was! She wanted to scream her thoughts out to her mother. “Ehen, so he came and took her yesterday. We didn’t think you will come again since he already came. He even left us some money. Femi!” she called out for her oldest son. “Go and bring the money from yesterday and show it to your sister. Is anything the matter?” she asked Bisola who was boiling with anger in her sit.

          “No. Nothing's wrong, I think I have to go now, alright.” She handed her mother the money she’d brought with her and collected the one Tunde had given her family. When Bisola left her mother, she found a quiet spot against the wall outside their home, and slowly squatted on the floor, and began to cry until she found the strength to continue crying again. She’d not wanted to alarm her mother, but she’d just sold another daughter to the one man Bisola was running from. 


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