Thursday, December 17, 2015

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 20

Even though Victor had already left his ex-wife’s place some thirty minutes ago, he still felt her presence with him as he drove home. He groaned miserably when he thought back to the conversation he had with her. Before coming to see her, he’d been so strong, he knew where he was heading to and where his next stopped would be in life. He was now in control of his father’s sugar factory, he had people working under him, and he’d thought he’d finally gained some control of his life. But after a few minutes in her presence, she’d succeeded in draining all his strength. She’d left him weak, as if he didn’t have the right to himself, to his thoughts and his actions. He’d even said some nasty things to Daniella earlier today in order to showcase that he was still in control. The incident with Daniella had all been an act. It’d been due to Cynthia’s phone call. Just when he’d thought things were finally getting back in Order and he had a young woman he was looking forward into helping succeed in life; Cynthia’s call had placed his own life back on reverse.

The fact that she as still demanding things from him after all what she’d already taken from him was mind blowing. What was even worse was his inability to fight her. How could he fight a woman who sadly at one point in his life had been the center of his world? And one glance at her today had caused memories––happy ones to come swelling into his heart! There’d been time when would come late from work as an investment manager, and Cynthia would be up waiting for him with a hot meal to the table. As it’d been tonight with is favorite food on the table and the two most beautiful women he’d ever seen in his lifetime with him. To think that all those tonight had all been for pretense-sake, and that he’d been the only one living in her shadow was one of the reasons why he still hadn’t found a way to let go.

She never loved him, he’d come to terms with that while in prison for five years without ever seeing her.  He didn’t want to think back to those days while in was imprisoned and sleeping on cold hard floor with barely anything to eat while paying a debt he never owed, so he increased the volume on his radio and increased his speed limit. He was going to get there––to healing, no matter how slow it was taking. He had to heal; there wasn’t another option for him. He was only thirty-four, he reminded himself. There were still many possibilities of happiness for him, he thought hopefully. Just then, Daniella came to his mind. He immediately shook this one off. One thing he’d learned so far about himself was that he was bringing too much women into his life and relying too much on these women to make him happy. He couldn’t think of Daniella now, he needed to think of himself first. Map out a plan to regaining happiness. Yes, happiness.

Victor was always happy when he was home––with his sister. After parking his car on the spot she’d made available to him in her garage, he used the house key she’d also given to him two days ago to unlock the door. He was living with his sister for now. She’d taken him in when he’d been left homeless and naked out in the cold reality of betrayal. Now, this woman was special to him. She wasn’t like the rest. She was family, and family never leaves. He hadn’t told her why he’d quickly accepted to live with her when she’d offered, he hadn't need to. Knowing his sister, he already suspected she knew the answer, but she never asked it out of him. This was part of the reason why he loved his sister.

“Welcome home. You came back so late today, I was getting worried. I hope all is well? I still haven’t gotten used to seeing you around, bear with me.” Esther then decreased the TV volume and turned towards her brother.

“Why didn’t you call me? I would have told you that I was working late. I’m sorry I didn’t call either.”

“But I did call, check your phone. You weren’t picking up so I thought you were busy with work like you said. It made worrying easier.” As she explained, Victor realized that she’d been right about the missed calls because he’d forgotten his phone at work before leaving, and it hadn’t even crossed his mind that he’d done so until now. “You can have your P.A pick it up for you…”

“Nah… it’s too late. I’ll just wait till tomorrow.”

“Okay, if you say so. Dinner is waiting for you. And oh, the kids are back from school for Christmas break but they’re upstairs sleeping.”

“That’s nice. I’m sure you’re happy to have them back.” He managed to sound cheerful about the news of having his niece and nephew around.  “I’ll see them when they’re up, for now I think I’ll just go to bed. Had a long day today and a longer one tomorrow.” He headed upstairs to his bedroom.

“Alright, but Victor, you know I’m not going to ask you about it, however, I need you to know that I’m here for you whenever you’re ready to talk…” he continued upstairs without answering.

The next few days that followed were just as worse as his last visit to Cynthia. In four days, he’d already wired fifty thousand naira into her account for reasons he grew tired of asking about. It was all for the grooming and up keeping of her daughter, she’d said yesterday, and that hadn’t even been what bothered him. It was the fact that he was still acting slow since their last talk after he’d promise himself to strive towards happiness that left him frustrated. He still hadn’t spoken to anyone about it. His sister had kindly offered him attentive ears and he knew she had some pretty good advices still left in her, but he rather she didn’t waste it on him who never listens after all.

It was six-fifty in the evening and he’d just finished signing the last shipment his company would be distributing to Edo state when she crossed his mind spontaneously. He remembered her clear warning to never come look for her or speak to her again but he was going to try his luck tonight. He picked up his suit jacket and his car key and headed off to the one place he knew he shouldn’t have suspected she would be.

Victor pulled up to the night club his P.A had taken him to a week ago in twenty minutes. He entered the room that was no almost clouded with cigarette smoke. He brushed through the smoking room, hoping to sight her. After ten minutes of wandering about and having young women of all shapes and sizes flaunt their heavenly made figures at his face, he finally accept the invitation of one of the girls.

“Finally!” the girl wearing a black pothole tube dress said in victory. “My girls and I especially have had our eyes on you since you came in, and thanks to you, I just became five thousand naira richer.” She then went ahead and explained how her and her friends had made a bet of five thousand naira for whoever could get Victor as their customer for the night. He’d walked him with such power and flamboyance that either of the girls had ever seen before that it’d made them all set their eyes on him as a walking bank and someone had to join him on that long walk. “And as it turned out, I won!” she finished, flapping a couple of one thousand naira note bills in the air.

Victor cleared his throat after congratulating the girl for her new victory, but he was sorry to disappoint her, he hadn’t called her over for the same purposes the girl had in mind.

“Can you do me a favor, please?” he asked, accepting her seductive gesture. The girl slowly sat on his laps and with her arms around his neck, she whispered warm breath into his ear, “I can do you many favors.”

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