Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Eighteen

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
― William Shakespeare

It was five minutes past eight when Margret heard a knock on her door. She wasn’t expecting anyone so she ignored the first two knocks that came. She was having the worst day, it could even make it into any history book. In less than twenty-four hours, she had lost her job and the man of her dreams. She'd truly been dreaming, thinking her boss could fall for someone like her. She’d pulled out all her cards for this one and played as if her life depended on it…which technically wasn’t far from the truth.

But she’d lost. I guess I’ll just go back to Emeka, she decided, even though it would hurt her pride to do so. She’d broken up with her boyfriend of three years the first week after she began working with Ben. Going back to him would be the last insult she would have to bear, which to her was nothing compared to what happened today.

When the knock came again, Margret got up from her old worn out couch and picked up the tissue papers on the floor. Yes, she’d been crying ever since she arrived home. What had pushed her to quit when Ben hadn’t at least fired her? Now she had to find another job which every sane person in Naija knew wasn’t an easy task. Which manager will you be sleeping with again? She asked herself pathetically, thinking back to the first two jobs she’d applied for, and how badly she’d wanted a spot in the workforce that she’d― ­the knock came again, but this time, the last voice she’d expected to hear followed.

When Margret heard him speak, she raced to the door with the speed of light. She wasn’t sure how he knew where she lived, neither did she care to know; all that mattered was that he was there. He’d come to apologize she hoped. It was late at night, why else would he have come? So she opened the door. His back was turned slightly away from her, looking towards his car. Margret secretly thanked God that she hadn’t been too late.  She would have missed her last chance. She doubted God gave second chances on issues like this.

“I’m sorry for waking you up this late at night, but something came up and I know you’re the only person who can help me.” And possibly truth.

Margret moved away from her front door. She couldn’t believe he was standing in front of her and most especially, he was asking for her help, whatever it may be. “Would you like to come inside then?”

“No, no, that won’t be necessary. You see―my sister needs a place to stay for a few days, maybe weeks, do you mind if she stays with you for a while?”

Margret’s jaw was on the floor. When she saw Judith struggling with her bags, she’d thought she’d bent down to pick up her jaw, but instead her hands were on Judith’s bags. She didn’t know how it’d all happened, but she found herself helping the young girl carry her bags into her home. She hoped Ben would explain more but as fast as he had been to ask for her help, he’d left her with nothing but his overbearing sister.

“Sooo, where do I sleep?” Judith asked, making herself comfortable.

Bisola sighed hopelessly in between wiping her tears with the back of her hand and sipping on the water she’d asked for. She began to cough violently in response to the water she’d forcefully swallowed going down the wrong pipe. But just when she felt she couldn’t take it anymore, like she was about to die, a steady and strong hand rested on her back and began to gently pat her back.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, let it out.” The soothing voice, not matching the rough hand on her back said to her. She hadn’t recognized his voice at first because he’d never spoken to her in this tone of voice before. She doubted if it was the same person and so she raised her head up in confirmation.

“Do you need more water?” he asked, his voice still sounded the same; like he gave a damn about her.

“No, I’m fine.” She answered hoarsely.

 “Sorry I’m late.” Ben took the sit beside her and around the bar counter.

“I didn’t think you would come anyway.” Her voice was a bit back to normal now. Ben let out a full hearty laugh, which irked the woman beside him. He didn’t know where it’d come from but he was glad he let it out at a time when he clearly had nothing to laugh about.

Of course he would laugh, Bisola thought irritated with the drop dead gorgeous smile on his face. He wasn’t the one whose sister might be in danger. Oh, he had all the more reasons to laugh. She hissed and took another sip from her glass, this time more carefully. Thirst cannot come and kill person. She sighed.

“I won’t waste your time, seems I’ve already wasted enough. I’ll just go straight to the point. I know why you wanted us to meet, remember I promised you would? And I don’t make promises I can’t keep.” He pompously clarified. Bisola thought he was a big joke, no wonder he was laughing. He found himself amusing. Maybe he thought he was God or something. While she waited for him to finish ranting about what he’d told her, and what he hadn’t told her, and what she’d done, she focused her attention on a more important question. Could she trust him? Could she trust another Tunde?

It was as if Ben had read her mind, he answered saying, “Don’t think for one second that you can trust me, or all of the words I say to you. We’re trying to beat a man that can’t be beaten,” and in order for them to succeed, he didn’t think Bisola needed to know that once upon a time, he was like that man. He needed her compliance.

“I have only one condition.” Bisola said after Ben had explained what they needed to have done in the simplest form he could. In his exact words, “We’re going to make him wish he was never born.

“Okay, lemme have it.”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked point blank.

“Okay,” Ben was expecting more conditions even though she’d said she only had one. He thought that was how women worked. One was never a number to them, it meant two and even three conditions. He had his too. Just one since they were playing the numbering game.

“I have a condition too. Why did you agree to do help me?”

“Help you?” She scoffed. “You must really think highly of yourself.”

He laughed again and this time, it scared him. Two times in one night. Bisola was really on a roll. “No, I don’t, but I hope we both know why we’re really doing this because vengeance is like a wild fire, it’s ready to consume all conditions surrounding it.” Ben stated, his goal being to alert Bisola of the dangers surrounding what they were about to embark on.

But just like he’d expected, she said, “I don’t need you to quote a full text-book for me. I’m sure I know why I’m doing this, and clearly, neither of us need to know each other’s secret. It’s of no use to me. And I’m sure you would be helping me more than I’ll be helping you.”

“Naah, Bisola, I like women who can fight for themselves. Just like you don’t run to my battles when I have one. Do you have friends?” he brilliantly changed the topic.

“Who doesn’t?” Bisola countered, feeling as if she was back to earth and not in another planet where Ben was actually trying to hit on her and she was stupidly playing into his hands. She shook the devil off.

“Try not to tell them about this. We don’t want anybody else involved in this. Just the two of us.” He whispered those last words meaninglessly between them. But it was too late and they knew it.

“So when do we begin with your plan?” she asked, their meeting for tonight was coming to an ending.

“Ooh,” Ben said softly, as if he was deriving pleasure from seeing the way her eyes sought after him for answers. He made the first move, advanced towards her, covering the space between them. “We start…” he eyed her intensely, penetrating deep into her thoughts, “we begin when you finish the first job he assigned you.”


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