Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Nineteen

“When you realize how over your life is, you begin to crave a new beginning.”

Bisola arrived home with a soreness in her chest that made it hard for her to breathe. Ben had helped her get a hold of a taxi before he turned and left. His last request inside the bar, she hissed in annoyance. I would rather die than sleep with you, she wanted to say to him, she wished she had, but she knew she needed him so she swallowed her protest. She neither gave him a yes or a no answer, not sure if his request required either. She drank another cup of water before moving up to her bedroom. An unexpected rush of peace welcomed her when she opened her bedroom door; a warm room, a warm bed but a cold heart. She sighed.

“Where have you been?” A quiet voice said as Bisola was removing her earrings. She dropped a pair in shock. Peace my ass, she moaned. She still hadn’t gotten used to having Aisha creeping up behind her. Two weeks ago, she was a girl living alone in her own bubble of struggles with no one else’s to think about. However now––come to think of it, why was she the only person who could see her? It baffled her, and she still hadn’t told anyone about this. She could but it would be at her own risking of sounding crazy. Aisha was looking bad tonight––worse even. Her skin was paler than before. She looked sickly which is understandable because she was supposed to be dead. But this was different from when Bisola had left her earlier.

“What’s wrong with you today? You look like you just saw a ghost.” Bisola teased and immediately took back her words. No one was up for jokes and she especially wasn’t.

“I need someone to talk to,” Aisha stated desperately. “Someone has to hear me out, I feel...I feel as if it’s time.”

“Time for?” Bisola asked, drawing nearer to Aisha.

“For me to go. I think it’s time but before I leave, I have to tell someone, anyone my story, the ones I’ve been remembering.” She finished, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Bisola joined her. As tired as she was, she felt obligated to listen to Aisha.

“Go on, go on, I’m here, you can tell me anything. I’ll listen.” She was tempted to tell her about her sister, that she’d found someone who could help them being down Tunde but, she resisted. She couldn’t give her false hope; she didn’t even believe she could win with Ben so why lie.

“When you realize how over your life is, you begin to crave a new beginning.” said Aisha. Bisola looked at her as if that statement was the most sensible thing she’d ever said to her. Oh, she got curious.

“The last time I saw Philip was on the night I died. I lied to him that I was going to go see family and would be spending a few days or night with them. Instead, I went to the hotel Tunde sent me to meet a client. I know he had to be a wealthy man; Tunde only gives his girls to dirty, old, but wealthy men. When I got to the hotel, he wasn’t there...the hired killer Tunde had sent before me was the person who opened the door instead. He dragged me inside and drugged me before he...” She shook her head and blinked away her tears. “Before he what?” Bisola asking, knowing what Aisha was going to say next.

“I think I was raped that night. I figured it out tonight. It’s another thing that’s thrown me off the edge tonight...usually it’s not a big deal,”


“It’s not the first time but why does the last time hurt the most? I’ve encountered this multiple times, from my secondary school teacher to my brothers friends, and even my father’s friends, down to my uncle. Everyone has always taken something from me. And Philip... He was the only one who gave and never asked for anything in return.”

“I told my mom I didn’t like the way my late dad’s friend, looked at me. She told me to hush, we were living in his home and she was going to marry him soon. I ran out of the house at 17 and no one has ever come to look for me. That’s how I met Tunde when I was selling fried plantain with one lady who took me in. He said I was young and beautiful. Too young and beautiful. Said this life wasn’t meant for young and beautiful girls like myself. I smiled foolishly that day and collected his card. The next time the lady I worked with insulted my father who was no more, I left and never returned. So foolish of me, I should have stocked it out with her.”

“Where’d you go?”

“To Tunde of course. He had me cleaned up and promised to register me to take some exam to begin school,” she laughed. “I didn’t even make it into the exam hall. He introduced me to his friend instead.”

A friend, Ben? “How long ago is this?” Bisola asked, wanting to know if her suspicions had more meat to it.

“Eight years ago. Who would believe I’ve been doing this for eight years? Scratch that, since forever! I never saw the friend again. Tunde, at that time didn’t even own the business, he worked under someone but it felt like he was the boss. It was only four years ago that he really began to run things on his own after knocking many down on his way up. He has a lot of enemies and he didn’t want to make one out of me,”

“So he had you killed.”

“I knew too much, or rather we got too close. I was his favorite out of the girls. He told me things he wouldn’t usually tell a best friend but I was neither a friend nor a best friend to him.”

“You were his––girlfriend…”

“He gave me things he didn’t usually give this other girls. A nice house, money, basically he made sure I didn’t live like a prostitute. I think it made him feel safer to come to me.”

“Like he did to me.” Bisola said to herself.

          “Did you say something?”

          “Um, no, did you ever go back home?”

          “Home? Which home?” she chuckled. “Bisola,” she paused. “Home isn’t where dad and mom and sister and brothers are, home is where love is waiting for you…and as stupid as it sounds, Tunde was home for eight years. If I hadn’t messed up, if I hadn’t gone in search of something more, I would still be here. It’s all my fault.” She cried. “I lost a child; Bisola, she or he would have been mine but what devil made me think I could have a happy ever after? This is what regret looks like.” She said to Bisola, looking at herself. “You will come and you will leave and no one will remember you were ever here…don’t be like me.” She pleaded with her. “I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you all this but no matter what, promise me you won’t bend just because he promises to break you…promise me you’ll be tougher and smarter than I was? Promise me?” she held Bisola’s hands together and pleaded in front of her.

          Bisola found the connection she’d been looking for. It was the most powerful and yet unbelieveable grip of reality. Maybe this had all been planned. Their stories matched. Aisha was her and she was Aisha. They’d been living the same life just at different moments. One was broken, but the other…?



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