Monday, January 4, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Seventeen

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”
– Tom Bodett

The world went deaf. The only sound that could be heard was the pondering thoughts from Bisola. Her head was in complete chaos and filled with regret. She had never thought this would go this far, and neither had she thought Tunde would go as far as to put her sister in harm’s way. But what was she thinking?! She threw her wig off, pacing into her bedroom. He’d murdered someone who had refused to do as he’d told for god sake! Why had she been underestimating him? Bisola still hadn’t believed that Tunde was as bad as the picture his actions and Aisha’s words had painted for her. She still believed he had some good in him, and that maybe, just maybe there was a slight mix-up somewhere between him being evil and good. But now that her family was involved, to hell with her believes. The man was pure hell!

Her fingers hadn’t stopped trembling since her mother informed her about her younger sister. If anything was to happen to Victoria––she shook off the thoughts. Now wasn’t the time to be sabotaging herself and her sister. She had to stay positive, Tunde wouldn’t hurt Victoria, she told herself. It was her who he truly wanted and not her sister.

She began to search through her room for the last person she knew could help her; that was if she wasn’t too late. Aisha made no sound as Bisola continued her frantic search for Ben’s phone number. He’d written it down on a piece of paper on the first they met, where he’d promised she would find a use for it. He was miserably right. She needed him.

“If you would just tell me what you’re looking for maybe I can help you. How did your visit with your family go? I wasn’t expecting you to come back so early.” She was asking too much questions for Bisola. When she got no response, she later joined Bisola to search for what she didn’t even know was missing.

“A Piece of paper, it should have a phone number in it.” Bisola finally spoke to her. She hated seeing two innocent people who have turned victims to a man neither could control in search of solutions to a problem they'd somehow had a hand in bringing to themselves. 

A moment later, “I think I’ve found it.” Aisha announced joyfully, pointing to a neatly folded piece of paper on the floor. Bisola had scattered all the contents in her purse on the floor and hadn’t taken notice of the paper. She picked it up and hugged Aisha before rushing out of the room.

Judith hadn’t wasted anytime in packing her things. She’d packed more than she’d brought in with her. She’d asked her brother for the hundredth time what was wrong, but Ben being Ben had only given her his solid answer––she had to leave.

          “Do I really have to?” she asked again even though she already knew the answer. “Don’t you have some place you could let me stay in before you fix whatever issues you have with your friend? Pleaseee…”
          Ben stopped on his tracks leading to the front door when he heard her suggestion. He only had one friend and right now, he was a war with that friend for reasons he was too ashamed to inform his sister about. How would he tell her that the man she idolized was nothing but a piece of––his thoughts were interrupted by a sudden phone call.
          “Answer naaaw!” she grumbled childishly on her feet with two luggage bag in hand, waiting patiently for Ben to agree to her request. She was sure he had some place he could let her hide in for a while before he sorted things out with whomever he had problems with. Leaving and going back to her parents was always out of the question, she only hoped he understood.

          “Husssh…” Ben silenced her when he saw the unknown caller ID displayed on his phone screen. He stepped away from the door before answering; disregarding his sister’s upset mumblings and groan.
          When Ben heard her voice, he thought he’d imagined it. Maybe it’d been because he’d been waiting not so patiently but anxiously for her to reach out to him. Her voice was as still and cold as ice. Not the fainted hint of friendliness followed the first hello she’d ever said to him. He thought that was a good thing so he straightened up himself because his bait had caught the long awaited fish.

          “Yes. Hello…” he repeated in the same manner she’d said hers. Cold and dry. He knew trouble was in paradise. Miss feistiness had finally gained some sense wherever it’d been hidden before. Something must be up––that was the only reason he could think of for why she would ever use the phone number he’d written for her, which she’d promised she would never be in need for.
          Out of nowhere and with no time to spare, Bisola asked solidly, “Can we meet? Is there a way for us to meet? Like right now?” her voice gave off several troubled impression so Ben asked politely, “Is everything okay?”

          “Look Ben or whatever you call yourself, you knew I would call so can we meet, yes or no? I don’t have time to answer your question, just answer mine. Can we meet or not? Please?” she added weakly against her wish. He was in total shock when he heard her faint plea; the girl he knew would never say such words; at least not to him. She had had arrogance as hard as a pebble and of that of the smallest stone that couldn’t be broken through, and now she was begging to see him?”

          He didn’t need to give it another thought; his plans were finally falling into place. “Matter of fact, I’ll come to you.” He saw his sister mouthing a shocking “what?” He would find a solution for her case but for right now, as much as he hated to admit it, Bisola was the only thing he could focus on. So he told her to come to the club they’d met at their second meeting. Bisola agreed and whispered a grateful thank you.

          “You, let’s find somewhere to hide you.” he said, facing his sister.

          “Hide me? Am I in danger or what?”

          “You keep asking me questions I can’t answer but I can promise you one thing, you’re safer with her.” he assured her, a naughty smile on his face.

          “With who?” Judith curiously eyed her brother.

          “Your sister in-law.” He answered his hands on her two packed bags.

          “What! Mag…Her?!” she screamed.

          “That’s right. Either that or you’re on a plane back to where you came from.”

          “Count me in.” she agreed at once, rushing out before him. Living with the woman her brother had practically fired in less than a day couldn’t be all that hard now. Would it? She asked herself, quietly hoping for the best.


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